Chapter 279

Wednesday morning was the last morning I would be driving to KCC for a couple of weeks. After the Thanksgiving holiday I was training for two straight weeks at the gym again. Then it was back at KCC for a few days then more training at the gym. The second group from Michigan and Minnesota were to be at the gym on Monday.

I did have the days off between Christmas and New Years but had to be back at KCC for the first Monday of January, for the start of the second semester.

I finished out all my pending paperwork and work schedules until I would be back mid-December, including who was to be acting supervisors for each shift. Patti was going to do most of the day shifts.

At eleven I went to the cafeteria to have Thanksgiving dinner with the staff. So that the security people who were working could partake, I had split the lunch break so they all could enjoy the great food.

As I was sitting eating I had a hair-chilling feeling on the back of my neck, the kind that when it happened in the sandbox it told me a firefight was going to happen soon.

Then I had a vision. In this vision i had a revelation that this was going to be my last winter at KCC and with the coffin in the vision I knew it to be so. For it was me in the coffin this time and not a blank face I used to see in the sandbox. The coffin was waiting to be lowered into the vault on a lush green hillside; a spring or summer funeral. I shrugged it off and finished lunch.

After the very filling lunch that would require several hours in the gym to work off, I drove home thinking of all the things I needed to do in my office at the gym.

I was back at the meeting table. My mates and Jason had been going through the stack of folders Frank had left last night.

Marcy had taken my security discussion to heart. First thing I noticed, she had swapped out our laptops again. All of us had the same type of laptops. There was better pricing in quantity and Marcy saved every nickel she could and choked poor old Lincoln at every chance she could. She bought dozens at a time to get the get the biggest discount she could possibly get.

As I walked to take my place, I noticed that the light indicating the wireless had been turned on was now dark. On top of that there was a carton of new thumb drives on the tabletop and every computer had one installed. The indicator was blinking that the drive was in use.

I had to laugh as I took my normal seat. There was a bold-typed sheet explaining a temporary electronic computer security policy until a formal policy was put in place, and how to send information direct to the thumb and not store it on the laptop hard drive.

Jason, Roseanne, and another clerk from Jason’s team had the Black Water employee files; they were scanning the pages with portable desktop scanners. Jason noticed my questioning look and walked over to me.

“I have loaded our personnel program onto these laptops for this project. All the data is being saved on those thumb drives. When we are finished, all the data colledted from the thumbs will be saved onto one laptop as an HR master until the security changes you discussed last night have been fully implemented. Then I will put it on the secure mainframe,” he said. Then he added “Some of these people are getting really good salaries but they also have some exceptional credentials. They are assigned in some horrible parts of the world,” he replied.

Marcy was looking at the logistics folder, “BJ, I have started a pad with questions we need to ask Frank. There are 100 armored SUV’s being billed to the State Department. Ten of the sites have two and the rest have one.”

“There are also 6 Bell 407 helicopters and 4 with some kind of designation I think are military. The designation will not come up on a search. They are written into the terms of the contract. The question is, can the agency work with the bankruptcy judge for us to buy the lot or are we going to have to scramble to buy them on open market?” she asked.

“If we have to buy them on the market there is going to be a long lead time for them to be built. Although a contract for 100 may move the order to the front, it will still be a long time,” I replied.

Lorrie added, “Low hour Bell 407’s are plentiful from my research. I can’t find anything on the others. Add that question to the list. What are they?

“Have you called Jeanna about financing?” I asked. “Based on the numbers you have?”

“The contract called for fixed monthly payment from the State Department with ‘Extras’ and Black Water had some wild administrative add-on charges,” Marcy replied.

I picked up the sheet of questions and went into my office to call Frank’s private number. But first, I sent an e-mail to Charles Fine of Howard, Howard and Fine, our corporate attorneys.

“Charles, does your firm handle last wills and testaments?

Thanks, BJ”

Then I called Frank. “Hello Frank, how are you today?” I asked.

“I am fine. I would speculate that you are calling with questions?” he replied.

“Yes, I am to start with Marcy – she wanted to know about the armored SUV’s in the contract. There are 100 of them, will we be able to get them through the bankruptcy court and at what cost?” I asked.

“Well, they are 4 years old or newer; we require that for reliability, most likely 25 of each year. The Bank of Virginia is holder of the liens on them. I will send you a contact name and number and the outstanding balance. They are over a barrel because of where they are located, and quite frankly they have been assholes about it.”

“I would offer them 50% of the value and let them stew. They will come up with a number far less than what is owed to get out of the loan. They are not going to be able to send a repo man to get them,” Frank said.

“The next question is the choppers,” I said.

“The Bells are flying pieces of junk, Black Water has done no maintenance on them in 18 months and along with that they have high flying time on them. The pilots are screaming bloody murder about flying them, they claim those choppers are unsafe. At the moment there are 20 pilots in the employee list.”

“What are the other four?” I asked.

“Slightly demilitarized Blackhawks used for escort – same as with the Bells – no maintenance; good for parts is about all. We will find some better ones for you if we can deal. The countries where they are located – they are a necessity,” Frank said.

“I will pass it on to Marcy,” I replied then hung up.

I opened the e-mails that came in while I was talking to Frank. One of them was a reply from Charles Fine.

“Yes we do. If it is a simple will you want, just e-mail how you want it to be set up. If it is complicated I can visit. It is your choice. If I may ask, you are not ill are you?” Chuck Fine.

I e-mailed back my simple instructions for my will and then gave them instructions to get a complete report on the bankruptcy of Black Water including assets, value and liabilities ASAP. Then I went back to the meeting table where I filled Marcy and Lorrie in on my conversation with Frank.

After supper and some time to unwind it was quite obvious the girls were frisky; I guess they needed a real stress relief after the day they had. With it being mid-week it was just the six of us and we made to most of it. We took a long shower, even trimming the stubble on all the sensitive spots. I helped Jenny shave her legs – with her growing stomach it was a difficult job for her to do.

Then we made love, first to each other and followed that as a group orgy. The pump-up dildos got an aggressive workout although I noticed Jenny was being treated lightly. Everyone was afraid they might hurt her or the little ones by going too deep.

She clearly was not being satisfied tonight and dropped enough hints about it. I knew what she wanted and it was one of the big toys. They were her favorite; she loved the stretched feeling it left her with and it had been weeks since we had used the big ones on her.

We had a secret pact among ourselves not to use them on her until after the births, and so far we had been successful but not tonight. I slid the big one in and gave it five pumps to hold it in place. Jenny was plenty wet from all the pleasure we had given her already.

She watched me get ready and was even whimpering in anticipation as I lubed it from a new tube, just to make sure there was no contamination.

With her large abdomen, the only way was doggy style. I took my place behind her and teased her opening with it before I entered. I placed one hand on her back and one firmly around the toy in a position so my knuckles would play havoc on her clit. Jenny was getting the stretch and fullness she wanted to feel but not the depth. In only a few minutes she was announcing her pleasure.

Marcy, Lorrie, Ching Lee and Vicky had moved to her sides to assist in taking her over the top and then to support her so she would not collapse face down.

We were all very exhausted as we stepped from the shower to call it an evening and snuggled with one another.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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