Chapter 351

The screech of the tires woke me up as they made contact with runway. I felt good – I was refreshed – and I dressed quickly while the tug pushed the plane into the hangar.

When the door opened and the stairs went down, Dad and Jake were there. The pilots handed the suitcases and all the boxes out as we stacked them on baggage carts, including the box that held the Mason jar.

We pushed and pulled the carts into the pilot’s office and into the vault. In the back of the vault were three new gun safes. I had decided that some of the special things needed to be hidden away from possible prying eyes a little better. They were the biggest gun safes I could buy, designed to hold 64 long guns and plenty of ammo.

I thought Jake and Dad were going to have a heart attack when the first suitcase opened. Each time a new suitcase was opened Dad just shook his head and mumbled something. By the time I had finished stacking the $96 million in the gun safe it was full. The prince had been planning one massive expansion in terror activity.

The next thing was to remove the drones from the boxes. I wanted to remove all the batteries out of the vault because they were made out of the same material that was causing the fires in the new Boeing planes. I did not want them in there with 200 pounds of C4 and the hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo.

It was Jake’s turn as the two gunships came out of the boxes, “Oh crap, when can I take one deer hunting?” The nearly full unused belt had been fastened to keep it from falling into the tray Andy had made on both guns.

I put all four drones on the shelf with the controllers. The laptops that had been mated to them went with me. I was going to download the video that had been saved from all the action, and then delete it off the hard drives.

Someday I would take one of the drones back to the compound and just play.

First thing I needed to do was to order several more cases of belt clips and 9 mm rounds; unless you were firing from a fixed position to be able to recover the clips, they were history.

I asked Dad and Jake to help me take all the suitcases back to the compound and burn them.

“Those are very expensive gold inlayed cases; you can’t do that,” Dad replied very loudly.

“Dad, those suitcases can tie me to the money and to this,” I replied as I showed him the pictures of all the carnage we had done at the villa. “These are the people who paid for the attack against us and they were planning another. The money was to pay for it. The suitcases have to be burned, all of them,” I said.

Dad looked at the pictures on the phone, “You did this?”

“Yes Dad; I ordered it and helped do it. I did what had to be done, like it or not,” I replied. I played the short clip I had recorded with the prince. When it stopped Dad looked at me and said, “OK, I get it; Jake and I will burn them right now.”

I headed home; none of the girls knew I was home unless they had been listening to the airport radio system. If they had heard, they would have been there for sure.

Instead of going into the house, I went to the office I wanted to look at the VCATS alerts.

On my desk there was a note from Vicky, “Your instructions were carried out to the letter.”

The bodies had been found and Morocco was now in a tizzy. It was Thursday, almost midnight there. The darkness was hampering the investigation.

The royal family was sending a delegation to retrieve the body. Prince Aabad Aabzaari was 15th in line to be king, which was as good as never. Their way of life dictated they be buried immediately and forbid an autopsy being done. There was no mention of the missing millions. It would take days, weeks or even months to discover anything about the money and they may never look.

To complicate things for them, there was a massive storm hitting the area before morning. By morning, unless the place was guarded, the place would be overrun by scavengers looking for brass, scrap metal and anything else that could be carried away, now that it had made the news there.

As I walked in the door, supper was just being put on the table. Jason and Lisa were there. I placed my bags and portable office in the den. Then I gave all my mates a hug and a kiss. I even gave Jason a kiss on the cheek with “Hello Pop-Pop,” and then looked in on the boys. They were sound asleep.

Tonight’s fare was steak, sweet potato and salad. Jenny had chosen the menu for supper, I was sure. One of these days she was going to start mooing. As usual, they had cooked extra steaks so I was in luck. I was hungry; I had had no lunch as I was just too busy.

There was no discussion about events of the day either in the office, or the news. When the boys woke up it was time for Momma’s nipples, burping, bath and the rocking chairs.

We were up early; it was going to be a busy day, the final day of training for the 25 going back to Morocco. Today was the updated hostage part of the training. Trainers from the State department were running the exercise. There was to be more emphasis on ground assault than aerial assault.

On VCATS there was no more news than last night. The alert level for all of Africa had been raised two steps.

ZNN, on the other hand, was in full blown conspiracy mode. They named off 10 terror organizations that had a beef with the Saudi Kingdom. The Saudi’s on the other hand were saying nothing other than they were preparing for the state funeral today.

Morocco officials were demanding to know why a prince was in their country without going through proper channels. Let the finger pointing begin, I thought. The more the merrier.

I spent the morning with the team at the compound. By noon the five men teams had been through several times. Lunch was at the airport restaurant.

I walked in behind Kevin and his shop coat buddy who were always together.

“Lunch is on me today guys,” I said as I stood beside them.

Shop coat got his to go as always. Kevin took a table in the corner.

“Was your trip as productive as you hoped?” Kevin asked.

“Oh yes, very productive – everything I could have hoped for and more,” I replied.

“Have you had any computer problems?” Kevin asked.

“Marcy had to clean up the files yesterday afternoon on the email server and scrub the hard drive,” I replied.

“Our problem was bigger than that; we lost all the satellite records for two days and on the backups as well; some kind of virus,” Kevin replied.

“Too bad, that would be a lot of work to recover that,” I replied.

“They say they will never be able to recover the data,” Kevin replied.

“I have a couple of new toys you may be interested in playing with some day back at the compound,” I replied.

“Fast and mean?” he asked.

“Yes to both,” I replied.

The afternoon consisted of using two and three teams together; at three we had a barn-storming session and sent them on their way. They were to be back early Sunday morning to swap out the Rapid Response Team at Morocco. The round robin flight was to be done in one day. I would feel much better when they were back on US soil for at least a day.

Back at the office – before our end of the day meeting – I remembered one more thing I needed to do. I connected my phone to my computer and printed all the pictures I had taken at the villa. Then I down-loaded them and the video to another thumb drive.

I saved all the camera video files off all four laptops to DVDs, identified them for easy reference then deleted the files from the laptops.

I opened my safe, took the shipping envelope that Vicky had put them in and looked through the color photos of all the images that Kevin had sent. I put everything back in the envelope and sealed it with my personal security tape, the kind that could not be pulled off and reused, it simply tore apart. I made notes in code so I would know what the contents were without opening it.

There were getting to be too many sealed envelopes in that safe, with two added in the last two weeks alone.

Tonight was going to be orgy night. Jenny informed me this morning she felt like she was ready to play a little more aggressively now. If she was ready, we all were but it would slow and easy.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. GaryDan says:

    It’s great to find a new episode with a fresh cup of hot coffee this morning (7:00 AM, on the 29th in SW Michigan). Thanks!!
    I hope you are having a good Holiday Weekend.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Sunny this morning now raining Thanks for the comment, Have a good and Safe Holiday. Jack

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