Chapter 267

As I was getting off the plane, I was greeted by Frank along with several men I did not know. After a closed door meeting in the pilot’s office, I realized we were facing a dilemma. The mission for this group of trainees had been pushed up a week.

Ching Lee and I no longer had the luxury of another full week to train them. I did not like it, a lot of things were going too passed over or just lightly touched upon. The mission had to go next Thursday night. That meant the training was over Tuesday. It would take Tuesday evening and Wednesday just to get the team into position. The only solution was to train Saturday and Sunday. The answer to the first question was ‘yes’, we would do it.

In the mornings, the group was receiving their Intel on this upcoming classified mission. I assumed they were going over all the logistics what was expected to happen before and after the ‘go’ hour. I took that to mean that whatever the extraction produced had to be carried to a secure facility. It would also explain the need for heavy hand to hand combat training

After the cloak and dagger events that took place after 911, Europe was no longer a safe place to carry out long term interrogations.

Nearly every safe house and quarters the intelligence structure had was reveled by the NY Times and similar liberal news organizations trying to make the Bush Administration, the war in Iraq and America in general look bad. The end result was it put covert missions like snatch and grabs a very dangerous profession.

European politicians threw in their hands and ran like a bad case of the diarrhea to get away from the media glare. They denied they knew anything and passed all kinds of laws banning participation in covert ops.

If the agency still had a place in Europe it had to have been buried deep. Even Gitmo was Ass-hole deep in lawyers now that our liberally insane administration had decided that terrorist had more rights and special privileges than honest hard working Americans.

I assumed that there were some other facilities in Central America that the agency could use, deep in the jungle. The agency had been heavily involved in covert operations there since Ronnie was President. In the fast changing world of terrorism old enemies become new friends when the threat comes close to your home.

Never forget the old saying in a time of war, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It always made strange bed partners in many places in the world even so, you still sleep with one eye closed.

All that was above and beyond anything I could do. What I could do was train them to the best of my ability in the short time we had left and hope not hurt any of them in the process.

Ching Lee and I split the group as we usually did and worked hard at teaching aggressive hand to hand combat techniques. We spent equal time teaching defensive and offensive maneuvers; to drill attack and defend over and over again.

In the back of my mind I wondered why the agency was putting so much emphasis on hand to hand. Usually hand to hand was a last resort stance. These tactics were used when the enemy had overwhelmed your defensive lines or the lines had been infiltrated by some covert action or you were flat out of ammunition and to willingly surrender was not an option.

That was one of the reasons I taught myself to count my rounds I fired from my pistol in combat during my time in the sandbox. I had seen firsthand what they did to their own women when they were tired of them. It was a short thought for what they would do an American female soldier captured alive. Death would come painfully and slowly over several days, weeks or even months. I wanted to have the one last round for me if it ever came to making that choice.

Hand to hand meant that the agency had a plan to infiltrate the structure in strength and disable as many as possible while leaving them alive for extraction to interrogate later. Bullets in the heat of the moment left few alive or not for long.

In our closed door meeting, Frank stressed that he wanted me to emphasize the training I had given the last class on making the victims live long enough to get good Intel. From our conversation there were detailed reports on the training Ching Lee and I had given them that went to high places in the agency. At least I didn’t have to worry about losing Ching Lee to the agency with her being part owner. I more or less had lost Janice and Lisa had both signed contracts with the agency for employment after graduation and special ops until then. At least I still had them for summer help until then.

Ching Lee and I worked the group until 9 PM; they had been at the gym since noon. All of us had put in a long day and part of it was very physical. Saturday and Sunday they were going to be here at 8 and stay 12 hours. I was taking Monday and Tuesday off from KCC to help complete the training.

It was 10 by the time Ching Lee and I made it to the basement for tonight’s orgy. All the regulars were there, Jeanna and Marlene, the North 6, Crash, Mischief and Mayhem with both boyfriends. I wondered how the boys training were progressing. They were certainly a lot more respectful of Mischief and Mayhem than they used to be.

Tired as I was I held up my end satisfying all of my mates at least once. Then we watched the younger crowd go for a second round.

We gave Jenny a complete body massage on the sex chair. She was beginning to have aches and pains related to the pregnancy. The warm oil and tender hands worked miracles for her. Her belly was really growing now. For a longest time there was little change in the baby bump due to all the exercise she was doing, now exercising had lost the battle to the twins. Next Thursday was another trip to the doctor to check on the progress.

Saturday and Sunday came and went. Ching Lee and I spent it all in the gym training the group. Lorrie spent both days at the gym in the mornings and the airport in the afternoons. Marcy and Jenny had their hands full working on contracts for some new MAAR outlets, logistics for the M&M project and Captain Peterson’s people.

The logistics for this week was nothing short of a nightmare. Marcy had reserved 15 rooms for the Rochester police department for a week from Monday. Captain Peterson and fourteen more from there were coming to participate in and evaluate our training. Eric and Frank had both been sent the list of officers just to make sure there were no security risks in the group. The next 15 from the agency were starting the same day and that was the reason why the officers needed looking at. To help with the training, Eric was going to send Ty, Herman and Kathryn; he wanted a good look at the Rochester people.

The same Monday all this was going on, the first 20 from Michigan Jason and Roseanne had picked to be the best prospects for shift leaders and management – were coming to be worked through the system and evaluated. That was another eight rooms. The four ladies were going to stay at the Horsey house.

Jamie had agreed to work for the next six weeks exclusively for JBG. With the Rochester group, the agency group and the 200 from the M&M, all of us were going to be busy. One good thing was the Rochester group was only going to be here a week. KCC was going to allow me to work from home for the next two or three weeks to help with everything at the gym.

We had talked several times among ourselves on how to structure the leadership at each security site. At a small site like Frost Borough, the director could handle things and dictate who was in charge on each shift.

At the large sites like Rochester, problems were beginning to show. There were too many people at the same level who felt they were all bosses or should be.

I could see a military style chain of command was coming and very soon, with the director at the top. I feared that implementing it was going to be trouble.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Joe H.

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