Chapter 342

The extra hours spent dealing with the wreck and an unusually long joint question and answer session put us a lot later returning home than I wanted. What I had hoped to be a 16 hour trip turned into a full day. It was Tuesday morning when we landed back at Morton Field. Luckily I had gotten some sleep on the return flight.

We went into the airport restaurant for breakfast and one more quick meeting. My statement was simple, “You have the week off for rest and relaxation, and then it’s back here for training and recertification. There are pool cars for you to use to go see family or travel. Lorrie’s assistants Carson Mayes and Sabrina White will arrange flights or connecting flights to where you want to go or motel rooms if you want to stay here.”

“You need to be at the JBG main office at 1001 Summers Lane next Monday at 7 AM,” I said.

I had asked plenty of questions of the team leaders on the flight back. Along with the answers, I got improvement suggestions – some of which I was going to implement today.

After breakfast I first went home to see Jenny and the boys before going to office. Even though it had been just a day I could have sworn they had grown.

At the office I made my way first to VCATS to check in, and then I wrote a change in policy to all JBG embassy security team leaders.

“Effective today a confidential log (for JBG eyes only) will be maintained and forwarded weekly to Cindy Shaw. All incidents reported to your on-site supervisor are to be logged, including any unusual activities, surveillance, suspicious activities or otherwise outside the compound wall,” BJ.

My next stop was to the EIT office. Brooke, Robert and Burt started putting stacks of papers together with those big document clips in front of me on table.

“They are in order by date, there is a lot of computer gibberish there but we highlighted the important stuff after the translation. We think we were able to get back to the beginning,” Burt said.

“There is a map to connect the information together and an outline of the time line. The best thing is we were able to backdoor a program that tracks everything – similar to a key logger and filer that only transmits when called upon,” Robert said.

I spent the rest of the day with Robert and Burt one page at a time on a stack 4 inches high and learned a lot about the art of hacking, the fallacies of computers, espionage and other nefarious activities on the dark net. I learned so much it gave me a headache.

I made the afternoon meeting. Lorrie and Ching Lee gave an update on the Morocco group. The G5 carried eight of them to Charlotte; they lived there to be close to the original Black Water headquarters.

Then the G5 continued on to Atlanta with 6 more. Four were going to stay in a motel on the island, then drive to the ski slopes in western Maryland tomorrow and spend the rest of the week there.

I locked the stack of paper in my briefcase and locked it in my office until tomorrow. It was time to go home to the babies and my mates. It was a quiet evening. The babies were a week old and both grand moms were still spending most of their day at our house.

We were all up early; babies know no clock and at 5 AM it was nipple time. They let the world – or at least anyone close by – know it. Pulling the double was the routine feeding procedure; they both wanted mother’s milk at the same time.

A quick light breakfast was the order for today. In a change of plans Vicky was going with me whether they liked it or not. We drove to the first metro station on the western shore then took the metro into the city. I carried both computers and Vicky carried the briefcase with the EIT team work.

Again we had to navigate the maze of reporters and this time we were not lucky enough to sneak through without being recognized.

Not only Marley Kendall but several other national news organizations corralled us for a statement on everything; the attack on Morton lane and flight 709 to the Morocco incident, as the event was now being called.

The ZNN world news reporter asked, “Are you satisfied with the final report on the Morocco Incident?” He was looking for an endorsement of the administrations position.

“No, absolutely not. It’s not what the report says it is, but what it does not say that is the problem,” I replied.

“BJ, we are going to be late,” Vicky prodded to end the session.

After going through the congressional security screening we were led to the committee meeting room. The same group of senators – Harrison, Fordes and Whitby and intelligence groups; Eric Robinson from DHS, Frank Love from the CIA and Marty Colburn from the FBI – were there with the addition of several FBI officials.

Also introduced were several NSA officials; Stan Phillips, Paul Roberts and Ben Smith.

First they went over all of the TV video including all the video that Hanna and the cameraman took, plus all they could get from other news sources. Then there were the FAA recordings of the communications with the choppers including our 900 megahertz radio security radio system. As if that was not enough, they played my phone conversations with Eric.

I wondered how I was going to broach the subject of the calls from Eric but that was a moot point now.

Stan Phillips began, “We have seen the video and the recordings, but NSA is convinced that there was not enough time for you to gather the personnel and position them in the defensive posture that you presented.”

“We believe that you had advanced warning. We just don’t know from where,” Ben Smith replied.

“You had too many security people on site for it to be a coincidence,” Stan added.

“You have all the film and recordings, I am also positively sure you have accessed all my phone records. You found no warning because there was none. It simply didn’t happen,” I replied.

“A unique set of events came together on that day. It was the first day of training of our 30 man Rapid Response Team, at the same time we had the second 20 man Rochester SWAT team,” I said.

“All of the men on the RRT are ex-military; we just had to finesse the training and make sure their heads were on straight. They proved their skills and dedication on the very first day,” I said.

“The Rochester SWAT team arrived from the shooting range too late to be involved in the fight, but was there when the cameras were rolling. Made for a damn impressive picture for anyone thinking of a copycat plan,” I said.

“So you did not have any contact with Aadam Mohamed?” Paul Roberts asked.

“None what so ever,” I replied.

Paul pulled a picture out of a folder and pushed it across the table. It was of the compound; I guess the agencies still were not talking. I knew the DHS and CIA both knew what it was.

“Just what is this?” he asked.

“Well if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, what do you think it is?” I asked back.

“It looks like a prison,” he shot back.

“You got that right, my own special little place in hell for people that piss me off,” I replied.

Seeing that I was getting agitated Eric sought to change the discussion.

“Where is this Rapid Response Team if we decide to question them?” Eric asked.

“Morocco, I flew to Rabat yesterday with them. I did an audit on accommodations for the expanded group and interviewed the embassy staff. I had the burnt-out Suburban hauled away that should have been gone weeks ago and returned home with the 18 men who were there,” I replied.

“The 18 men are on a weeks R & R. When they come back, they are going to be interrogated and then retrained,” I replied.

Suddenly on the other side of the table, men became uncomfortable, shifting in their chairs and reaching for glasses of water.

“Interrogated; why?” Paul asked.

I open my briefcase and held the Morocco report.

“Because this is lies, distortions and a cover up,” I said as I put it on the table.

Stan stood up and in a raised voice, “Now wait a minute, I worked on that investigation! Every word is true – there was no cover up.”

“The agency supplied technical support. That is pretty strong language BJ,” Frank said.

“Technical support means data and information, but you did not put the report together,” I replied. “Did you read it?”

“No, it was not the agency’s charge to do the full report; we moved on to other things,” Frank replied.

Then he added, “I assume you have other evidence to dispute the findings.”

I opened the briefcase again and put the stack on the table to a groan or two.

“Yes, indisputable evidence,” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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    lol.. keep the meds a coming pls.
    loved the ending ,making them scared shitless maybe to the point of peeing…lol

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