Chapter 298

The boys wanted to eat with Vicky and me before we started our day in Lima Peru, so we slept in a little; the wake-up call came at seven. The four of us ate a real American breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We each had eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausage patties; Vicky even added a side of French toast to her order. After breakfast I cut the boys loose on the town. As the boys went one way, we went back to our room, packed, then checked out. I just hoped that they stayed out of trouble. If we stayed to the plan we would catch up to them tomorrow at the plane.

As I looked around, I noticed that there were a lot of Americans in this hotel and in a way it worried me. Large groups of Americans in any foreign country were easy targets anywhere in the world, it seemed like no place was safe anymore. I hoped cutting the boys loose was not a bad idea. It came to my mind that it was time for them to spend some time in the gym on the basics with some of the hot spots we were going to.

At eight after checkout, I called Ambassador James K. Smith and informed him that we were ready for transportation to the embassy. Fifteen minutes later the doorman informed us that our ride was out front. It was one of the JGB Suburban’s – it was one of the four year old SUV’s that were on the replacement list for this year.

I had wondered what we were going to do with the old armored vehicles as the new ones came in. You just can’t send them to the auto auction; there would be mayhem if they ended up in the hands of criminals.

I had finally decided that they would go back to the armor up-fitter to be rehabbed with that new car smell. The first seven were going to be assigned to us girls and Jason. Then after that, the security director at each college site would get one and the Rochester police force may get a couple

The leftovers will go into the Summers Road vehicle pool, unless the State Department authorized some sites to have more. What we would do with next years group was another matter.

The embassy at Lima was another new compound loaded with all the bells and whistles, one would ever want. All the buildings were separated by a good distance most were connected by a covered walkway. In case of emergencies there were underground tunnels connecting all the buildings. The compound had all the luxuries, pool, tennis court and basket ball court. The state department security personnel had separate sleeping quarters from the JBG personnel.

As we drove up I saw Elmer Harman at the curb waiting for us. Elmer had the door open as soon as the SUV stopped. I recognized him from my files. Elmer was the senior JBG employee on site. As I stepped out of the Suburban I realized just how big he was. I’m 5’ 9” – on the tall side for ladies – and I was leaning my head back to look into his face.

Elmer was at least 6’8” and I estimated he weighed 275 with no gut – his shoulders were that wide and his torso that big. If he had not played professional football, he missed his calling. Even with all my training, he was not an adversary I wanted to meet in a dark ally.

“Finally, we got someone who knows how to handle a fire-fight and come out on top. Our research on you shows you don’t like losing and can take a losing situation and turn it into a win. I’m Elmer Harman and all of us here are proud to call you Boss,” he said.

“How are your bodies from the hits you two took the other day? Still sore I bet,” he added.

“Let me show you around and make the introductions – everyone wants to meet you and Vicky. We have to hear everything about the Bogota embassy. We saw the State Department bulletins with the videos. The Bogota police released their report a few minutes before you called, damn that was nice shooting, nothing can compare to a first person play by play” he said.

After completing the tour and customary introductions, Vicky and I first sat through a combined meeting with both the JBG and State department personnel the Ambassador sat in on it too. Ambassador James Smith was a real smooth operator. He was cool, calm and nothing seemed to bother him. He had excellent rapport with everyone at the table.

I asked about previous problems with Black Water and there were many. Vicky and I addressed each and every one and set the procedure that I wanted followed any time they had a suggestion to improve communication and cooperation. I insisted that an open line be the norm between JBG and all the embassies.

I made the mistake of asking if there were any questions for us before we broke up this meeting and started the interviews. I should have known better, this group really did their homework well. Elmer asked about things related to my time in the military, specifically to the Widow Makers Pass Mission and the rescue mission at Camp John Roberts.

I forgot that Vicky was with me as I got into the story. I described the missions in great detail; I figured that they had found a way to get the complete details from my Marine Corps file anyway.

I had never talked details with the girls about my military service. At times I could tell Vicky was shaken by some of those details – it showed by the gasp in her breathing – I should have known better but I spared none of the details. What I did not know was that Vicky was recorded the conversation. I found that out several days later in one of our more private moments in the basement. While I was away at KCC, Vicky played the recordings in one of the many organizational meetings the girls held at the office for daily problems.

The fact that Vicky had played the recording for the girls slipped out in one of our orgy sessions. Marcy was studying my arm and the scars on my arm when she asked, “Are those scars from Camp John Roberts?” A bit surprised, I said, “Yes they are, how did you find out about them?” Then the story came out. I was not upset at Vicky; I knew that sooner or later they would know all there was to know about me.

Coming back to the present A couple more at the table asked about the KCC rape suspect killing and my shootout that followed. This time I let Vicky run with the story telling and filled in when necessary. Then came the Annapolis mall terrorist attack. Vicky went into great detail about that. Then I told the details of the Warrington terrorist attack, along with the incidents at Rochester and Frost Borough. I could tell that Vicky was still bothered by that.

It was Elmer who summed up the sentiment in the room, “We have no doubt where you will be if the going gets tough, standing beside us, not running away behind us.”

Vicky and I were in for another big state dinner, this time VIPs from Peruvian government were guests as were we. Vicky and I were quickly learning international politics, an area that I really had no interest in but now it was part of the job. I did my best not to start any International crisis. We made it through the evening without making fools out of ourselves.

If the first three embassies were reflective of all 80 complexes that JGB had employees were at, we had a serious problem to deal with. So far none of our State Department employees had any recurrent annual training in the last two years on anything.

The insurance company that held the coverage for the security department required that all employees who handled or were issued firearms requalify, and that our firearms certified instructor issue documentation and it be held in the employees file for five years.

Either Jamie was going to have to visit each embassy and give training there or all 500 employees were going to have to come to Summers Road and the gun club on Shooters Avenue in groups of 20 at a time. I highly doubted that it would ever be possible to get the permissions required to do any firearms training in the host foreign countries. I needed to put real serious thought into this problem and have a full meeting with all the players back home.

We spent the night in the guest room at the embassy. At 0500 we were in the air for La Paz Bolivia, the final stop on this first trip.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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