Chapter 289

It was hard to believe but tomorrow is Christmas Eve day and most operations were at reduced levels. All 10 of the colleges were on Christmas and New Years break. Their security departments were still working but at a much more relaxed pace. The offices were closed as was most of the airport. Lorrie did have several flights to Florida tomorrow with both Bombardiers.

Because Carson and Sabrina both lived close and had agreed to each work half a day to keep the terminal building open during the day to handle the passengers leaving and or returning. We had decided in our meeting that both planes were being left on the tarmac in front of the terminal.

Lorrie had scheduled half dozen or so flights that were returning tonight and the planes were going to be left on the tarmac in front of the hangar. Carson was going to work the second half of the day. We did not want her staying any longer than necessary the girls and I were going to park them away with the tug tomorrow afternoon.

All of us girls had watched and guided the guys pushing planes into the hangar. Jack and Robbie always put us girls on the tug and supervised us pushing planes around, “Just because you are the bosses, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do the things everyone else can do. There may be times that you have to,” Jack had said more than once.

I had nine hours to kill before Charlie was to make his call at midnight. So I worked in the office for three hours and then we had a normal meeting. This would be the last meeting until day after Christmas, unless there was something important that that we had to deal with.

The flight details were discussed, including my desire to be up to take Charlie’s call at midnight. It would give me some time to finish wrapping the last few Christmas gifts over at the office.

The flight had gone as we thought it would and the C130 should be back the day after Christmas without problems. Two of the six choppers would be in place and mechanics would have the two brought back to evaluate. Then there was the problem of getting the Blackhawk to South America next week in between the scheduled agency flights.

Supper was a joyous occasion; Jake and Mindy bought the house at the end of Summers Road. The family came back to the house to give us the happy news. It called for an impromptu supper. Pizza it was – six large – along with several orders of cheesy bread sticks made the order. We had plenty of beer here.

The pizza, beer and family time consumed two hours. When Jake and Mindy moved to Japan they gave away most of their furniture and household goods. In a way I felt bad that Jake had sold me his house but that is how fate works out. If I had not bought it someone else would have.

To make things right furniture shopping was going to happen after Christmas and there were no shortage of volunteers to help them set up a household.

Jake was planning on the reactor contract lasting 5 years, a couple more years for monitoring and then retiring. Now two and a half years later that plan fell apart.

I was relieved that he was coming home; spending that long with the radiation still leaking could not be good on the body no matter what the so-called experts said. I knew that Mom and Dad were excited to have all the family near them again.

At 11 Marcy and I went back over to the office with everyone else going to bed. Tonight was the night I slept with Marcy. Instead of waiting alone she was going to spend time with me in my office waiting for the call from Charlie. To our surprise there were still people in the gym working out, even though tomorrow was Christmas Eve.

All the offices had big well padded very comfortable chairs – mine included, even though I was gone most of the time. Those chairs were made for three hundred pound executives to sit in all day long.

After I sat back into the chair Marcy slid into my lap. With my arm around her I began showing her how the VCATS system worked. Together we looked over the list of countries marked by an asterisk. The asterisk indicated they were online and ready for use, but not active at the moment. Then I showed Marcy how Cindy’s file put the names and places together with photographs of the people at each of the embassy sites.

I should have expected it; there were a lot of places active on VCATS around the world where it was daytime. Many of those places were now part of our security group.

In addition to the Mali and Sudan embassies in southern Africa I had people in Zanzibar Tanzania, Harare Zimbabwe, Luanda Angola, Windhoek Namibia, Morondava Madagascar, and Pretoria South Africa.

In the Middle East and Asia it was Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Karachi Pakistan, Mumbai India, Chiang Mai Thailand, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Hanoi North Vietnam, Manila Philippines, Seoul South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Canberra Australia and there were many more. All of the South America VCATS were shown as inactive; I guessed because it was near midnight.

I almost dumped Marcy out of my lap when the chime sounded indicating that someone on VCATS wanted to open a chat with us. It was the South Korean embassy – it was noon time there. I hit the key to activate the chat and clicked on the Korean embassy employee list while Marcy was still in my lap but off to the side in the big chair.

‘Hi boss, oops, that should be bosses,” the person we were looking at said.

The list indicated that I was chatting with Maurice Adams, the senior JBG employee there,

“Hi Maurice, how is the weather on the DMZ today?” I asked then added, “The last time I was there it was nasty.”

“You have been to the DMZ?” he replied with a surprised tone in his voice.

“Oh yes, I walked that beat for two years as punishment. It took a war in the sand to get me out of there,” I replied.

“Damn, you must have pissed somebody off big time,” he replied.

“You could say that, I killed the wife of a Japanese attaché in self defense after an embassy party got out of hand,” I replied.

“Ouch, that would do it,” he replied.

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I was surprised to see your site active because of the time and we did not expect you to be online until the official takeover. Are you going to come visit us sometime soon? We heard that was a possibility,” he replied.

“We have started taking over already. Black Water has thrown in the towel on just about everything. I am expecting State to completely cut them out of the picture in the next few days. We will have title to all the vehicles and choppers in a day or two,” I replied then added, “Our cargo plane is delivering new choppers to Mali and Sudan, the pilots are to report in at midnight, which is why we are here this late.”

“Damn, what about our paychecks and pay rate?” he asked.

“Nothing changes; the terms of your employment will be the same. You will get a letter as soon as State cuts Black Water loose – we already have all the banking information. Once we sort out the benefits package and compare them, you may gain a few things. By the way, I am Marcy De Stone Jones, executive V.P and CFO,” she replied as she playfully elbowed me.

“To answer your other question – yes there will be visits and video conferences and you will get our employee handbook,” I replied.

VCATS signaled again and I signed off the link to Korea and signed on to the Khartoum embassy link. Bernie Furnell was back online himself with Charlie standing there next to him.

Bernie started talking first, “I just took a ride in the chopper; it’s much better than the broken one ever was. The pilot and I are both very happy, Thank You for making this happen so quickly!”

“I’m glad you like it. Any time we can help with part of our contract obligations, just let us know,” I replied.

“Glen and the mechanics are loading the old chopper as we speak. They should be completed by the time I get back. Without problems, we should be back to Bamako in time to load that one there. We will stay overnight and leave in the morning. I have already scheduled the refueling; it’s going to take two. We will be fighting winds all the way back. We may have to stop in the Carolinas to get more to make it home,” Charlie said.

“Call me on my cell tomorrow with an update,” I replied. “Be mindful of the time here if you would, please.”

I killed the screen and clicked everything off then turned my full attention to Marcy. She had been close to the desk and out of view of the cameras, that imp had been teasing me aggressively trying to make me cum while we were on the call. There were times she was a closet voyeur.

I picked her out of the chair and lifted her so I could put my hands under her ass. She understood what I was trying to do and locked her legs around my waist. With my hands free I held her to my lips and a passion filled kiss was on until we both needed to breath. I eased us down to the floor. This game of hers was not going to wait until we were back to the house. The thick carpet was as soft as any bed. Within minutes we were both lost in the pleasure of love making .

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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