Chapter 392

The Washington investigators had round – tabled some time at the hotel before they called to be picked up. It took two more hours to answer all their questions Monday morning and then there was a meeting with officials of the Uganda government.

The officials still had no explanation how such a terrorist attack was planned and executed without alerting their anti terror forces. They were doing everything they could to side track any questions or make any statements related to the terrorist that would put them in a bad light.

The investigators wanted one more round table with me before they left at noon. It was 11AM when Marcy called on our satellite phone, “Turn on VCATS the C130 is landing in a few minutes we are live streaming Hanna’s broadcast and it is live on channel 24. We will record our own production and send in a file.”

I sent a message to Andy that the C130 was landing at Morton in a few minutes and it was going to be live if anyone wanted to watch in the meeting room.

We listened as a group to Hanna’s lead in and watched the C130 do a smooth by the book landing. The C130 turned at the p-loop then stopped in front of the terminal building eventually lowering the rear door. Several ambulances backed up to the C130.

Ambulance stretchers were moved into the C130 so the patients could be transferred to them. The C130 air medical evacuation setup stretchers are far different than those used in Ambulances. Ambulance stretchers are multi- purpose, height adjustable and they lock in the floor of the ambulance in case of an accident or roll over. The stretcher has multiple straps to keep the patients firmly secured to the stretcher.

If the family was there Marcy, Jenny, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie walked them to the stretcher to see their loved one before being loaded in the ambulance. All these reunions were on being recorded by Hanna and broadcast.

When all the patients were transferred a convoy formed and was escorted by four state and sheriffs department cars across the bay to AAGH. Hanna’s station had their chopper follow the convoy. It must have been a real slow news day on the shore.

In may not have meant much to the people that met the ambulances but to the JBG employees watching it was proof that no expense was too great for our employees injured in the line of duty to restore their health and body and mind.

There would be no waiting in lines for weeks or months like our veterans were being subject to by an administration that considered them to be an inconvenience, a nuisance and in some cases potential criminals.

I wanted them on the shore because the best doctors and hospitals in the world were only minutes away if any complication should arise. I wanted them close to their family; emotional support from the family unit, friends and fellow employees was as important as drugs and therapy to heal.

I cut the screen after the chopper followed the convoy onto 301 south.

“You’re soon going to have to leave on your flight are there any more questions I need to answer for you?”

When no one brought up any, I asked, “What would you have done differently?”

“You handled the problem the only way it could be handled. We lucked out that your team found the Intel or we would have been facing one hell of a mess today,” Victor said. “There will still be a senate and house hearing; our report will take the wind out of their sails.”

“You can come back home if you want you have done more than we asked of you; Ambassador Bernardi can come back anytime,” Victor said.

“I signed on for six weeks and for appearances it would be best if I stayed. Besides I wouldn’t leave Bernardi this mess to fix; the walls will be repaired and the security system repaired. By the time me and my team leave their replacements will be trained and ready to roll in here it will be a clean swap”

“Besides I have some unfinished business to take care of and I still have some expensive clothes I have not worn. I think there are 3 more social events scheduled that will make the girls happy when they get the pictures.”

“I winked at Frank and Eric the walked over to face the wimpy triplets who were still sitting together. With my hands on the table and me staring intently at them.

“Am I going to have any more trouble out of you?”

“No ma-am, not a bit,” as they were shaking their heads one of them replied. When I glanced at Frank, Eric and Victor they were trying their best not to laugh and the triplets were still shaking their heads no; the senators and others were confused but I was sure Frank would fill in the blanks some time.

As they gathered their things to go Frank and Eric walked me off to the side, “Your four unwanted visitors are basking in the hot tropical sun as we speak. The Russians are talking; the Iranians not so much yet. I owe you.” Frank said to me.

“Oh by the way the Cleveland problem is not a problem any more, he tried to disappear fast but didn’t make it; he argued with a tractor trailer on interstate 85 and lost. His accomplices are spilling their guts,” Eric said.

“The Mexican connection had a terrible gas explosion in their villa; we are saying it was cartel gang related,” Frank added.

The group wanted to go to Entebbe by car to sight see along the way; both Suburbans and both limos were used. I had not been outside today; the fresh air helped clear my head. The east fence rock-wall was going up nicely; two more days, maybe three until it was finished, I guessed.

Andy met me there and we talked about the east wall, we both wanted a much better wall.

“Get with the contractor and get a price to make it a rock wall to match the east one. With the post hole digger and cement mixer you bought we can set the steel pilings as they go, if you can find the steel. When you do that, don’t forget to have them locate the sewer and water before you dig,” I said

The flag wall had been repainted again and much of the debris from the explosions was stacked up.

“What are you going to do about all those junk cars?” Andy asked then added, “We have searched all of them. The guys got some souvenirs out of them, otherwise they are clean. All the weapons are disabled and are in the garage in a crate.”

“Just remind them they and the plane have to go through customs when they head back home. Don’t take any contraband that will get them in trouble, and guns are a big no, no,” I said.

“The cars don’t belong to us and I am not going to store them. I will call my Ugandan counterpart and tell him to send someone to get them tomorrow. Have you seen a junkyard in your travels?”

“Not really?”

“What’s on the truck under the canvas?” I asked as we made the corner to the back.

“Neither Jenny nor Vicky told you?” Andy replied.


“5184 one gallon cans of Kamgells soup, on top are throw-away bowls and plastic spoons and 20 cases of soup crackers. Twelve pallets; 432 cans of soup to the pallet.”

“They told me they brought meds, they didn’t say anything about soup,” I replied.

“The meds are in the garage out of sun,” he said.

“They’re getting too sneaky; time to get out my paddle when I get home,” I said.

I got the reaction I was looking for, first his mouth just dropped, “You would not do that, I know better than that.”

“Wet noodle maybe,” I replied with a laugh.

“I’m going to call Morrison and Fauntroy to see if they can come here and we can work out a plan on how to get this to Nimule.”

I called my Ugandan counterpart and discussed the junk cars and security issue. He tried his best to pump me about the defensive response. I cut him off telling him that I was unable to make any statements until Washington released the final report and that could be months.

He promised to have someone start picking up the cars within the hour.

Ambassadors Morrison and Fauntroy came in two separate vehicles about ten minutes apart. After asking about my people, my health and the damage done to the grounds, I walked them out to the truck without telling them why.

I untied and lifted the canvas so they could see and then told them what was on the truck. Then I walked them into the garage where the meds were. As near as my memory would work, there was some of everything the doctors wanted.

They were excited and delighted that my contacts had come through. A trip to Nimule was soon in the making.

While we were talking, Boomer and Sidney came over; they had been on the flight as guards when we carried the generators to Nimule.

“We did not see anything there that could cook anything more than a tea cup on a wood fire. Did you notice that everyone outside of the docs and the sick in the tent were eating while sitting on the ground?” Boomer said.

“Yes, now that you mention it,” I replied.

“Let us go to the lumber yard and pick up some lumber; a couple boards and 2x4s to make x legs to make a dozen low tables. At least the kids can be on their knees with the plates on it and keep the dirt and bugs out of the food.”

“We can pick up some big pots, utensils, a burner and bottled water. That soup is best with a little water added to it to thin it; we can put all that stuff on the trailer,” Sidney added.

After Saturday we will take an armed escort,” I said to the Ambassadors after Boomer and Sidney left. Both of them nodded. “Let’s go to my office to plan the trip.”

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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