Chapter 353

The swap was made on the weekend as planned. The RRT was back and took three well deserved days off. I worked KCC those three days. Every day Bob and Mr. Nobles stopped by to fill me in on the international news and have a discussion about it. They were still trying to pump me to see if I knew anything.

In the conversation I found out they had just come from a world affairs class that was currently studying Africa. The news media was giving them plenty of current affairs for discussion material. The media was still fixated on the Prince and the Kingdoms bombing campaign.

Tuesday night the EIT guys had left a package on my desk. It contained names to go with the faces from the villa.

Ahad Byair was from Oran Algeria and leader of a vicious organization. The latest was that he was acting as a go between in trying to merge two factions together there. He was the planner of a night club attack in Ech Cheliff – frequented by non-muslins – that killed 200 people a year ago. Plans for his next big attack were in the thumb drives we had gathered from the SUV.

Abu Ala Kaaf was from Guelmim located in Southern Morocco; he and Mir Madi Parsa came in the same SUV. From what my guys had found in the thumb drives that they had on them, they had planned a series of raids in border towns in Algeria and Mauritania. The Prince’s money was what set the raids in motion. Detailed information of planned raids with local terrorist group assignments was included, along with names.

Radi Omar Taaj was from Tangier on the Straits of Gibraltar. He was ferrying jihadists under the cover of refugees and weapons across the straits to Spain, destined for France. These guys were so confident in their operations that they kept records that were only lightly encrypted. The encryption they used was a very little challenge for my EIT guys.

Faaiz Faeq Fahad – who replaced Aamid – finished out the group. The information with him detailed his new group and his plans.

I finally opened the folder from Prince’s stuff to read the files. It was a treasure trove of information on terrorism in North Africa, Spain and some events in France.

The meeting we had ended had been the final step before implementation of the attacks. The Prince was going to approve and issue the funding that day. There were even plans for more attacks in the US by the end of summer with preplanning details.

The more I read the files, I knew I had to turn all of this information over to Frank, Eric and Marty and the triplets and do it soon, before it lost its value.

Even though it was late – after 8 PM – I called Frank, Eric and Marty on a conference call, “To be honest, my men had a lot more to work with than the pictures I gave you; they finished the work today. It covers a lot of things you guys need to see right away,” I said.

“I will change my schedule. Can you have your group here tomorrow morning at ten? You may want to include more people who are responsible for Africa, the US, Spain and France.”

“Text me how many are coming. I need to brief the girls on other matters before the meeting with you.”

Tuesday night I thought long and hard about what to do with the safe full of money. To discuss it with the girls, I needed to fill them in on what had transpired in Morocco. They knew I was involved in something big with the midnight rush departure. I suspected that with all the news, they had an idea.

It was time to come clean and that would happen Wednesday morning, before the meeting with the agency people.

At seven Frank sent a text that the group coming would be 10 people. I called Robert to have 15 more of the folders put together that he had left on my desk, including the pictures. I also wanted the trove boxed up by individual. They could take it with them and fight on who had first dibs on it.

The girls were in the meeting room a few minutes later and I started the task of explaining everything, starting with Haamid; the information gleaned from his computer, Faaiz and the connections and the references they made to JBG. Then I explained the rush trip to Morocco. I then played the videos – all of them – from beginning to the end, including the video with the Prince.

I answered a lot of hard questions, some of them emotional. I ended the conversation by, “They came after our people; then they came after us. I cut the head off the snake by cutting off the funding. One can only guess how many lives we have saved. I know it was hard and cruel but I will do whatever it takes to protect my family and our employees.”

We went to the airport for the last piece of filling the girls in. Vicky and Ching Lee were ready to go fly the drones NOW. “Let’s go and have some fun,” Ching Lee said.

I opened the safe, “This is the money the prince was going to give to those terrorist to fund the attacks they had planned,” I said as I handed one of the blocks to Marcy.

“I should have burned it with the vehicles, but was afraid some would survive. Taking it made it look like a robbery adding cover for us. Not knowing how many in the Saudi government knew what the prince was up to, makes using large sums of this money in the states risky for now,” I said.

“What I think we should do is use it to pay for refueling outside of the US. That won’t put much of a dent in it but it will free up money to pay for cost of all this equipment that was bought,” I said.

“How much money is there?” Marcy asked.

“96 million, enough to fund attacks to kill thousands of innocent people,” I replied.

“Let’s think about it today and talk about it at our meeting tonight,” I replied as Marcy put the block back in the safe.

When we returned to the office the agency people were waiting on us. Not only were Frank, Eric, Marty and Smith waiting but so were their bosses; the big dogs. Ricardo Stanley, Section Chief DHS; Anthony Parks, Section Chief FBI; Phillip Jenkins, Section Chief CIA; Victor Edmonson from the State department and finally Gary Porter, Section Chief for NSA.

I asked Frank where I needed to start; the current OPS or all the way back to Haamid.

“Haamid; that way they will have the whole story directly from you.”

For the next hour I went through all the details of the two OPS and all the data that was collected; the camera videos, stopping again at the reloading of the drones. I stopped the drone videos at that point and then played the Prince’s demise. I put the Mason jar on the table and it slowly made the rounds and back to me.

I wish I had had a video camera running; the expressions were priceless. It was almost like some of the men could feel the pain of them being removed.

I gave them the files that Robert and Burt had converted; then put the originals on the table for them to take.

I answered a lot of questions, one of them with, “No, you cannot get a copy of the operation videos. They will remain within our company’s classified files. Any attempt to get those files would end any further voluntary exchanges of information such as you are receiving here today and have received in the past.”

With that our meeting was over. Let the chips fall where they may.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. joe h says:

    lol… so you can top yourself or come pretty dam close. heee.
    dam these meds are what the Dr. ordered…

  2. Joe H. says:

    Again – Processing this chapter how much wood could actually be fact versus fiction – 😋.

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