Chapter 251

On Monday Tony started work on the last open triangle between 4 and 15 runway for the big hangar. The plastic tubing for the heating system had been delivered by overnight freight from the Midwest. As the trucks started delivering the pieces from the ship-out lot at Sparrows point, the floor pour for the super hangar was well underway.

A chief engineer from the hangar company who was staying on site for the first two hangars oversaw the tubing placement with the expansion joints and anchor bolt placement for this last hangar.

On Wednesday Jenny and I had another appointment with her doctor. It was another normal progress checkup. Three and a half months to go and everything looked great. Dr. Peterson asked if Jenny had felt any movement yet. “I think so but I am not sure,” Jenny replied.

“When they kick you will know, they should be kicking anytime now.”

That night a courier from the agency delivered two large sealed packets. They were preliminary reports on the two colleges that the agency wanted us to set up student security for.

Inside the first packet there was an envelope marked ‘personal and confidential’ addressed to me. I recognized the hand writing as Mable’s, Eric’s secretary.

The note inside was written by Eric, “The departments of Justice and Education are each going to issue a two year grant to each college to upgrade student safety based on campus crime statistics. JBG will be the only certified and qualified bidder. Use the markup formula the agency is using for your services on the bid. Email me a copy before you submit it.”

“The same manpower agreement we have with JBG at Rochester will be in place at both Colleges. Act quickly if you can. Eric.”

I sent Eric a text, “Three of us will fly up on the weekend to evaluate equipment and manpower needs. I will make the introductory calls tomorrow to get things rolling.”

The first page of the packet was the request for our services from each College Board. The first packet was from Crystal Falls Michigan and the second was from Duluth Minnesota. Tomorrow night we would begin the evaluation process and I would start making calls on Friday.

Wednesday night Marcy felt the first kick. We had all just gone to bed when Marcy ran into the different bed rooms to tell all of us. It was the first time anyone had felt any movement. There was a rush for everyone to have a hand on Jenny’s belly to see if there were any more.

There were. All of us felt and saw the movement. All of us had a tear in the corner of our eye. A miracle was happening in our family and by feeling the movement we felt like we were part of it.

Crash had came in just in time to see all of us rush to Marcy’s room. He stepped to the door and asked if everything was all right. We explained what had happened and that we were waiting for more.

Crash smiled, “I remember doing the same thing when Liz was with child. We found out that the baby will respond to sounds and music. With some kinds of music it was almost like the baby was trying to dance. When it was really active Liz would sing a lullaby and calm the baby down. They recognize Mom’s voice and moods early.” Then he said, “Everyday will be a new experience if they are getting active. Good night ladies,” as he turned and walked away.

Saturday morning Vicky, Ching Lee and I were in a jet flying to Michigan and then on to Minnesota. Marcy. Lorrie and Jenny were on their way to Florida to deal with the new rental houses that we had bought at Friday’s auctions. To finalize the purchase, inspect, and schedule whatever improvements were needed of new rental houses we had bought at Friday’s auctions. Jenna had been down there two days with the attorneys.

We had been in flight for about 45 minutes when Courtney called, “I just thought you should know we have a missing student. Caroline Breeze 19. She went with a group and her roommate to several parties. They lost track of her at the last party and thought she had returned to the dorm. We are trying to sort it out now and interviewing every one that was with her.”

“Keep me informed,” I replied.

We flew on for a few more minutes then had a change of mind. I picked up the com phone to the pilot, “Bruce divert to Frost Borough please.”

Thirty five minutes later we were walking into Courtney’s office.

“I was just getting ready to call you. You must have been close?” she replied.

“Yes, we were on our way to Michigan and Minnesota to look at a college there,” I replied.

“Here is what we have narrowed it to,” Courtney said. “A group of eight girls and four boys went first to the football game. It ended at 8PM and from there went to the Half Mile club. They all agree that Caroline was with them.”

“They left there and went the Bull’s Den. The place was packed and it was there that things went bad. There was an older crowd there. Caroline and a several more wanted to leave and were waiting on the others to leave.”

“Somewhere in that wait she told the group that she had found a friend that was going to take her back to the dorm,” Courtney said. “Her ID card has not been used since yesterday afternoon. She has not been missing long enough to report her as missing to the police. They will just say she shacked up with someone for the night,” Courtney said.

By now some of the off duty people who were listening to our security radio had shown up asking if they could help in any way. Justin Roper and Shelly Black – the two ex deputies – and Ronald Baines and Sandra Couples – the two former Marines – were waiting in the lobby listening to our conversation.

“Well let’s see if she still has her card on her,” I said. Courtney looked at me curiously. Courtney’s search by card number was limited to the campus grounds. My search was unlimited as long as I authorized the Google and card access fees each time.

My other directors did not have that access either because of legal concerns. In fact the card people instructed that we use it only on employees during the work shifts and never on students at any time. The courts had been firm in ruling it was an invasion of privacy.

I connected the display to the big plasma, entered my ID, checked all the authorization boxes, entered Caroline’s ID and waited on Google and East Coast Security to find the card – if it had not been destroyed.

A few moments later 19429 N Hill Road popped up on the screen with the identifying little red dot.

“That is the North Road out of town to Hill Top Peak. I think I have been there on a complaint before,” Justin replied. “That is a pretty run down area.”

I linked my smarter than smart phone to the security program display. With a few clicks when we got close it could led us to within 5 feet of the card.

I took one of the portable radios out of the charger, clipped it on my belt and the mike on my lapel then I clicked the mike after turning it on. The rest of the radios in the room responded as I keyed the mike to let me know it was working.

“Let’s go find her, Justin. You lead us there,” I said.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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