Chapter 358

I spent the rest of the day in my office with Cindy and Mark. They had finalized the training schedule based on the information I gave them on Friday. I also asked them to be thinking about who would be next in line for an administrator’s position that they could work with and where we could place them in the office.

If Victor’s budget came to pass, it would mean more expansion in all directions. Oh well, more to ponder when my mind was no so occupied as it was right now.

Robert and Burt were sending twice daily updates on the groups. None of them were getting any better. It looked to me like they were brainstorming in the chat rooms they used or else trying to throw us off.

They had pulled that stunt in Chicago and gotten away with it. It was not going to work with me, plus their objectives were more direct and they had fewer options this time.

At 3:00 I went out to the meeting room table where the 10 ladies were finishing up the paperwork for today. The final piece for today was verifying they knew how to do their daily time sheets and send it to the time keeper who Marcy had temporarily appointed for them.

They were each given one of the older laptops. Robert and Burt had taught Brook how to scrub the hard drive and load the basic office and email programs that we used. There was a file with corporate forms, vacation, sick leave, time keeping things like that. They also got their ID card and a temporary corporate phone with a preloaded call list.

All 10 of them had flown into BWI yesterday and waited at the MAAR site until there were groups of four to make their way to the eastern shore. They were put up in the Holiday West last night; tonight they were split between the Horsey house and the Crash pad.

We had finally made a decision on the Crash pad to get better utilization out of it. Bob’s Construction was going to remodel it by increasing the length and adding a wing. When Bob was finished it would have 20 motel style rooms with twin beds and each with a shower/tub combo, microwave and refrigerator, little work desk and TV. The Horsey house was then going to get another wing added to it with the same setup, only a two story version with an elevator.

Between the two we would have accommodations for 80 people in-house. This was the trade-off to end the need to buy a motel to save money for Marcy. Repairs and remodeling on both were direct write-offs; that was all Marcy needed to hear from the tax man. Even with the corporate discount, renting 20 to 40 rooms a night, 6 days a week was counting up.

At 3:30 Tina Booth called up to tell us the bus was out front. All 16 of us were going to Lawman’s Supply; even Jenny was going. Mom and Mindy was going to watch Jacob and little Robert. Jenny had started pumping to get them used to a bottle; she would be going back to work before we knew it.

Lawman’s Supply normally closed at 4:30; tonight they were going to stay open so the 10 ladies could be outfitted. All of us were going because the girls wanted the combat pants like I had packed for Morocco. When I came back I noticed them looking them over before they went into the wash and talking about all the pockets to stash things.

When the ladies returned the applications we had asked for clothing sizes so we could preorder gear for them. Lawman’s made sure they had smaller and larger sizes. Women’s sizes were always screwy with vests and the like.

When we left, the ladies were outfitted for the range tomorrow and to go to work. The only thing left was for Jamie to issue the Glocks and extra clips, taser, and rest of the hardware for the belt. They had several sets of black and camo outfits, bulletproof vests, jackets, helmets, gloves and the works.

The only thing left was business attire that we generally wore everyday and that came from the professional shop in the outlets.

We stopped at the airport for supper then let them choose who was going to stay at the Crash house and Horsey house, assigned cars and room keys and everyone went their own way. Tomorrow the 10 belonged to Jamie and her assistants. By tomorrow night I would know how long they would need to be there with Jamie.

We were going to meet the group at the airport restaurant at 7, then open the vault and issue the weapons with Jamie and do the required paperwork. It had become standard practice to issue trigger locks and a lock box to store the weapon in for everyone to carry home with them.

I was ready to see two boys and I knew Jenny was; she had been trying to speed things along for the last fifteen minutes.

After breakfast I called Andy for an update. I was not surprised when he told me that several people had tried to break into the convention center last night.

The night duty team had held four men until the County Sheriff’s deputies had arrived. They were in the process of breaking in the front door. They had 10 gallons of gas and timers plus more in their car. They were not happy campers to be caught. They were not expecting anyone to be there.

They were even less happy when my team started to do the questioning before the deputies got there to take them away.

Andy did get face pictures and pictures of their ID’s; Burt and Robert would have something to work with, and of course their cell phones.

The rest of the update was that all the jersey walls would be in place before the end of the day and tent people were to be here Wednesday to erect it.

East Coast Security was going to install the body scanners today. Andy’s men were setting up the dividers and secure area. The generator and light towers were to arrive today.

I asked Andy if he thought we should add two more security cars after hours after the events of last night.

“It might not be a bad idea. I am sure they will regroup after last night’s failure and come up with a different tactic, possibly a multi-prong approach,” he replied.

“Have two of the four guys working nights stop in at the office. I will approve them to pick up two more marked cars for you. Do you want them to bring anything else with them?” I replied.

“More night vision equipment and batteries for the drone,” Andy replied.

I met Lorrie at the vault to get the night vision equipment out; it was so expensive that we kept it in the vault. I took half the batteries for the drone and the night vision equipment back to the gym. Andy’s two men arrived as I was exiting my Suburban, perfect timing.

All things were on schedule, it seemed.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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