Chapter 370

Monday morning I was headed to KCC for the morning. I had to finish up the school year end reports and submit my budget for next year. I was slightly under budget this year and had added 5% for next year and replaced a couple cars that were at the end of their life cycle.

There were opportunities for the college to get excess vehicles from the state or federal system; all that was up to the administrators.

The boys were now 16 weeks old and Jenny was going back to work in four weeks. I did not know who it was going to be harder on, us or her. The time together had only made the family bond tighter.

Jenny had been working from home the whole time when she needed to. We had paid to have the SVOL system installed at her state office for live conferencing. Her office personnel had fallen in love with process. There was a daily conference now.

There was no issue about child care – both mom-mom’s and Mindy had made it perfectly clear that there would be no daycare for the boys. Lisa was determined that both would have a genius level IQ before they were five and educational toys for infants were showing up weekly.

How that worked at their age I had not a clue. I suspected that it was just a way to get your money.

The third group from Rochester was finishing up their second week and would be heading back home Friday. Peterson was with them as usual. Last week most of days were spent on the firing range; they had brought some new weapons with them and wanted to get proficient with them at the gun club.

As big as New York State was, they were beginning to have trouble with their weapons training ranges. The anti-gun people and the environmentalists had joined together.

They were challenging the permits and existence of shooting ranges and filing lawsuits. They were using possible lead and noise pollution and the possibility of stray bullets to close down decade’s old shooting ranges and gun clubs.

The gun club that we used was beginning to experience the same problems. Jason and the Judge both were on the board of directors and were lifetime members. JBG had a corporate member ship.

The gun club was on over 1000 acres that was privately owned. That owner was getting up in years and was indicating he wanted to sell. If developers were to buy it our training would take a terrible hit.

Developers had bought a 100 acre parcel two miles from the east end of the gun club four years ago. The noise and lead complaints were coming from there.

I had put a bug in Jason’s ear to find out what the owners’ intentions were and to stay on top of it. With the size that our security division was going to grow to, a place for weapons training was mandatory.

I was back at Morton Field shortly before noon. Cory from Bay Machine Works texted me that he would deliver all the components that he had made, including the testing nose piece that Howie wanted.

Howie, Charlie, Hoss, Martin and Abe were going to spend the afternoon figuring out how to load the package to keep it balanced. Then they were going back to the compound to test drop the unit from different heights.

They needed to figure out the minimum height that would make it hit the target nose down. It was dropped in a horizontal position and had to hit the target in a vertical position; hopefully the fins were large enough to make that happen quickly. Then they needed to align the targeting camera.

We met Cory and helped unload the components in the armory. Howie and the group started working with the weighing and setting up the drones.

I took the invoice and went to the gym to help the girls and guys training the last Rochester group while I was waiting on Andy.

I had given the pilot a sealed envelope to give Andy when they made this morning’s embassy swap. The three groups that trained last week minus the ladies were flown back to their respective embassies; the RRS teams were picked up and delivered to 3 more embassies and those personnel returned here.

The ladies had spent all week on the weapons training and might, I stress might, be able to hit the side of a barn with a shotgun. They had never handled any kind of weapon and were simply scared to death of them and had made little progress in three days.

Jamie and they were so frustrated she sent them to gym for the hands-on training to give everyone a break and change on Thursday and Friday.

Now that their group had gone back, the realization should have hit them that it was either get with the program or be gone and it would not be back to Quito as JBG employees.

It was 2 PM when Andy paged me on VCATS from the embassy in Chile. He had the entire packet on the US Kampala Uganda embassy that Robert and Burt had put together. The packet also contained all the aerial pictures I could find of Kampala.

I explained that today it was not a JBG site but that could change later today and that soon all African and Middle East embassies and the complete security of them would be a JBG contract. I wanted him to be aware and be able to plan a defensive strategy if we needed it.

“Why did you need the drone operators and Howie at headquarters?” Andy asked.

“Hold on a minute and I will send you some pictures,” I replied.

“What the hell? That looks mean!” Andy replied.

“There are two versions; a general purpose and an anti-personnel, the operators are testing today. Once we know how they act as they fall and get the targeting camera adjusted and are satisfied, Howie will work on the charge package. Then we will test the anti-personnel one for effectiveness. I will have it video-taped and send it to you,” I said.

“How many do you have?” Andy asked.

“Sixteen, eight of each, do you think we need more? I was going to wait until after the testing to decide on that,” I replied.

“That’s a good idea. Keep me informed and send me the video. In the meantime I will reread all this again and look at the pictures,” he replied.

I was getting things ready for the meeting when I was surprised by a young voice, “Miss BG, is it OK if Alica helps me work out in the gym?” it was Allie’s voice; Victor was standing beside her smiling and shaking his head.

“Sure, she is down there somewhere, just be careful,” I replied.

“You are just in time for our meeting; I thought you were going to VCATS me?” I said.

“I think what I have to propose is best explained face to face,” he replied. Then Victor added, “Frank is on his way; he thinks he will be here after 10 minutes or so. The NSA guys did not want to come.”

Brook handed me another update, I read it then exhaled deeply before I added it to the file I had sent Andy. I put them on the copier and printed 10 correlated copies, then handed the update to Victor to read.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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