Chapter 272

Tuesday and Wednesday were full on-the-mat training. The Michigan group was split up so half of them could get the computer training and the other half started on the mats with the Rochester group.

With Ty, Kathryn and Herman from the agency working as trainers for us while the Rochester group was here, plus Ching Lee and Vicky, we worked them hard.

Ty and Herman tried their best not to show it, but they were getting their jollies working the Rochester officers over. The class for today was getting control of a suspect, how to keep control, how to do it without hurting them and then how it could be done very painfully. It was something that we taught every class.

Ching Lee and Vicky taught how to use the padded sticks from a defensive posture and as an offensive tool. By lunchtime the donut officers were physically worn to a frazzle. Afternoon on the mats was out of the question for them.

By luck I had anticipated that this would happen. I had asked Judge Slaughter to give overviews of privacy rights and an overview of aggressive tactics from the court’s prospective.

The Judge was spending a lot of time with Jason even going on some JBG business flights. I suspected something was in the wind and knew it for sure when Jason suggested that the Judge speak to the group.

Judge Slaughter was preparing for the lecture circuit in the courts down season. He was beginning to slow down some. When he was younger he spent all his time off on the bay crabbing and fishing. With his dry sense of humor and his knack for storytelling, he would be great on the lecture tour.

The judge must have been preparing for awhile and with help. He had a laptop with a PowerPoint that Marcy helped him set up to run. He called it, “What If and Why Not”. I would have loved to sit through it, but the Michigan 10 who were on the mats this morning rested through more computer training and the other 10 joined us trainers on the mats for four more hours.

I had taken two calls during the morning mat session. One was from Frank; that lasted 10 minutes in Arabic. He wanted to move up the C130 flights by a day and extend it by a day. The pilots had already agreed but he wanted me to OK it with Lorrie.

“Chicken,” I kidded.

With the new pilots there was no problem on our end. Jack had signed approval on the instrument check rides yesterday and felt sure that he would on the remainder of them today.

I found Lorrie and brought her up to date on Frank’s request and asked if it was a problem. “No, not at all,” she replied. I could have sworn I saw dollar signs in her eyes. Marcy’s quest for profits was beginning to rub off on her.

The second call was a surprise for it too was in Arabic. It was made from the Rochester College security front desk.

It was the leader of the poster group that I had confronted when we were there; I recognized the voice. He introduced himself as ‘Aadam Abdul Mohammad’

“We met at the fence a few weeks ago. We had a private talk while my aids went to summon the artist. Do you remember any of the things we talked about?” he asked.

“Yes, we talked about how the weather was in Bagdad in the spring and compared it to the weather in Rochester, was one topic,” I replied.

“Yes, good – I wanted to make sure I was talking to the right person,” he replied. “I have a favor to ask, as you call it.”

“OK, what can I help you with?” I replied.

“I am having a special celebration with friends and family from other cities Thursday, Friday and the weekend. I wish your approval to have the artist display their work those four days. We will keep the litter picked up and remove everything as agreed on Sunday evening,” he said.

I thought, “A meeting of the terrorists,” before I answered.

“Yes, it will be OK, I will inform my security people so they will not bother your artist,” I replied.

He thanked me and we had another five minute general conversation before he ended the call.

I called Kelly Pepper and explained what was going to take place and that the artist were not to be bothered, along with the agreement that cleanup was as usual Sunday evening.

The next call I made was to Eric. I was sure DHS most likely knew what was going to happen in Rochester but I wanted Eric to hear what I knew directly from me.

Mable sent my call through without delay, even though Eric was in a classified meeting. As usual we spoke in German.

“There had been chatter from several sites that there was going to be a meeting of the clan, but we have not been able to pinpoint the exact location,” he stated.

“Randy has already called in; he was startled when Aadam walked into the security office. It was the first time anyone had seen him without his security detail. Aadam made them wait outside the office while he talked with Kelly to get your phone number.” Eric said. “Kelly suggested that he use the office phone for quicker response. It was quick thinking on Kelly’s part to keep him from getting your personal phone.”

“The research group has finished with the checks on all of your Rochester guests. You can relax; they all came back clear. Captain Peters has worked with the FBI several times with good results. The consensus here is that we should access his knowledge of the area,” Eric replied then added.

‘How do you feel about letting him in on the operation? We are there working under your cover. The decision is yours,” he said.

“It is your operation. How many people do you want to know about it?” I replied.

“We think having an asset inside his department may be beneficial,” Eric relied.

“Do you want me to have Ty bring him up and discuss it now as a conference, or are you going to come over?” I asked.

“Let’s do it now; this meeting is going to last the rest of the day, and tomorrow I need to be on the west coast,” he replied. “Did you get the video conference room completed?”

“Yes, Marcy had it set up in my office because I use video conferencing so much. It works so well with our college camera systems; it gives me the feeling of being there. I like to read facial expressions when I talk to my people,” I replied.

I hit page on the other phone, “Ty, Kathryn and Herman, would you accompany Captain Peters to my office, please.”

There were two in my office so multiple calls could be made if necessary. In reality it had come in handy more than once when Cindy and I were deep into work.

By the time they made it to my office, Eric had established the video link from their MTAC room.

”Captain Peters, we are on a video conference with Eric Robinson, regional director DHS. You have already met Ty, Kathryn and Herman – what you did not know is that they are DHS employees,” I said.

Then I continued, “Special agent Ty Deshields works for JBG part time, his day job is Senior Field Specialist DHS, Special Agent Kathryn Dykes and Special Agent Herman Grant are both part-time employees for JBG,” I replied.

For an hour we had a three way conversation about the developing threats in the Rochester and how JBG was working with the agency to provide cover, logistics and other classified assistance.

There were lengthy questions about the event that Aadam had planned for the weekend and what the Rochester police department knew.

Captain Peters made several calls and had several returned as increased surveillance was planned from the JBG Rochester site, along with additional agents.

The TSA director for the North East increased airport security and the no-fly list.

As the pieces came together from the various agencies, Eric determined that Aadam Mohammad had invited 100 Muslim leaders to his little meeting. More than half of them were under surveillance from various agencies for terrorist suspicions.

Eric delivered some bad news to Captain Peters, four officers of the Rochester police force were actively involved and feeding information to Aadam Mohamed and reinforced that JBG involvement was to remain his knowledge only.

At the close of the video conference Captain Peters turned to me and asked, “Are any of the Agency people on the list you want as Campus police?”

“No, Eric’s crew could be gone with a text message,” I replied.

“I’m going to recommend approval of your Police request. Can you arrange a flight home for us tomorrow morning?” he asked.

“You don’t want another walkthrough with the shoot-don’t shoot course?” I replied.

“Hell no, it would be a great course for our SWAT team. I want to get four people reassigned to some shit detail so they can be watched,” he replied.

When Lorrie picked up the page, I told her to schedule a flight to Rochester at 8 in the morning.

I finished the day back in the gym training with both groups. Peters informed his people they were going home in the morning. Before they left for the evening, he used the meeting room with his officers.

When I returned to my office later there was a stack of papers on my desk from the fax machine. It was the completed approved documents for the Rochester College Campus Police Force.

Developing a firm chain of command that could be implemented at Rochester for the police force was now a priority.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Joe H.

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