Chapter 219

I was watching the training after spending a few minutes with Tony, Kathy and Janet. They had gone upstairs and left Crash sitting with me to transfer the data and update the big map. They promised that when they finished tonight we could have a group meeting and make some decisions.

I asked Crash what time he normally turned in.

“Well, I usually watch the late news and the agriculture report,” he replied.

“You have a TV and all the channels there are in your room,” I said.

“Vicky gave me the tour, helped me put away my clothes, she showed me how to work the TV and where everything was located. She even said I could have a beer or two out of the fridge if I wanted,” he said. “They are really nice guest rooms.”

“Crash, if you haven’t guessed it – we are a unique house hold. What you see in the house has to stay in the house. We will try not offending your senses but we will not change our lifestyle,” I said.

“Everything you do is different than what people expect. I will be as quiet as a fly on the wall. Don’t change anything for me. I was not exactly known for being a saint,” he said with a grin.

We sat a while longer watching the girls train the agency people, when a voice asked me in German how I was feeling.

“Not too bad, just very sensitive to touch in places,” I replied in German. I guess that was going to be the language for tonight.

The conversation continued as we watched the action on the mats.

I asked, “What kind of reports are you are getting back from the two groups?”

“Between the ache and pain complaints – very positive, they are learning and very afraid of the more advanced things at the very end,” he replied.

“Good, that means they will be on their toes and won’t relax,” I replied.

Tony sent me a text asking if I was still in the building to come up for a near final look at the plot.

“I need to go upstairs for a few minutes Crash, are you going to be OK here?” I asked.

“Yep, I am going to have another one of those decadent strawberry sundae smoothie drinks while you are gone.”

I nodded for Rodney to follow me up. I made a quick introduction and asked, “What have you got?”

Tony and his two engineers laid out the rough design. I listened to the explanations and all the ways they had found to short-cut and save money. With Crash’s house being gone it made the whole picture come together. They wanted to present it tonight after the training then review it in the morning and go home tomorrow afternoon. If we decided to go with it, equipment would start coming in Monday morning.

“Ok, you still have an hour and a half; have your best presentation ready at 10, the training will be finished before then and I will have everyone here,” I replied.

Rodney did not say anything but he was studying the drawings intently. Then he said, “I’m going to watch the group and then call it a night,”

I worked on e-mails until 10, and then went down to get the girls and Crash, Tony said everything was ready.

“Here is the preliminary plan,” Tony began the presentation.

“After the house was burned we changed the configuration. We have laid this out so you can do it as your funding permits. There are crossing runways 100 feet, wide 8 thousand feet long, corner to corner on the property. 100 feet wide is an FAA standard. That will leave fifteen hundred feet at the end of each runway for an ILS system if you ever want to put one in.”

“We drew a P loop at the end of each runway. The aircraft makes the loop and uses the runway to back taxi to the hangers or terminal. That eliminates the cost of building the taxiways. If the airport ever gets too busy you can add the taxiways later.”
“We used the existing entrance to the property as the entrance to the airport. There will be a parking lot, terminal building, and aircraft parking apron and hanger space to one side. We also reserved space for a tower if you ever wanted one. A new house for Crash is in the back left corner when you come in main entrance here,” as he pointed to the plot.

“We completely surround the runways with 24 inch poly drain pipe to the EPA required runoff ponds. We used poly because a truck can bring 500 feet at a time; it comes in 40 foot lengths verses 6 foot for concrete. It has o-ring type seals and just slips together. An excavator with GPS digging depth control can install hundreds of feet a day in this soil.”

“Now here is where the real savings comes in, the ice age was very good to this property. After removing the 12 inches of top soil for the runways there will only be several areas that will require fill to make it level.”

The runoff ponds are on the opposite end of the property from the terminal. After removing the topsoil there will be two feet of perfect fill to use to level the runways. It is here, it is free; something we don’t have to buy again. Under that fill is 10 feet of sand and aggregate stone that is perfect for making concrete with an 80% stone concentration. By over sizing the ponds for future expansion there is enough sand and stone to make all the concrete on site. All we have to do is to separate it with a wash plant, and we have a portable one of those.”

“What that means is each runway needs 29,829 yards of concrete that would normally cost 3.28 million. By having the stone and sand you only have to buy the Portland cement – it is $40 a ton and makes 2.8 yards of 6000 pound test concrete – to cost $430,000.00 for each runway. We multiply that times 3 for labor and rebar or 1.5 million for each complete runway. You get both for the price of one.”

“We planned on using the big grain tank to put the fuel tanks in for the fuel farm. Pour a new floor in it, remove part of the roof, set 3 12 foot by 25 foot stainless tanks inside, reinstall the roof and epoxy coat the inside of the grain tank with ¼ inch epoxy to 10 foot high, will meet EPA requirements for secondary containment. Three tanks that size will give you 60000 gallons of fuel capacity.”

“Three mil for the runways, 1 mil for the terminal, 1 mil for hanger, 1 mil for pipe and ponds, 1 mil for parking lot, access roads and electric and a million reserve for the unexpected a total of 8 mil for what you want.”

“We have 150 construction workers who will be unemployed mid-week until January, unless we find work for them; this job would be perfect.”

“Our roadway concrete machine with 2 batch plants will put down 50 foot wide by 4000 feet in one day. We have one batch plant and can rent another.

“It will take two to three months to do all the digging and setup work. I would suggest making the first pours the pads for the terminal and hangers and order the hanger steel. Once that concrete sets they can be erected. The terminal will be stick built and constructed at the same time but it will take the longest to build.”

“It will take a couple weeks to get blueprints together for them. The ponds and topsoil removal can begin immediately. Janet can finish up the EPA prints and submit them for approval – that process will take a couple of weeks.”

“Think about it and write down any questions and we will go over this again tomorrow morning at 10. We want to go back to Philly tomorrow at noon.”

We had a lot to talk about tonight. Orgy night had been moved to tomorrow night because of my sore body to give it one more day to heal and we also needed the time for this.

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