Chapter 224

The fifth soon became the tenth and then the fifteenth. The last of the employees for the security division, the last of the office equipment and the last of the cars were on their way to their destination. The final college was now fully staffed.

Two hundred and fifty full time employees and an annual budget of over 32 million with a responsibility for the safety of over 18000 students and faculty were now on JBG Security.

After five months of planning and a grueling training schedule, it was coming down to the wire. Just five days were all we were going to have to prove we were capable of handling the job. If our part of the enrollment period went smoothly then the rest should be a piece of cake.

There were still plenty of problems to deal with but compared to the enrollment period, they were ant hills.

When the North six comes back next week they were done as far as full time work and we will miss them. Even as teenagers they were as reliable as any help we had. They were as dedicated and were hard workers more than most of our regular employees. They are trainers in the gym and with the hand to hand defensive training we gave and were damn near experts on our computer time system.

They had enrolled in every company perk that JGB offered. They were in the matching savings plan, health plan and even the retirement savings plan. Their parents did not have a health plan – Marcy twisted the information around so they were covered on the girls plan. It cost a little extra money but the girls were more than worth it and we would continue the insurance even with part time work.

Two were going to college at KCC by using my sponsorship and Kate’s and the rest back to senior high school, but still they wanted to work part time and be in Lisa’s tutoring class. We had discussed in one of our evening meetings what to do for them.

At our Labor Day party we were going to give them the keys to six of the cars that had been pulled in from the rental division for them to use, along with a gas card, on the condition that they maintain a B average or better.

The airport construction was on schedule. The pads had been poured for the hangers with what looked like miles of red plastic tubing in the concrete. Tony told me that it was the heating system. He tried to explain about zones, boilers, mixing valves and such. I just replied, “OK.” The pads for the water tower, terminal building, tower and the radar, and landing system were also done.

Truckloads of metal were arriving for the hangers. The company insisted they would be here on the second of September and have both of them erected by the first of October. I would believe it when I saw it.

Tony gave me a schedule of the major runway pours, two a week for four weeks starting September 15 and then all the loops and cross taxi ways that the agency wanted and finally the tarmac in front of the hangers and terminal building. The cover crop seeding that would start the first of October would be shifted to the new runway so the old blacktop strip could be torn out.

Bob’s construction was awarded the contract for the terminal building and he sub-contracted the new house for Crash. The terminal was almost twice as expensive as the first plans with the addition of meeting rooms and a much larger café. It was now a full blown cafeteria or restaurant. Plus there was the addition of a ticket counter and metal detectors that the FAA wanted installed.

Raytheon was building the Doppler radar tower for whom ever was paying the bill. I learned from Rodney that it had come from a closed military site in Afghanistan as a result of the drawdown.

Jersey Pipe & Tank was building the fuel farm. Ohio Water Systems was building the water tower that was going up one piece at a time like a kids erector set. Smiths Electric was boring and pulling in cable for all the buildings, runway lighting, towers and ILS.

The entire site was going to be lighted with LED and projected LED lighting on the runways courtesy of the energy department, Phillips lighting, the agency and the FAA.

The FAA wanted to try several new technologies since it was a start from scratch airport. They were going to pay for the installation of an experimental snow removal system on one runway that used very high pressure recycled warm water connected to the drainage system. The 2 foot drainage pipe would be used to recycle the warm water with the excess to the ponds. I wondered why they would even want to try it at a place that some winters had no snow at all. It made no sense to me at all but then government was that way most of the time.

The county commissioners asked for a tour of the airport. They spent half a day at the site with Tony and me. They asked a lot of questions. Some of them I could not answer or told them they needed to talk to Homeland.

On the 20th Jenny and I went back to the doctor. Dr. Peterson had run a bank of tests on the blood and urine she had given several days ago. Dr. Peterson spent a lot of time on the sonogram before she finally asked, “Do you want to know the sex or do you want it to be a surprise?”

I looked at Jenny and smiled, as she replied, “Yes.”

Dr. Peterson turned the monitor so we could see the images as she moved the instrument around and pointed, “This here looks like a penis – a little boy.” She moved it over to the other one, “Another boy, twin boys, Grandpa’s will be happy.” Jenny and I held each other and cried tears of joy.

Dr. Peterson gave us a print off of the screen; if we went back to the gym without it there would have been trouble. She wrote under each one, “It’s a boy and another boy, twin boys.”

It took all of twenty minutes for the girls to settle down after we got back to the gym. Baby shopping was on tap after the announcement over the holidays.

I almost called Jake but changed my mind at the last minute. We would do a video call. I asked all the girls to be over at the house at 4:30; that would make it 6:30am in Japan. Mindy and Jake should be up by then.

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