Chapter 229

I used my cell phone and called Eric. “Agents are on their way,” he responded. Some of those agents were working out in the gym and were in my office in minutes. I called Marcy, Lorrie and Jenny into my office to tell them. Within an hour several more specialists and a dozen FBI agents were at the office. They were running traces on the phone system. I was interviewed again. We all had one question. How did they know I spoke Arabic or did they just do that just to confuse the issue and buy time?

Then I called Ching Lee, Vicky, Jason and the directors at the sites where they were working on a conference video call to fill them in and issue orders.

“You are to be accompanied at all times by two fully armed security people, preferably former military, and to wear your vest,” I told them.

The state police sent two officers to be with Jenny and they would be outside our house tonight. DHS sent agents to both airports where our planes were.

By leaving a message on our system the caller had made a serious mistake. The fancy hi-tech phone system we had collected more information about a caller when they left a message. The information made it easier for us to return a call if the individual mumbled the call back number.

Not only did it make it easier because it copied some to the recipient of the call but even more information was saved on the server hard drives. The FBI techs said that between the data from our servers and the phone company there was a good chance they could catch them, unless they destroyed the phone.

The tower pings and the GPS information from the phones gave DHS a good start.

Marcy called Jeanna and told her to be super cautious while I did the same thing to Dad and Mom. Jenny was talking to her mother while I was on the phone.

For the next few days the agency was going to be inside and outside the gym and follow me to KCC. The state police were escorting Jenny because of the trial. There were investigators that thought the drug cartel was making use of the mall attack to get at Jenny.

My new suburban was finally at the dealers for me to pick up on Wednesday. I couldn’t wait to get back into the heavy big body vehicle now.

The night was quiet. We made sure that all the doors and windows were locked and the security system was on. I even turned on the motion detectors in the rooms we were not using as well as the basement, garage and outside the house.

The four of us slept in one bed. We wanted to be near each other. We slept but every noise woke us up.

I made breakfast at home so no one would have to stop along the way to work. The agents checked the cars with bomb sniffing dogs before Patti and I left for KCC and Jenny was driven to Annapolis.

Marcy called an office-wide meeting first thing to inform every one of the death threat against me and the need to report any unusual persons or activity in or around the gym and any suspicious packages.

At KCC I called a full security department meeting to inform everyone of the threat and to be on their toes and that they should always wear their vest, from the time they left home until they returned there.

By the time I had finished answering questions the first of today’s new students started to wander in for rooms and ID cards. The rest of the day was so busy the death threat was nearly put out of my mind. I just did not need the distraction.

When the afternoon shift came in they got the same speech I had given the day shift. Patti and I left for home later than normal, just to change up the routine.

The ride home was uneventful – I was even able to make out the agency cars a time or two following Patti and me home. Jenny was home when I arrived, waiting for me at the office with the news I felt sure was coming.

Jury selection would begin the day after Labor Day. All participants in the trial, jurors, judge, witnesses, attorneys and prosecuting staff would be sequestered at a major Maryland National Guard Base for the trial. The base auditorium was going to act as court room.

No film media would be allowed at the trial. A pool of print reporters would be picked by lottery to be the news feed for all media and they were already filing law suits.

This information was going to make the next few days that much more precious to all of us, especially the upcoming holiday and the pregnancy announcement.

I ordered carry out from the sub shop for the agents, Tony, Kathy, Janet, Crash and the four of us. One of the agents went to pick it up.

Marcy, Lorrie, Jenny and I started video conferencing with the sites one at a time to get updated reports on how the first day went. At one time, Rochester and Warrington had half an hour wait times. We were all pleased with that; if the rest of the week went that well I would be relieved.

Tony, Kathryn and Janet had come in to do the nightly update on the airport drawings, “We are making good time, the weather has been perfect – light rains at night with no heavy downpours.” They were going to move the runway pour schedule up a week.

“Have they caught anyone connected with the threat against you?” Tony asked.

“There has not been an update from homeland yet tonight, but I am hoping to hear something,” I replied.

Eric called about 8, “The phone has gone dead; either they destroyed it or have taken the battery out. By the towers the call originated from and passed through the call was made from Washington D C. in the Belmont Road Area. There is a Mosque there. That is all I can tell you for the moment.”

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