Chapter 361

Have a safe and Happy Independence Day everyone.

Sunday morning while we were doing breakfast and taking care of babies, we had the TV morning talk shows on. The independent debate was the talk of the morning; the ratings were the best of all the debates to date, even better than the party-run debates.

ZNN Sunday Morning analyzed every question and every response, even down to the facial expressions. Then they analyzed the questions as groups trying to see if the moderators were biased or playing favoritism to either of the individual candidates.

Then they did a dissection of the protests and the protesters. The channel had video of all the school buses trying to block the entrance and what had happened to the three of them.

They even had video of the protesters climbing out of the rear emergency exit of the bus with interviews. The front exits were jammed because the jersey walls we had set them on had damaged the operating mechanism. The protesters were claiming that their rights had been violated because they were not allowed to block the entrance and continue their protest.

The final segment was on the Marla Snoops and Julio Barns smack down, as they had labeled the incident. They had used the clip as the teaser for the whole show as it was. They played the video in regular speed and slow motion. A couple on the panel thought it terrible that Marla had been struck down just for spitting on me.

There was a good five minute shouting match between the panelists before they moved on to Julio. ZNN even had their sports analyst break down the punches I had thrown at Julio. It was almost a comedy listening to the narration on 15 seconds of action.

Arthur Kennedy promised to extend an invitation to us for appear on next Sunday’s show. Then he said, “I might have a phone number; let’s see if anyone answers it.” My phone started ringing.

I debated if I should answer and finally decided to, “Hello,”

“Arthur Kennedy here, is this BJ?”

“Yes, this is BJ. Good morning Arthur, say good morning to the rest of the panel for me if you would.”

“BJ, give me a second to transfer my call the conference phone on the round table. BJ, I hope I am not interrupting your breakfast,” Arthur said.

“No, we just finished up and are listening to your broadcast before we get started with our day. It was a very late, very busy night,” I replied.

“Yes, I can imagine that you had a very late night with all the action. You heard that the ratings were better than anyone expected and you had a good crowd in the convention center. How was it determined who would get seats?” Arthur asked.

“Anyone who had donated to any of the candidates in the area received an invitation to request tickets for seats,” I replied.

“There were a lot of really good questions. Where did they come from, who decided the questions?” David Young asked.

“They came from the attendees; when the invitations were sent out a postcard to submit a question was included,” I replied. Then I added, “3500 were returned. We simply compiled them in-house. Then Jenny and Marcy chose the best ones.”

“I think what you did to Marla Snoops for spitting on you was over the top, totally over the top,” Candy Brown irately said as soon as she has an opening to speak.

“I don’t like being shoved and called degrading names. I learned at a very early age that spitting on someone was a bad thing to do. The worst ass whipping I ever received as a child was over spitting. Now days it can be considered assault with the HIV virus. She assaulted me and I defended myself. Ms. Snoops is well past the age of the new ‘timeout in the corner’ discipline,” I replied.

“You did know that Marla and Julio sent two different groups of arsonists to burn down the Civic Center in the week prior to the debate. One group was as late as Friday night?” I asked.

“Just how do you know that Marla was responsible for that?” Candy asked.

“I can’t say right now – on-going investigation – you have to contact the Montgomery County police for details on that,” I replied.

“I need to run, maybe some time in the near future we can visit around the table and have chat,” I replied.

We made one more trip back to the Convention Center Sunday afternoon. New employees from Jake’s VA site were loading up all the jersey barriers. Jake wanted all of them back in the yard before noon Monday so there was enough time to return the forklift.

The school buses were still high and dry on the parallel jersey barriers. I was surprised they were still there. I guess the owner still did not know what his drivers had done and did not watch the news.

I waved the forklift over and assisted the rookie driver in placing the buses off to the side so he could load the jersey barriers on the trailer. With the bus in the air I got a good look at the damage caused by being picked up by a forklift.

My initial assumption was correct plus a little more; the drive shafts were broken in several pieces and the exhaust systems along with the emission filters were crushed. At the front the entry door had sat directly on the jersey barrier and the operating mechanism – doors and all – were destroyed. All three buses had the same damage. When the owner came for his buses he was going to be pissed.

That is what you get without proper controls in place and charter to out-of-control groups, I thought.

Back at home we talked about the needs of tomorrow. I decided that all the JBG employees who had lost their weekend would get an extra day off with pay, at their leisure.

It was 6 PM when the Bombardiers returned from returning the J&J employees to PA; there had been room on one of the planes for two more passengers. Alica and Amanda asked if they could go; neither had ever flown.

We met them at the airport restaurant because no-one felt like cooking today after the long night last night. The whole meal they talked excitedly about their flight. All of us had flown so much; we had forgotten the thrill of the first time.

Alica and Amanda did not know it but they were flying again tomorrow with Vicky and a couple clerks. They were going to Worthington College to do two rape prevention seminars. Alica and Amanda could provide the labor helping setting it up. The real reason I wanted them there was to learn how to defend themselves should someone tried to rape them.

Joni and Paula, on the other hand, were going to hit the mats with the 10 new RRS ladies and Vicky until I came home from KCC on aggressive self defense training.

Joni and Paula were going to have a great paycheck this week. With all the flying this week plus the overtime rate for the Saturday and Sunday flights, they were going to have almost 40 hours of premium pay on top of their regular pay.

We had just returned home when a call was forwarded to me from the Montgomery county police department; it was the owner of the three buses and he was livid.

“I want to know why you damaged my buses,” he demanded.

“Your buses were used in a civil disturbance and used to block a public entrance to the convention center by protesters,” I replied.

“There is no way my drivers would allow that to happen. I am going to sue you for the damages and loss of use,” he replied.

“There is plenty of news video of just that happening. The driver shut the bus off in the entrance and said the bus would not start. When the wrecker tried to hook up to tow them out of the way, they started it up and tried to run over the wrecker operator,” I replied.

Then I added “The bus drivers are your legal representatives and they were willing participants in the demonstrations and using the bus as part of it. They are responsible for any damage to the buses as a result of their criminal activity.”

“I would suggest you fire them and call your insurance company, not that it may help you. Most insurance companies have an exclusion clause for damages and claims for participation in civil disturbance. You should know the wrecker operator was talking about filing charges against you and for damages to his wrecker on Monday. Good luck with all of that. As I said there is plenty of video of what your drivers did,” I said as I ended the call.

The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and caring for babies and quiet time with my mates. Jenny was a tiger when we went to bed. The other girls had said the same thing each night when they slept with her. The only thing I could think of was that the babies sucking on her nipples was making her horny. Jenny wanted a full blown orgy next Saturday night with all of our normal players; she was that horny all the time.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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