Chapter 386

Things happened while I was gone to Nimule; Andy and his group continued on the wall. When I looked at it before entering the embassy it was further along than it looked from the air. It would be painted tomorrow.

Andy had not been fully on board with the project at the start, but as it progressed it was his baby. He had added things and started another project.

The south and east wall of the embassy compound was a field stone wall 8 feet tall and 4 feet thick. The blueprints showed that stone work was built around steel pilings to make it vehicle proof with a massive rear gate. I wondered why they had not done the same wall to the west and north Side.

Andy had built another L shaped wall 6 feet high in the very corner out of the same heavy post and boards he used on the deflector. When I asked about it he replied, “That is the secure area to launch, rearm and recover the drones and to protect the rest of us if there is an accident.”

“Good idea,” I replied.

Inside the embassy I closed out the programs Julie had been monitoring and deleted all the files.

Linda handed me a handful of notes I needed to look at and then she said, “Janet Bernardi had a standing hairdresser appointment Friday’s at 16:30. They called to confirm and I told yes to still come. That worked out just right for tonight’s Ambassadors Ball.”

That explained the room with all the beauty equipment; the Bernardi’s must have been regulars to the party scene.

I sent a message to Gordon that he needed to be ready to leave by 17:15 hrs.

At 16:00 I went to shower, shaved everything that needed to be shaved and washed my hair. I washed it twice to be sure that the stench from Nimule would be gone.

At 16:30 the hair dresser arrived; I was dressed in the most expensive dress the girls had forced me to buy. It was a full flowing dress, not one of those that were so tight that I could not walk; one that was easy to dance in for any kind of dance.

It was V cut in the front below my boobs so no bra; I had no boobs to begin with. Boobs are fat and with all the exercise I did they were barely a small C cup, but even with my age they were still high and tight.

The dress had deep V cut in the back to just above my waist. There was a fancy tie across the upper back to make sure it stayed in place. A pair of lace bikini panties finished the outfit. I still had a good all over tan so no pantyhose. I had a little purse large enough for my phone and ID cards and some cash.

The hairdresser did a fantastic job on my hair. After she left Alice helped me with the jewelry; the necklace, the fancy earrings and the expensive watch. After that I went to the communications room and did a VCATS to the office.

The girls had me stand and do a turn so they could see. They told me repeatedly they wanted pictures from the ball, “I will try, I don’t know what is allowed.”

I went hunting for Gordon; it was soon time to leave. I found him in the cafeteria and I also found the rest of my group who were not asleep. My men were crude -I had to laugh – cat calls, wolf whistles and pictures. I asked Andy to take some pictures of Gordon and me and send them to the girls.

Andy insisted that both Suburban’s be taken to confuse anyone; Gordon and I, the driver and one body guard in one. The two Suburban’s would return to our embassy and come get us when called. It was a ten minute trip.

Alice and Ellen had tried their best to pump as much etiquette and diplomatic formality as they could in me in the last two days. They had a cheat sheet that they repeated from often.

We were met at the Canadian Embassy rear door and were escorted into the hall. Even though we were early there were others already in the hall.

Ambassador Morrison introduced us to his wife Abigail and to Ambassador Fauntroy’s wife Camilla. Others began trickling in – the Ambassador’s and their wives from Germany, France, Spain, Israel, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Kenya, India and Indonesia.

Uganda’s equivalent to our Secretary of State also made an appearance. I had stopped by his office with Bernardi on my first day to be told he was out of the country for a few days. An under secretary accepted my letter of introduction.

I was surprised to see Russian Anton Pavlenko come in and said so to Ambassador Morrison. I recognized him from all the news programs he was on.

“The country of every ambassador here has a financial interest in Uganda in one way or another; most are after mineral, copper or oil contracts and are heavy consumers of them.”

“Many small countries cannot afford embassies or ambassadors. They have official representatives in many countries. The British still act as a go between for many of their former Colonies in Africa. The Swiss have many more,” he said.

“Even though Putin is feuding with the world over Croatia, Pavlenko still tries to be middle of the road when he is here,” Ambassador Morrison replied. “I wonder how he found out where the ball was tonight?” he added.

The waiter delivered plates of finger food to the tables but it looked like SOP was to take the little plates, walk around and continue to socialize. By the time real food was served Gordon and I had met everyone.

Pavlenko talked and questioned Gordon and me for at least 15 minutes, mostly me. He – like some of the others – had done his homework on me and I wished I had known who was coming so I could have done the same. He asked a lot of questions about JBG.

