Chapter 365

Thursday was another slow day a KCC. It was not slow with the EIT team. Robert had another folder on the KRAA – small bits and pieces were deciphered today. Individually they did not say much but when connected with what we already knew, it added another pixel to the picture.

I still did not think I had enough concrete evidence to go to Victor and present a convincing story. I was going to give it a few more days and see what developed.

Burt, on the other hand, brought disappointing information about Alica. Burt had finally hacked the Ohio child services that had taken custody of Alica and then put her in the foster home/kid warehouse.

The Martinez couple that ran the foster home had been busted for running a prostitution ring after Alica had run away. Before the trial they were additionally charged with human trafficking with connections to Mexico and South America, Minnesota and then things went down hill from there.

Alex Martinez died in a mysterious prison gym accident while awaiting trial. His throat had been crushed in a bar bell accident. Bail had been denied; he had been in lockup for just two weeks. His wife Sofia died of a drug overdose although there was no previous evidence of drug use just four weeks earlier.

Her autopsy was sealed for reasons unknown. Most likely it was to leave the detectives bargaining room if they ever found suspects to ply them for real information, or else someone in the department was covering their ass. Burt was able to back-door a copy of it from the coroner’s files.

Sofia’s arms and legs showed signs of being restrained before her death and she had struggled in those restraints. The pain pressure points on her hands, shoulders, and neck had been used so much they were severely bruised. There were signs of aggressive sexual abuse. She was torn and bloody, both vaginally and rectal. There was no DNA found on her body.

She had died of an overdose of opiate drugs: there was no prescription, empty bottles, left over pills, no suicide note. The room had been cleaned; scrubbed was the term in the report.

It read to me like interrogation with torture and murder by a professional with a mission.

Burt did not stop digging even after he found that information. When Alica ran away from the foster home there were five other kids left; three girls and two boys.

Within a month after Alica left both boys were dead. A drug dealer stabbed one of them and a week later the other was found beat to death beside the interstate. The police reports speculated that they were involved in the drug dealings and tried to short change the dealers.

Two of the girls were arrested in a Craigslist sting and charged with prostitution again. The first offense was the reason that they were under child services care and at the foster home. That second offense was the key to the couple being charged with running a prostitution ring; the girls agreed to testify against Martinez.

The two girls were kept in juvenile correction with the third girl moved to a different foster home. Over the next two months the two girls at juvenile were both dead. One supposedly hanged herself and the other died from a fall down a stairs resulting in a broken neck.

Within days of posting bail for the first prostitution charges there were four more girls at the house, all of whom could barely speak English. This time the police had the house under surveillance and Alex was seen unloading the girls from a van and into the house. This action led to the second arrest for trafficking.

Just a day after Sofia’s body was found, the third girl’s body was found outside the new foster home she had been assigned to. Somebody with power and connections was cleaning up all the loose ends on the case. Alica was a loose end, I was afraid.

Burt also found that the case files were being looked at every few days from two different IP addresses. One of the IP addresses was from Mexico and the other was a Cleveland vice cop who was in a different city than the case. There was no need for the vice cop to be routinely checking a closed case file in a different city, especially with so many of the participants dead. He and Mexico were checking for updates to the file. Why? The cop was also checking foster care system records almost daily.

Alica was the only link left.

I Told Burt, “Dig deeper and be careful; find out what you can on that vice cop and get me a picture of him if you can. See if there were any visitors logs kept at the juvenile centers; if there were, see if the two girls had any visitors.”

At our nightly meeting I took the lead by passing out Burt’s report on Alica.

“I want all four of the girls to get the full defensive training starting tomorrow. If Joni and Paula have a flight, let them fly – they can use the money – otherwise I want them on the mats,” I said and added.

“We need to tighten up our own security a little more. I want the facial scanners turned on at the airport and gym and have someone monitoring the screens; the same for the tag readers. We need to flag our own rental cars that are not assigned to the gym or at Morton. These people are professional and could easily rent one of our cars at BWI or Dulles and drive here,” I said and then continued.

“We know the people who are regulars here – I want everyone else checked. We pay East Coast good money for the scanners and the data package. I want it used more aggressively from now on. Be suspicious of everyone we do not know, anyone asking questions or who seem out of place, or just too slick,” I said.

I called East Coast – I wanted more cameras at the Horsey house and around it with motion sensors.

“Howie will be here in the morning; I have a special project he will be working on. Andy, Charlie, Hoss, Abe and Martin will be staying here next week; I have a special project they will be working on,” I said.

“Seven ladies and one pilot are going to Quito on Monday to fill in for the five who are going to stay here next week to keep the training module on schedule. We will tell them in the morning,” I said.

Lorrie reminded me that we were to settle on the L100 Saturday morning in Fort Lauderdale. The plane was already in the Boeing’s rehab shop in Toronto.

“Yes I remember, and we’re taking the four girls with us,” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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