Chapter 376

Both planes from Charlotte landed within 20 minutes of each other. The G5 that Jason, Lorrie and Jenny made the rush trip in; it flew faster than the Bombardier and was later in taking off but landed first. Lorrie and Jenny did an inspection of the Charlotte MAAR office, causing the later taking off.

When we bought MAAR there were four major rental car companies at the site. There were now two and MAAR was the biggest, renting an average of 150 cars a day. It was Marcy’s premier site that she used as a challenge to other sites.

I was still on VCATS when both flights returned. After talking with the management team of Jason, Jenny and Lorrie I left word that I wanted to see Joni and Paula when they returned.

I had spent the rest of the day on the state department VCATS learning. The higher level of authorization opened Pandora’s Box for me to investigate. I limited my looking to the Kampala embassy. I went back two years looking at all the alerts, general e-mails, letters to the embassy and anything else I could find.

The only other distraction was a call to Andy, “The components need to be shipped disassembled. I have Bob’s Construction coming tomorrow to build crates to the Air Force requirements. The specs are in your email.”

I was taking a break when Joni and Paula came in; I was watching live video from the Kampala entrance camera. From the way they came in they were expecting the worst.

“Are you two OK? Do you need to see the doctor?” I asked.

“We are OK; just a couple of bruises,” Paula replied.

“I hear that you did well in the confrontation and inflicted substantially more punishment than you received, and that you worked together. That is why I wanted you to take the training; so you could defend yourself and to teach you how to do it as a team. You did a good a very job and I’m very proud of you,” I said then I added.

“I am sure that Jenny told you but I am going to repeat it. Do not, under any circumstance, answer any questions or calls about today’s incident without Jenny or Jason being with you. I am sure someone claiming to be an investigator will call you all hours of the evening saying they only have a question or two. Do not answer them; refer them to Jenny’s office number. They will try anything to trip you up and change the events. Again, good job! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you are OK.”

I was tired and glad we had a short meeting. I was ready for the hot tub and gentle snuggling with Marcy tonight. First was supper at the Outback Steak House in Annapolis, another of my favorite places to eat. The blooming onion salad and seafood combo always hit the spot. We took the armored Suburban just for safeties sake.

It was a beautiful evening; a few people recognized me and spoke a couple wanted autographs. I had spent too much time on TV lately. I guess being recognized was something else I needed to get used to.

It was the hot tub again tonight. Crash and Marlene were in their room doing the bunny hop. We could hear her pleasure downstairs; she was always very vocal.

The general was still staying close. I guess it was needed; it seemed I was always answering a question for him. He was in one of the rockers facing the highway. He asked if we wanted another round of wine coolers; of course we did.

He placed the tray on the edge of the tub and passed out the coolers; I wondered if he wrote down what we liked or if his memory was that good. This time he stayed and chatted a few minutes before he went back to his chair. I guess we still looked good; I noticed a rise in his pants before he turned and went back to the chair.

Marcy had been sitting in my lap – we were together tonight – it was going to be a long enjoyable night. I could tell by the way she was kissing and getting antsy that we would soon be in bed.

It was a wonderful night; Marcy was passionate in a gentle way, both giving and receiving.

It was Thursday; I had just four more days at home. All of us went to the airport restaurant for breakfast.

Bob’s carpenters were building the crates to put all the hardware in we were carrying with us. I stopped by the hangar to give Howie a little information on how I thought things should be packed.

I wanted each of the drones packed in a separate crate. I did not want to lose one crate somehow and lose all of them. Howie agreed with me.

I went back to the office to sign into VCATS again. I was to participate in multiple group sessions today. Several of the groups were from Africa, one from South America and one from Asia. At over a third of the sites there were JBG employees stationed.

It was a long day – an interesting one and at times a boring one. I listened and learned. I also learned how to sugar-coat bullshit so that it smelled like roses – something that left a bad taste in my mouth.

At four I threw in the towel and went to the gym with the General tagging behind. He was embarrassed again when I stripped down and changed into my workout clothes. There were some of the embassy people still working out with Kathryn. I did a few warm up exercises then went to Kathryn.

“I haven’t been in the gym for two days – I need a good workout. Are you up to it or should I look for some who is rested?” I asked.

“I haven’t worked up a sweat with this group; sure, what do you want to do?” she replied.

“The padded suits, gloves, face shields. Let’s go at it. This will probably be the last time I get to do this for six weeks,” I replied.

Forty five minutes later we were both on our backs flat on the mats, gasping for breath, covered with sweat and exhausted. My muscles hurt but it was a good hurt.

Kathryn had given her students a break while we worked out. When we were breathing more normally we stood, “OK, which two of you are next while we are suited up?” There were no takers.

Tonight the fare was Italian. Jenny drove this time; she was not happy with the performance of the heavy armored Suburban, even with the diesel.

We went to the famous Italian restaurant – soup, salad, and spaghetti with meatballs, seafood and dessert. We went to the Italian place a couple times a month. The waitresses knew us and the word soon spread that we were there.

We had asked for a table in the corner for more privacy. It did not work; we were constantly interrupted. I now knew why people in the news, the wealthy, and celebrities went to the only the best restaurants that provided privacy and seclusion.

The staff always asked if we needed anything before they offered congratulations or other small talk. It was the other people that got obnoxious. There was even a reporter there that thought we should give him an interview while we were eating.

We were home in time for the hut tub again after baby’s nipples and burping and a few minutes in the rocking chair. Holding our babies and rocking them was something I was going to miss terribly.

Tonight I went to bed with Ching Lee. Ching Lee was aggressive and for her to be satisfied it needed to be returned just as aggressive. We were both exhausted and satisfied by midnight. Unless the babies cried or the house caught on fire, I did not have the energy to move.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof Read by Bob W.

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