Chapter 305

I knew some of them even before they introduced themselves.

Senator Malcolm Fordes, long time member of the Senate armed services committee. He was well liked by hawkish conservatives for his stance on the military defense and intelligence communities. He hailed from Mississippi.

Senator Albert Stoneham from Kansas had been reelected several times. Albert was on the Senate agriculture committee, hated the EPA and was vocal about it. He believed that many government agencies needed to be eliminated, and many others downsized.

He called them over-reaching, overbearing, abusers of authority and power hungry. In the latest round of Senate hearings to make the liberal loonies go ballistic, the senator demanded to know why the EPA needed a 200 man full blown SWAT team with helicopters, Hummers and MRAP’s (mine resistant-ambush protected) vehicles to enforce environmental laws.

Someone desperately needed to end the EPA having a SWAT team: that was an insane decision by bureaucrats wanting bragging rights. Millions of dollars were being thrown away in equipment and training, for nothing. If they ever needed that kind of support there were plenty of state and local SWAT teams that would be more than willing to work with them.

Senator Colin Harrison from Indiana; he was another farm state conservative who had been against many of the liberal administration’s policies. That included foreign policy which had abandoned many of our long time allies. He also wanted the US out of the UN, calling it a worse fiasco than the League of Nations. He was also a harsh critic of all the EPA power grabs.

Senator Hank Whitby from North Carolina was a firm believer of state’s rights and a smaller federal government. He was a strong supporter of the bill of rights and railed against all the increasing surveillance powers given to federal agencies, the attack on Christianity by the government and was critical of allowing any immigration with the high unemployment rate. Hank was in the growing chorus of critics calling for either the repeal of Obamacare or a major overhaul of it.

Connie Hovater was a business executive and had held high level positions in major businesses. Connie was a strong constitutionalist. She wanted government downsized, the EPA, ATF, Department of Education, Department of Energy and Labor eliminated and the Agriculture, Health and Human Services reduced, the State Department budgets severely cut. She also wanted the Obamacaare health care repealed to be replaced with a more patient friendly patient needs and less expensive version. Connie wanted all illegals fast tracked for deportation and all legal immigration stopped for ten years, including the work permits for tech workers.

Finally there was Harmon Getties, a multiple major business owner. He was very outspoken and opinionated on just about everything. He was notorious for speaking his mind and then letting the chips fall where they may.

Harmon wanted to take the axe to government, not the hatchet. His push was to eliminate any government agency, department, or office that had a copy at the state level.

“It was insane to have repeated duplication of agencies at federal, state and local levels. A terrible waste of tax payers’ funds” he said. He also wanted the defense department and defense suppliers held accountable for cost overruns, delivery delays and military equipment that did not meet design requirements and operational performance.

“It was unconscionable that planes and ships were years behind schedule, with massive cost overruns and outdated before they could get into the field, and many planes were so expensive that they would be cancelled way before intended numbers could be completed,” he replied to a reporter’s questions.

For two hours we listened to one story after another about the candidate being run off stage by aggressive protesters from every fringe group out there. Save the whales, save the planet, ban guns, legalize drugs, close the prisons, waive college loans, free lifetime college, open immigration and stop deportations.

The BLM group was the most aggressive by getting physical on stage. In some cases, they never allowing the candidate to speak and if he or she did, they used bullhorns, yelling their message while he was trying to speak

The tactics always seemed to be the same, just different players. They were well rehearsed like they had the same training. As the last one finished I was sure there were collusions between the groups. Only one group appeared at any one candidate whistle stop.

Another big concern was that at TV media promoted forums, few questions of a conservative nature were asked and usually by the most liberal host that could be found. This host also shut them down quickly if the answer didn’t open a controversy for the liberal media to run with against them for the next week.

They were very angry at the party heads for always agreeing to the liberal arrangement. All of them suspected that the party was supporting a dark horse who would suddenly appear to save the party on Election Day.

When they had all said their piece, Connie stood, “What we want is a nonparty televised forum where we get to answer questions that pertain to our values and beliefs without being controlled by liberal media or the party. We are willing to buy the two hours in prime time to make that happen.”

“We need independent security; the local police just step out of the way on union orders or the chief doesn’t want the political grief afterwards, in the end the protesters always win PR and we lose and the media has its attack material for next week to frame the narrative. Do you have any ideas and will you work for us on this?” she asked.

For as far apart as this group appeared in the media, I was surprised that they were unified on a project with such large political ramifications but then this was just the beginning. When it came to final agreement it may be a different story.

“Well, to open this part of the meeting, I had a discussion with Amy earlier today and had a long time to think of ways to help you out. These are the things I assume that you want: One, a public forum; anything else would give the media a gold mine to work with. Two:I suggest a public but restricted audience.

As to your audience there are a few ways we can go. Vicky can help with setting up the forum, she is executive vice president of advertising, media relations and official spokesperson. Ching Lee is our Executive vice president of web presentations and can put together the web format. A suggestion of mine is to use your donor lists. All you need to do is just mail those donors from the area. They will need double post cards as an invitation with a RSVP for preferential seating to the front. You could even have a line for them to ask a question at the event on the RSVP card,” I said. “If you need someone to handle the mailings we can do that.”

“One has to assume that a twenty percent turnout would be average so you would need to get local voter lists from the surrounding counties and mail the cards to Republican voters to help pack the house,” I replied.

“Do you have a venue contracted yet?” I asked.

“We have an auditorium that has offered to let us use it for free,” Harmon replied.

“Free is not the best way to go. Paying some kind of fee – even if it is ten dollars – to make it legal with a contract gives you total control of the event, not subject to someone bowing to pressure from any group,” Jenny replied.

Then I added, “For security we can furnish as many officers as needed. I would suggest that the building get a complete inspection for bombs the afternoon of the event and then be locked down; no one or any packages in without inspection.”

“Because we have access to the latest equipment and I would suggest that everyone who enters goes through a body and package scanner. If they don’t have the RSVP card they don’t get in. The reason for this is if any of those groups do get a card we can stop them from bringing in bull horns and banners.”

“Another reason is once they find they cannot get in they will most likely call in a bomb threat to shut it down. With the scanners and bomb inspection, we can eliminate that threat,” I said.

“If you need someone to handle the mailings, we can do that. We can also supply impartial moderators.”

We talked and I answered questions for another twenty minutes before I walked out with them. The day people were heading home as I climbed back up the stairs. Back at the meeting room table, supper was being discussed. Jenny, hands down, always won all menu conversations.

It was decided we would have pizza and cheesy breadsticks. We ordered a special one just for Jenny, loaded with everything including anchovies; the little fish. Just thinking about it gave me indigestion. The rest were a mix that went from plain cheese to meat lovers special.

Our pizzas were being made downstairs in the snack bar. Marcy had given in and allowed the kitchen to be expanded with so many people working in the building for us. It was just too much to have dozens of people exit the building for lunch, fight the traffic or deal with dozens of food deliveries. Of course, being able to run a tab all week and get a 25% employee discount when they paid sealed the deal for most of them.

I asked the girls for an opinion on our guests. There were mixed opinions as to whether or not we should be involved with them. I thought for a minute that I was going to be lynched by them

“Then I told them I do not think we will have it to worry about. They want something done but I was reading their faces and their aids. They are not going to work together for the final result. The aids were horrified at the thought of giving up their donor lists and someone else having a little control of their candidate. I think we just wasted 2 hours.” The arrival of the pizza ended all talk.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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