Chapter 232

By 8 PM Friday we were done with the enrollment process. There had still been up to ½ hour waits at Warrington and Rochester but that was behind us now. The teams were on planes headed home. By 10 everyone would be here.

The security groups went back to regular work shifts with the afternoon shift today. A holiday weekend right off and the first week of classes next week would seal the deal.

I was antsy; I couldn’t wait to see my mates. The four days seemed like forever. There would be no orgy tonight, just quiet time together to make up for the week apart.

Jason and the Judge were going to take most of next week off and go fishing at Frost Borough. Courtney had found a house a mile closer to the college than the hunting cabin.

She had found a nice small almost-new house that was easy on her budget that she liked, and moved in just before the enrollment started. Jason and the Judge could hunt and fish at their pleasure.

Jason might need the time to be alone and ponder about being a grandfather after our announcement on Monday. Jenny had been getting more nervous as the day grew closer.

The events of the last few weeks, the mall incident, the death threat and the pipe bomb scare somehow had changed her a little. The four of us – Jenny, Lorrie, Marcie and me – in the same bed had allowed us to have really good talks and relationship building time.

Jenny was ready to spill the beans. We even had a plan on how we were going to tell our parents on Monday and then our coworkers on Tuesday before Jenny left for the trial.

Friday night was rewarding, calm, and emotional. We had all missed each other. There was no business talk, just about Ching Lee and Vicky’s experience at Elmira and who was in charge. For the most part I just listened and repeated over and over how glad I was that they were home and close again.

For one night there was no thought about pipe bomb, mall shootings or the other news that was a distraction. We spent time in the hot tub with wine coolers and a six pack of beer. Jenny’s doctor had given the maximum temperature that the tub could be for her and we went a couple of degrees lower just to be safe.

Crash walked out on the deck to get a beer from the refrigerator where we kept half a dozen brands in. I knew he could see plenty of floating boobies. He simply smiled, raised the beer in the air and said, “Evening Ladies,” as he walked back inside.

We slept in for a while Saturday morning, then I made breakfast for all of us. We split up with Marcy, Vicky and Jenny going to the Food King with a big list.

Ching Lee, Lorrie and I moved everything out of the four car garage and gave it a good cleaning. The weather forecast was calling for rain on Monday. We then set up all the tables and chairs in the garage and gave them a complete disinfecting. The grills could be just outside the entrance, if the rain was light.

We would put the paper tablecloths and disposable silverware and paper goods out before the food. We used paper tablecloths because when eating crabs, there was so much mess that you just rolled everything up and put it in the trash to have less clean up. Dad had ordered 5 bushels of number I crabs with the local favorite ‘Old Bay’ seasoning.

By the time we were finished, the other girls were back. It made quick work with all of us taking the carload of groceries in the house and putting them away.

After a light lunch we made up the crock-pot of home-made beans and let them simmer. They would be checked off and on all day. Then I made two big bowls of the cucumbers and onions salad and put them in the fridge to season. The rest of the girls made potato and chicken salad and it also went into the fridge.

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the gym, the whole gym. I hit every machine we had. I needed a good workout; if I didn’t then Ching Lee was soon going to be whooping my ass on the mats when training. I could not have that happen.

Mischief and Mayhem called and wanted to know if we were going to have an orgy tonight, followed a few minutes later by the North six to see if they could come. After a quick discussion with the rest of the girls, it was on.

All of us went to the basement to give the mats and sex chair a cleaning. All the toys went into the buckets with warm water and a chlorine mix to sterilize them, even though they had received the same process before they were put away. Since they were going to be used tonight, they would get a rinsing soak to make sure all the chlorine was washed away. Chlorine residue in tender places is a mood killer.

Courtney and Roseanne had asked and brought their boyfriends again. They always had something new they had learned or experimented with and wanted to show everyone else.

This time when the boyfriends undressed they had been totally body shaved; the only hair they had left was on their head. Both of their cocks were in a chastity device.

“These four were really getting kinky,” I thought. They had even brought their own bag of toys along with a tray and several bottles of alcohol. “What in the heck are they using that for?” I wondered.

Then I saw Courtney open a leather pouch of male urethral sounds and empty it into the tray with the alcohol. I cringed at the thought; those things were for extreme play. But I also knew there was a drawer of those kinds of toys in the bottom cabinet. When I found them I locked the drawer with double locks and threw both sets of keys away.

When Jake came he could cut the locks off and take those toys with him or throw them away. He must have had some wild friends and parties when he lived here.

Everyone went through our usual routine of showering. While that was happening, Roseanne and Courtney were adding something to the tray and alcohol. Jeanna and both of her secretaries came down the stairs.

The last time Jeanna had gone to the mid-west main office, she came back with an older new secretary – older in that she was in her early fifties. Her number one secretary – as she called her – had been promoted to a branch assistant manager in Kansas. Jeanna hated to see her leave but whole heartily supported her move into management.

This was the second time that Marlene had come to one of the orgies. She came down with an arm wrapped around Crash.

“Look you all – I found me a daddy to play with tonight,” she yelled. I was going to intervene but Crash had an ear to ear grin and a hand inside her blouse with a handful of boob.

“Come on you dirty old man – everybody hits the showers. I’m going to wash you and you’re going to wash me and then we are going to have some fun.”

Ching Lee and Vicky were already pushing the x-cross out onto the floor. Ching Lee brought over several floggers she wanted me to use and teach Vicky to use.

While that was going on, the North six were negotiating with Roseanne and Courtney to warm up their boyfriends again. I think they liked to torment and tease the guys but they always left them to Roseanne and Courtney to finish. Torture would be a better term, if the guys were left in those devices very long.

I was going to have to keep my attention split on them and all the other things going on tonight to make sure the six didn’t get carried away with the guys and cause problems.

I closed my eyes and thought, “What a strange group we have assembled here tonight.”

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