Chapter 276

I met Jenny, Ching Lee, Marcy and Vicky in the security office with Dan on his way.

I gave Jenny the tag number from the van, “Search the data base for the tag scanners and see if that van has been here before.”

A few minutes later, “Yes, four times in the last two weeks,” she replied.

I gave each day and the time to separate girls, “Follow them on the camera system, and let’s find out where they went and who they met or talked to.”

A search that would have taken hours was reduced to minutes because we had the days and times. We also had the camera numbers at hand for the parking lot, the main entrance and the main hall cameras.

There was another ace that we girls had access to that Dan did not. He could not search our master servers that saved the camera data for eternity. At midnight every day that day’s camera data was automatically sent to the master servers. That was a suggestion from East Coast Security to keep someone from erasing critical data to cover wrong doing at local sites.

One by one, each day’s visit by the two was taking shape and moved to a video file, and that reinforced my suspicions.

I called Agent Payne, “You need to bring the senior state police investigator, the FBI and the CIA agent and come to the security office ‘Now’ – I have more information for you.

“I need to tell them something – they are on a wild hair as it is,” he replied.

Five minutes later all four were standing in front of me and three of them were not really happy that I had called them away – they were far too busy to be here. Agent Payne just stood back and waited.

“The van and those two have been on the college grounds four times, including today. The first time was a week ago Friday, then on Tuesday, again on Thursday and also today.

Jenny had the Friday video with a date and time stamp and it started on the big screen. I had nodded for her to run it on the plasma. It began when they came past the security island. We were able to follow them to the parking lot, then into the main entrance into the hallway where they went into the fourth office on the right. A few minutes after they entered the secretary for that individual left the office and did not return until after the two had left.

Marcy had the Tuesday video and it was almost and exact copy of Friday’s.

The Thursday video was different in that they changed shoes, shirts, and dallied at the van with bags that they left in the van when they went inside, where previous events were repeated with the secretary leaving.

“I believe Thursdays visit was a run-through for today. You already have today’s video. The occupant in office four did not report for work today, neither did the secretary,” I said.

I had their full attention now, “Dr. Sur Ben Ahmeen has not used his ID card on campus today. However, he is not far away.”

“Some habits die hard, like carrying your ID card,” I said as I clicked on the ID card locating program. “He is across the highway in the shopping center parking lot, no doubt watching the activities.”

I handed them several color pictures from his ID card and pictures of the car he normally drive to work from the security island camera.

The FBI, the CIA and the State Police officer almost tripped over each other trying to get out the door.

Agent Payne answered his cell then smiled as he closed it. “Thanks for the five minute head start on those guys; we have him in cuffs.”

“Let’s go set up the news conference and have it ready to go when they get back. By the way, since your people handled the problem, you get to go first. When we finish I want to hear all about the training and cooperation JGB is doing for Eric. If it works so well for him in his area, it should work in mine just as well. I can not let him get all the atta-boys from the bosses,” he said with a laugh.

We were standing outside the security island, waiting for them to get back, surrounded by the media. I organized the folder that I had with me to set up a timeline for the events, from the time they came through the gate until Sam and Artie had killed them. I would take no questions.

I asked Sam and Artie if they wanted to remain anonymous or have their name in the public arena. Both declined to be named.

I took the time while waiting, to schedule a visit by Dr. Rich to come talk with both of them on Wednesday. The plane would wait to take her back to Washington so as not to interfere with her holiday.

“At 12:35 this afternoon the green van you saw being searched, came past the security island and parked in the public access parking lot. The occupants then put on bulletproof vests and other gear in the open and in broad daylight. That gear included AK47 semi-auto rifles and ammo.”

“The JBG security video specialist observed this activity and ordered the college locked down. He also directed two of the closest security cars to respond and security patrols inside the building to go to the main entrance that was the target of the attackers.”

“The two assailants started random shooting before they got to the locked entrance, wounding 6 students. The two security cars arrived to interrupt their attacks on any more students. The security personnel engaged in a shootout with the two, killing both of them,” I said.

Then I added, “The DHS and other agencies arrived and took control at that point,” as I stepped away from the Microphone.

I looked at a text that came in when I was talking. It was from Lorrie. ‘Have left Cherokee and am almost to Cleveland. Just watched you on national TV; you did a good job.’

As I listened to what the agencies said to the media – ‘Lone Wolf’ – no fucking way I thought. They made three trips here, they met someone here each time and that someone was mysteriously absent today. But he was across the street watching.


Was he making a video to post? Was he reporting to someone? These were all questions I doubt I could get answered here today.

Agent Payne gave his little song and dance for the media and then joined me standing to the rear. Agent Payne began typing on his cell. Then mine received a text message from him.

“You do not believe a single word that has been said, do you?”

I looked at him and shook my head as I mouthed “No, not a word of it.”

He typed another long message.

“Eric said you saw and understood things behind the words, no wonder he speaks so highly of you.”

Two more texts came while I was waiting for the media white-wash to finish.

“We have left Cleveland will be there in an hour the pilot says. Just to verify you need three motel rooms and two rental cars. L.L.” That was the way Lorrie ended all messages to any of us, even on e-mail. ‘Love, Lorrie.’

The second text was from Frank, “Would like to meet with you ASAP about more business contracts.”

“I will call you to set it up as soon as we get back. BTW Thanksgiving dinner is at the house on Friday 1PM you and family are invited if you want to come.” I sent.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Joe. H

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