Chapter 253

As I started back into the kitchen, the Sherriff and a couple of his deputies stepped up onto the porch.

“I think I have heard enough; I need to take over and read him his rights.”

“Bring me the camera please,” I said into the mike.

As the sheriff and his two deputies looked at the video I said, “Based on the timestamp on the video there is a chance she may still be alive. You read him his rights and lawyer him up, there is no chance and we may not even find her body. By the legs and backs there were two other men there. Fifteen minutes is all I need. We will know where she is and who they are. I promise you he will still be alive – maybe not healthy, but alive – then you can read him.”

One of the deputies headed for the door heaving, on the verge of up-chucking, “Jimmy, get back in here and bring your pad,” the sheriff said as he put the camera in an evidence bag.

The sheriff scribbled on the pad, “Witness this Jimmy, you too Sam.” Then he handed the deputies his badge and gun and then a twenty, “Take that to the Mayor. Go by the south road and stop at Doc’s, tell the clerk you’re picking up the Mayor’s prescription.”

“Doc’s is a liquor store,” Jimmy replied.

“The mayor needs a fifth of Jack every other day. Today he is going to need extra,” the sheriff replied.

After they turned to leave, the sheriff pulled his backup piece out of his boot and shoved it in his holster. “I want to see a fifteen minute confession.”

I sent everyone out but Justin, Ronnie and the sheriff. As Courtney walked by me, I told her “Bring me all the ammonium caplets out of the first aid kits, don’t be long finding them.”

I pulled Justin and Ronnie aside and instructed Justin to hold one of Murphy’s arms and Ronnie the other, then explained what I was going to do. I lit the torch and told the sheriff to hold it for me.

“Murphy, this is the last time. Where is Caroline?” I asked.

“I not telling you anything,” he yelled rather loudly.

I took the tree pruners in one hand and started to reach for Murphy’s little finger, when I saw Courtney standing in the door with the caplets and an indescribable expression on her face. Then it hit me about the conversation with Eric about Black Water and their downfall with the split second decisions they made on that street in Iraq. I changed my mind about cutting his fingers off and was going to break them one at a time. I took his little finger and bent it back until it gave way. Everyone in the room heard it snap as it broke. Murphy’s screaming was ear shattering as he passed out. I had the little propane torch burning in case the fracture broke through to cauterize the wound if necessary.

It took two caplets from Courtney, to bring him around.

“Where is Caroline?”

“You can’t do this to me. I am not saying anything,”

I took ring finger and repeated the process and two more caplets.

“You have 8 more fingers to go then I start on your toes. Where is Caroline?” I asked.

He looked lost in space, in shock I suspected, but that would not last long. I moved to break the next finger tip when he started screaming.

“OK, OK, the Johnson Brother’s farm. Billy and Randolph are waiting for me. We were going to have a little more fun then kill her and throw her body in the cow manure lagoon. Please stop. That’s all I know.”

I had broke two that time and then his wrist and gave it a good twist to dislocate all the pieces. The healing process would be months after the twist and useless to him after it healed “That is for what you were going to do,” I muttered even though he was out cold.

“Cuff his good arm to the refrigerator and both feet together; let’s go to the farm. Sheriff, call your deputies to come back to get him and call 911,” I instructed.

“They can make that decision when they get here. I know where that farm is; let’s go. I will ride with you; they took my car,” he said.

Ronnie led us there at almost a hundred miles an hour. We turned into a big cow farm. I could see the big manure lagoon tank and smell it. By the tank was a big barn; at the door closest to the tank was a green Dodge pickup.

We raced to the door; I was the first one through it. Seventy five feet away was Caroline draped across a bale of straw. One of the Johnson brothers was behind her naked, taking her doggy style. The other was standing by her head with a vile looking bush axe of some kind, ready to decapitate her.

They both noticed and heard us at the same time. I put five rounds in the one standing with the axe as did five other people. I hoped they were as good a shot as I was. The one on his knees jumped up and tried to run, only to receive the rest of the rounds in the clips.

I heard the Sheriff call 911 and for a Medivac chopper as I was attending to Caroline. First aid kits appeared from the cars, along with blankets.

One of the Johnson brothers was still alive somehow. The Sheriff stood and fired one more round, “Save the taxpayers some money,” he mumbled.

It seemed like forever but the EMTs soon arrived and the chopper shortly thereafter.

“We just don’t know if she will make it,” one of the EMTs said as they loaded her on the chopper. The Johnson brothers were covered with a blanket to wait on the coroner.

I sent Ching Lee and Vicky to the airport to continue on to Minnesota and Michigan. As they were leaving, the state police cars were coming in to start the investigation. I knew where I was going to be spending the next two or three days.

I called Eric, “I have a problem. Do you have a few minutes to hear about it?”

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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2 Responses to Chapter 253

  1. GaryDan says:

    I hope her high friends in low places can help her out. Thanks for another heart thumping episode.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Good lawyers and friends in low places make a good combination sometimes LOL.

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