Chapter 331

There was only one thing left on Friday’s agenda and that was to meet Linda Koons at her house. We needed to be there at three. She decided she wanted an attorney there, who was a friend next door.

We left Morton at 1:30 and landed at Lancaster Airport at 2:15. We six girls, Jason and Jeanna made the flight. The paperwork for the CD’s needed to be signed and witnessed by a bank officer. Marcy did a quick audit on the MAAR site there then we took two cars to the Koons’ house.

There was cautious talk; none of us wanted to upset Linda or the children who were there. The attorney friend was in his early 60’s. After we were seated at the dining room table I opened my portable office and began.

“Linda, here is the check for Albert’s life insurance that was part of the JBG benefits. It’s $275,000.00 made out to you as beneficiary. I need you to sign and date the sheet attached to the check that acknowledges you received the check,” I said.

“JBG started a college fund for your two girls. JBG employees donated $150,000.00 dollars to the fund. JBG added $50,000.00 to make it an even $200,000.00 so each girl would have a $100,000.00 head start for college. If they go to college they can draw against it for tuition at age 18. If they do not go to college they have to wait until they are 26 to draw against the funds,” I added.

“There are 2 CD’s – Jeanna has checked all the places you need to fill in and sign in her presence. Jeanna is Executive Vice-president of Midwestern Bank, the holder of the CD funds. Jeanna has to witness the signatures,” I said.

“Next is a check for $50,000.00; it is for the rest of the year of Albert’s base salary. I am sorry that it is in a one lump check. A lot of taxes were taken out but that is the only way we could do it,” I said.

“The final item is health insurance for you and the children. The last thing we want is to see you get hit with massive annual premiums for that or end up on the Obama care plan. We had several lengthy debates in order to come up with a way to be able to continue insurance for you that we could get past the insurance company auditors,” I said. “This is what we came up with.”

“Here is an application for part-time employment at JBG as a regional consultant. The salary will be one dollar but it will carry full family health insurance as a stipulation. Should you get a full time job or remarry and have other health insurance available, you will have to change over to it. If it stays under JBG the girls will be covered by law until they are 26.”

“The one kicker in the thing is you need to come as soon as possible and go through the hiring process to make it official, the physical, interview and HR paper work and an ID card that will qualify you for discounts and other employee perks,” I said and then added. “You will not fail at any part; it is one of those cover your ass kind of things if someone from the insurance company ever challenges it.”

“Those are the things we came up with to help you out of a horrible situation. With proper financial planning you should be OK. I would suggest that you find a competent financial planner who is not going to rape and pillage your funds with excessive fees or risky investments and tell you the proper things to pay off and sequence to do it,” I said.

“Any questions?” I asked. I looked at her and the attorney; both shook their head no.

“OK then, please fill out the CD information so Jeanna can witness it and notarize the signatures. Here are our business cards should you need to contact us. Please – as soon as possible – schedule a visit to continue the insurance. If we can connect your visit to one of our flights close by, you can travel by plane. We will even pay for a hotel for you and the kids to stay overnight in if you like,” I replied.

We were there another hour and back home by 6:30 to call it an evening. The Rochester group was home and those of the rapid response team who were close enough to go home went. The others stayed in the motel.

Other than some strenuous exercise in the gym and of course, a real workout in the basement that left everyone exhausted, the weekend was quiet.

Hanna hand delivered all the film Saturday mid-morning to the house and wanted us to watch the edited piece she had put together on DVD. It was really very good; whoever the editor was had cut everything out should have not been there.

It opened with Hanna boarding the chopper “This is Hanna Page, today I am embedded with a JBG hostage rescue team on a mission to rescue two hostages held not far away in cooperation with the local police agency, two officials were kidnapped yesterday,” then a shot of the thermal images. Then there was the cut to Capt. Peters describing the mission plan and boarding the chopper. The JBG logo on the Black Hawk was in full view over her shoulder.

The missile shot and the car explosion was a Hollywood class production. Her camera man that was with the right side ground team had captured Hanna and the aerial team rappelling from the chopper as well as the team on his side.

Hanna, with the go-pro cameras she was wearing, caught the action on top of the building. Hanna was as close as she could get when the flash bangs were thrown down the stairs and then the race down the stairs with all the shooting and hostage rescue.

It ended with both hostages rescued and some bad guys as prisoners and shots of dead and wounded.

Her camera man had done an equally good job with the ground team. I wondered what they could have done if they had access to the film from all the cameras.

“Has your producer seen it?” I asked.

“Only on my laptop when I was reviewing the disc. He is begging to run it in a three or 4 part piece. I told him that it was a copy write piece I did for you as part of my side business,” Hanna replied.

“Let’s run it again and let us look at it from a different prospective. If we do not see anything that will hurt us it might be to our advantage for you to run it.” I asked Jenny to look at it from a legal standpoint and the rest of us from a security and training standpoint.

We ran it four times looking for problems. Jenny was satisfied that there were none.

“Go ahead and see what you can work out with your producer and use only from this DVD,” I said.

“You have all the uncut video in the box, which was the agreement. Here is my normal fee; a check will be OK,” Hanna replied.

Vicky made several copies of the DVD. I took one of them and sent it to Captain Peters by the courier service.

That was the last piece of work for the weekend. We cleaned the house and made sure everything was ready in case the weather reports of an impending blizzard held true.

Instead of going out Saturday night we did our own steak dinner. We cooked in or I should say outside the garage door. I rolled the grill outside and put 8 juicy steaks and a mix of potatoes on to cook.

Marcy and Lorrie worked on a loaded salad while Ching Lee and Vicky set up the table. Crash and Marlene were joining us for supper tonight; it was a wonderful family night together.

Sunday was just as relaxed and calm but storm clouds were on the horizon. The national weather service was filling all the channels with a winter storm alert and warnings for Monday night thru Wednesday. The accumulation predictions were in feet, not inches.

It was the perfect snowstorm of the century; a massive cold air mass from Canada, as if the 25 degree night time and 35 degree daytime weather we were having was not cold. And a massive moisture loaded Gulf storm skirting along the east coast with a high pressure front just off the coast, making sure the moisture carrying storm stayed over the coast and both met over the Middle Atlantic States.

The FAA scientist and engineers were arriving by the car load to see if their brainchild snow removal system would live up to its promise. They were trying to get rooms at the Holiday East only to find out that they were booked up. Marcy had booked all 48 vacant rooms at the Holiday East in case we needed them for stranded employees or flight arrivals and essential employees at the airport.

To make matters worse for the feds, the local utilities booked all the rest of the rooms in the county and Annapolis for out of state utility crews to restore power. They were so sure there were going to be outages that hundreds of crews and tree trimmers were to arrive on Monday before the storm arrived.

All of our backup generators were load tested and fully fueled on Friday. The house, the gym and every building at the Morton Field had generator backup.

At Morton field it was a distribution voltage backup generator, three phase 25 thousand volt on the main utility line. It supplied power to the entire airport when it came on. It was another government surplus deal. The diesel engine to run the thing was as big as a train locomotive.

All the propane tanks were filled and the propane supplier had brought 4 filled 8000 gallon trailers and parked them by the propane farm just to be sure there was enough to run the runway heating system. Over by the maintenance building there was one 10,000 gallon tank of butane for the new snow melting machines. Robbie assured me we were ready.

We had snow plows mounted plus the two front end loaders with huge buckets. Jason and Dad even brought the 2 big 4-wheel drive tractors from the farm over with push blades on them.

Sunday afternoon Hanna’s channel 34 began running teasers from the hostage exercise. The first part was Sunday night after the playoff games leading to the Super Bowl.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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