Chapter 367

This meeting with Frank and Eric was from our agreement to keep closer communication on security issues. I was surprised to see that the wimpy triplets were not at the table. I wondered if Frank was still hammering them about the Mason jar. I couldn’t imagine anyone that timid being placed in a high level security position.

Usually those positions required a poker face, nerves of steel and a big pair of brass balls with extra gruff to go with it.

We talked about the expanded agency contract with the new budget. Frank wanted to know if we were going to be up to the challenge and be able to handle it, especially with the contracts with UPS.

“Then you don’t know about the FEDLX and NEDHL overnight contracts and the daily freight flights to Scranton Pa,” I replied.

“No, when does that start,” Frank asked.

“End of June, but don’t worry – we have extra planes and pilots coming on board to handle all of it,” I replied.

“That is the only good thing about the continuous down sizing of the military; there are plenty of experienced well trained pilots out there looking for jobs.” Then I added, “So many that the airline industry cannot absorb them and with the move to larger planes, they are actually cutting the number of pilots they need.”

“While we are talking about aircraft, do you have any leads on where I can get a dozen more Blackhawks?” I asked.

“What do you need those for?” Franks asked.

“So you did not hear about the expansion of the embassy contract? You guys are slipping,” I replied.

“No, what is that about?” Eric replied.

I explained the new contract and its expansion.

“Since we are talking about embassy things, what do you make out of this intel?” I asked as I gave them each a copy of Robert’s on going intelligence report at Kampala. At the same time I sent an email to Amy and Victor containing a file of the same information.

I reread the files as they were reading them for the first time, just to see if I had missed something. The file was the same as all the files I received from Robert; the original wording then the translation highlighted so it was easy for me to find.

The copies of the file that I had handed Frank and Eric to read and had sent to Amy and Victor Robert had applied the normal government secrecy thing to.

All the computer information, IP addresses and anything not directed to the conversation he had redacted. It was all I could do not to chuckle out loud. They were looking at a dose of their own medicine with how they shared information with me. My copy had all the information without the black-out ink.

“Damn, what the fuck; not again,” Frank said.

“I haven’t seen any Intel like this; where did you get this?” Frank asked.

“When I found out that JBG was going to be asked to expand, I had my Intel group expand their scope of surveillance,” I replied, “This is one thing we found right off the bat.”

Eric had been on the phone while Frank and I were in conversation.

“NSA is on the way over; they should have been here an hour ago for this meeting. Now I know why BJ calls them the wimpy triplets – they got lost on a detour in downtown Annapolis. Trust them with national security and they get lost in oldest city in the state ten miles from their home office; no wonder I don’t sleep good at night,” Eric said.

“According to their office, just the normal traffic is all they have been picking up on the central East African coast. North eastern Kenya on the Somalia border is getting really hot again. Lot of camel traffic and the like with radio transmissions; believe that and I have a bridge to sell,” Eric said.

I called Lorrie, “Check in the restaurant for an empty Mason jar. If they have one, send it over to the agency hangar right away.”

We talked in depth about the intelligence while we waited on the wimpy triplets. Kirstin brought the jar over along with the pictures I had taken of the drone with the bomb loaded on it this morning.

We were examining the pictures when the wimpy triplets walked in. I flipped them over and put them in my portable office as they walked by to take seats.

I reached for the Mason jar and put my combat knife beside it, “You know there are severe penalties for being late to my meetings,” as I unscrewed the top.

“BJ, I think you should let them slide since this is the first time; don’t you agree Frank?” Eric said.

“BJ, is it true they taste like chicken if you dip them in batter and seasoning and deep fry them?” Frank asked.

“If no one told you what you were eating, you can’t tell the difference,” I replied.

Frank and Eric were trying their best not to laugh; the triplets saw no humor in the conversation.

It was then that Victor paged the agency VCATS to join the conversation. I slid the triplets a copy of the Intel to be able to join in if they were speed readers.

There was a lengthy conversation; Victor’s bosses wanted to close the Kampala embassy for a few weeks to eliminate the threat.

“How does that eliminate threat? Looks to me like that is just a postponement. Is that how you are going to respond to every threat now, is to cut and run?” I asked.

I did not even let him answer, “You know of course that as soon as they conclude you are gone they will storm the embassy for propaganda and bragging rights. That will only make them braver and help recruiting; Hey look the Americans ran from us. Such actions will only elevate the risk factor at every embassy in Africa and the Middle East.”

“Yes I know, but I have to convince higher ups of that and come up with a plan. I am going to have that meeting in a few hours. Can you NSA guys add anything to BJ’s Intel?” he asked.

“No, we have not seen an increase in traffic in that area; if BJ would let us have the sources of her Intel and access to her systems and people, we could double check and verify. Otherwise we really can’t place a lot of value in the information,” Smith replied.

“You cannot protect your systems, they are hacked every day by the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Korea. You want access to mine; that inevitably will give THEM access to mine. Dream on,” I replied.

“Well, if NSA does not have anything to err on the side of security I will go with BJ’s, her group has been good so far. You are just going to have to put an all agency effort to either verify or nullify the information, and do it fast,” Victor said then he added. “I will email you after my meeting.”

That ended my portion of the meeting and I was asked to leave while the NSA, DHS and the agency discussed classified topics.

“If you are you going to be in your office at Summers Lane, Eric and I will stop by on our way back to Washington,” Frank stated.

“I’ll be there,” I replied as I packed my portable office to leave.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    Reading for g-d only how many time i read this chapter too – my belly hurts from laughing soo hard!!!!!😊

  2. joe h. says:

    there is nothing better than seeing a Mason jar in front of the wimpy triplets

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