To change the direction of conversation with him I asked, “Have you been to the Russian retreat on the Chester River?” and I did it in Russian; thanks to Frank’s constant prodding, Russian was one of the language programs we bought and taught ourselves. For some reason Frank always started most of the phone calls to me in Russian; early on I had to change him to a language that I understood.

“Oh yes, many times when I am in Washington in the summer I go there for the quiet and the fishing,” he replied in his native language.

“Next time you are there call me and I will meet you for dinner at the Narrows Inn for the steak and lobster special,” I said again in Russian.

“Excellent, good food there! I will look forward to it,” he replied and then he turned and walked away.

German Ambassador Herrmann Schmitt and Israeli Ambassador Bar Mazal Dansky worked the room slowly making their way to us.

“Guten Abend Botschafter Schmitt; es ist eine Freude sie heute Abend zu sehen” I said in my best German.

“Good evening; you do German quite well, you have spent some time in my country?”

“Yes, I was stationed there for a short while years ago,” I replied.

“Ambassador Dansky; good evening. It is a pleasure to see you tonight, please forgive me that I am unable to speak to you in your native language. I have not been able to study Hebrew yet,” I said.

“Good evening as well, it has been a pleasant surprise to meet you; I think I have heard you speak Russian, Japanese, Korean, German and French. The fact sheet that your state department sent out never said you were fluent in so many languages,” he replied.

“Yes, we need to question our mutual friend about that,” Ambassador Schmitt said. “Yes, I think we should, I believe he was holding back on us,” Ambassador Dansky added.

“And who is this mutual friend that we have, I am in the dark?” I replied.

“CIA Director Love,” Ambassador Schmitt replied.

“Ah yes, Frank and his family are frequent guest to our family cookouts and he is a frequent visitor to my office,” I replied.

“On a first name basis with the Director, that is important in the world today,” Ambassador Dansky replied.

“Director Love said there is a topic that our officials were going to discuss with you at the Wye plantation terrorism summit. But with this assignment you are not going to make it there,” Ambassador Schmitt said.

“Do you mix business and pleasure? If so, we can discuss some of the information now if you like,” Ambassador Schmitt replied.

“The Blackhawks in the defense aid package, yes we can discuss that. Do you know how many you are going to have for sale?” I asked.

“Germany is to get 25,” Ambassador Schmitt replied.

“Israel is to get 20,” Ambassador Dansky added, “Director Love said that you may be interested in them.”

“Yes, I’m interested if the price is right,” I replied.

“We have to accept or refuse the aid package on Tuesday,” Ambassador Schmitt replied as he and Ambassador Dansky each handed me a piece of paper.

“That is the only price that the prime minister will accept,” Ambassador Dansky said. “My prime minister too and you have to pay all freight,” Ambassador Schmitt added.

The price was way more than reasonable. I guessed that they really wanted the Cobras in the package and the quick closure date was leverage.

“You have a deal; payment in full after we get delivery, just send me the payment information,” I said after I shook their hands.

The real food was being served as Gordon and I went back to our tables.

“I need to call Marcy and see what kind of mood she is in,” I said to Gordon.

“Why?” he replied.

“I just spent 40 million dollars,” I said.

“Yeah, I’m glad it is you and not me!”

Dinner was great; there was just no other way to put it. I held my own with more of the after dinner socializing.

The dancing was also enjoyable. It was a mixture of old, classic, traditional and tastefully new. I was the youngest of the ladies there and Gordon made sure to show me off without showing me up.

Even with the slow tight couples dances he was a gentleman, never putting his hands in the wrong places even though there was a bulge I could feel at times telling me I had not lost the touch.

As we left Ambassador Morrison handed me a thumb drive, “Pictures from tonight for your photo album.”

“Thank you for the great time and I know the girls will love the pictures,” I replied.

Andy had sent both Suburban’s, each with a driver and guard.

In the Suburban I lowered the security window, “Take us for a loop down Main Street before heading back to the embassy,” I said before putting the window back up.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. GaryDan says:

    Another great “episode”. I sure hope Matthew doesn’t create too many problems in your neck of the woods as it makes it’s way north.

  2. Right now they are saying it is going to turn and head out to sea as it hits the Carolina coast. If that is so we should get mostly rain with some wind. Only time will tell and mother nature always wins, Thanks for the comment. Always good to hear from you. Jack

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