Chapter 313

It was another new day and another new embassy that needed visiting to day. The routine was beginning to be a habit. I was beginning to miss Jenny and the girls back home. Vicky was so tired last night that when we finally hit the bed that she fell quickly asleep. But it was a different story when she woke up, She has that look in her eye that Jenny had when she was horny and was not going to take no for an answer. A quick solution was to shower together and quench our needs for now saving the best for later tonight.

We enjoyed a light breakfast. Our short flight today was to Doha Qatar; it would be just 500 miles, but first things first.

Carl Roe drove us back to the airport where we met Vance and Josh by the plane. I asked Vance if he had heard anything from the Gulfstream dealer.

“No, not a word boss, but they know we are here.”

Because all the embassies left on this trip were just 500 to 700 miles apart we did not need any fuel and would not until we departed for home on Monday. With such a short flight we had a little time to kill to check out the plane again.

“Josh, Vicky, Vance and I are going to walk down to the plane to look at it again. Did you see if the avionics shop had the adapter you were looking for yesterday?’ I asked.

“I did not to think to ask them here, while you are doing that I’ll go check,” Josh replied.

“While you are getting your part, if someone comes out I have an offer to make. If they don’t, they can keep the plane. I am not going to beg anyone to take my money; that is just not my nature,” I said.

“When we got to the plane we walked around the plane and looked at it again. The stairs was locked like before so we could not get inside. As we were looking I received a text that needed to do a VCATS with Victor.

“Vance, I need the APU started, it looks like this VCATS is going to be a long one,” I said as we walked towards our plane.

I settled into my padded seat and fired up the computer, logged in on the VCATS system and accepted Victor’s page.

“Good morning BJ, at least I think it is morning there. I just have a couple more things I need to add to yesterday’s list. You need to get two more Black Hawks, two more 407s and they need pilots to go with them. The contract changes are in the email to Marcy. The hazard pay will apply to the pilots too,” Victor said.

Victor the Black Hawks are not going to be a problem, we bought two extra in the military purchase. One of the 407’S that came back should be done by the time I get home and I think the other is 50% complete. They are not in as bad a condition as we were led to believe,” I replied. I wished Victor a good night’s sleep and signed off.

I sent Lorrie an e-mail with the new request and location where the choppers were to go. I added a note that I would call the Iowa air national commander to schedule a pickup for the two Black Hawks on Monday and to talk to Jason about starting the paperwork for the new pilots.

“Fire-em up as soon as Josh gets back; let’s go, Vance,” I said.

“Boss, There are people outside waiting to talk to you first,” Vance replied.

“Ms. Jones, I am Abdul Mohammad. My father sent me out to negotiate with you on the purchase of the N397G that you were looking at. As you can see I am not set in the old ways like he is,” the young man said in perfect English. I noticed he was wearing a UCLA class ring.

I introduced Vicky as the executive vice president of training and security of my company.

“Let me open it up so you can look inside. My Father said a couple of your representatives took pictures of the inside yesterday,” Abdul said as we walked towards the jet with my representatives.

The pictures that Vance sent in his email were great, but actually looking inside it was incredible – the jet was as fantastic on the inside as it looked on the outside. It was a 2010 and only had 1200 hours of flight time that included only 600 landings. It had a well – equipped forward galley with the head in the rear. For the passenger area, it had the king interior, 14 plush heated leather seats with 2 fold out day couches that turned into single day beds.

The jet was as nice on the inside as it looked on the outside. It was a 2010 with 1200 total hours and 600 landings. It had a well equipped forward galley with the head in the rear. It had the king interior, plush heated leather seats for 14 passengers along with 2 fold out day couches that turned into single beds.

“What’s the price?” I asked.

Abdul handed me a folded paper with a number on it. I shook my head no, “That is more that it is worth,” I said.

I took my pen and drew a line through his price and wrote my own that was 3.5 million below what Marcy said it was worth and 7 million less than he wanted. Then I slid him the piece of paper.

Abdul looked at the amount and said, “I am sorry, but our numbers are too far apart- I cannot take this back to Father. We need to close the gap; surely there is some room for negotiation.”

“We can split the difference – with the plane cleaned, full of fuel, checked out and ready to fly out tomorrow afternoon,” I replied.

“How are you planning on handling the funding? Do you want us to arrange the financing – we can get you good rates,” Abdul stated.

“No financing. I will pay it in full by EFT,” I replied.

“I will take this to Father to approval. It will only take a moment,” he replied.

“The EFT can’t be done until the banks open in America at 5 PM local time,” I added before he left.

When Abdul returned he was not alone, this time he came back in a very high end air-conditioned golf cart with a Mercedes emblem on the front and his father in the passenger seat.

“MS. Jones, BJ, this is my father, Abdul-Hakim, he has the sales contract for us to sign,” Abdul said.

I thought for a moment and then said, “Abdul-Hakim, if I remember correctly that means ‘Servant of the Wise One’.”

“Ah, you have studied well?” he said.

“No, not well, just a little,” I replied.

“I accept your offer on the plane MS. Jones. I have the standard Gulf Stream Sales contract for you. I will only take a few minutes to fill it out. I understand that you cannot do the Electronics Funds Transfer until the banks open in the US,” Abdul-Hakim confirmed.

“That’s correct, I need to spend the day and evening in Doha, Qatar. I’ll call the office and have our banker call you direct to make all the arrangements,” I replied. As I wrote Marcy’s office number and took one of Abdul-Hakim’s cards and after we signed the of letter intent to buy.

‘We need the fueling and clean up to be done so we can leave with it Monday morning,” I stated. “I know that is not much time but that is all we have,” I said

Thirty minutes later we were airborne, an hour later we landed in Doha Qatar. The routine was the same, interviews with the Ambassador, embassy staff, and the JGB employees with time left over for shop talk.

The Doha Qatar US embassy was one of those on the list to receive five more employees and one chopper from JBG. There was a lengthy discussion about when and how this was to happen.

I excused myself at five to make the call to Marcy about the EFT with all the details. I read all the numbers off the card Abdul had given me. I need not have worried, Abdul called while I was on the phone.

Of course there was another grand state dinner with all of the important guests. Vicky and I escaped again without creating an incident. It seemed that the numbers of important guests grew at each consecutive state dinner and the conversations more detailed as each one passed by. The talks began to move in directions that I knew were above my security level.

It was nearly midnight before Vicky and I turned in. I responded to a few emails from the office and a quick VCATS for updated information on the Koons family. The next couple of days were going to be busy.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Joe H.

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  1. Bil Cook says:

    Doing a reread from the beginning, to see what I missed and I forgot. Just wondering why all the formal dinners for a contractor visit. She is not a part of the State Department (at this time) or an official of the US Government. Her visits would simply not rate a formal dinner with host country representatives. Good yarn. Your storytelling improved as the tale continued!

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