Chapter 397

The days were counting down fast now; on Friday Gordon and I went to another official function at noon and then another gala at the German embassy.

The food was great; the band played a much larger variety of music. I danced with Gordon, several other ambassadors and with Anton. Anton surprised me – he was a much better dancer that I thought he would be. We both enjoyed ourselves with several energetic dances that left us breathless.

As before, the host passed out a thumb drive with pictures of the evening. I was sure the girls would love them.

As I was saying good evening to everyone in the process of leaving, Anton handed me a business card with hand written numbers on the back, “This is my private cell and house number. When you make that trip to Russia, please call me and I will see that you get a grand tour of Moscow, my home. I am headed there tomorrow.”

I wrote my cell number on back of my business card, “Call me when you are in the area. We will have that dinner we were talking about.”

I finished out the evening dancing with Gordon; tight slow dances that left me breathless for a different reason.

The east wall was now done and that allowed for a reduced security stance. The guys and girls had made daily trips to Lake Victoria and were swapping shifts so they could all get a chance to play in the water and sand.

There were daily volley-ball games that allowed us to stay fit and I played in all of them.

We slowly put things back to the way they were for Ambassador Bernardi. All the repairs from the terrorist attack were finished. The paint on the flag wall had been given a second coat, including some reflective touch-up to make it more visible at night.

The bunk rooms in the basement had now improved; each man or lady had a small private room with a single bed, a dresser and a door with individual lighting. Facilities for my security force of forty would be complete before I left.

We had one man in the group who had worked as an electrician before the service. Another sub panel was added in the basement to give the rooms plenty of outlets.

A contractor was hired to install the same kind of room AC units we had used in all the offices at the gym. I was amazed that seven thousand miles away and Williams AC units could be bought.

We were down to 6 days. All the food we had brought was nearly gone and the cooks had been hitting the local markets for weeks.

On Monday Ambassadors Morrison and Fauntroy came to see me. They had a donation of children’s clothing arrive that they wanted carried to Nimule camp. It was too much to put in the chopper so the flat bed truck and trailer was sent.

All the crates that we were not going to use to get back home along with the stack of pallets were loaded and sent. As before, the truck left early and the Ambassadors and I flew. I said my goodbyes to the doctor and the staff and promised to help as much as I could.

On Tuesday I spent all day on VCATS and part of the evening as well; in the morning I was talking with the ambassadors where I was sending new teams in October. All of them were in Africa and the Middle East so the time zone thing worked in my favor.

I had the list and the numbers the state department wanted at each Embassy. I was checking that there were adequate accommodations for all the additional people. Vicky or I would have to visit every embassy the week of the transition to verify and ensure a smooth transition.

Tuesday evening there were VCATS with Frank, Eric, and Victor. I worked Frank and Victor both trying to make changes. I wanted to change out each embassy’s security personnel as we had the right numbers trained.

If the department could make changes in the effective date for Kampala more changes could be made – I argued – and the transition would be smoother.

After I finished the conference call with the three of them, Victor paged back, “Woodman does not want Linda, Ellen or Alice back. In fact, he had dropped the request for any guards for his wife. You would not know anything about that, would you?”

“No, not a thing, LOL, you know damn well I do; and we did not need a body bag to end the problem,” I replied.

“Oh by the way, your official title, salary and authority had been extended until all congressional investigations are done. This was done to allow the State department to furnish legal representation, and for you to continue to have access to classified materials until the end of the process and allow you to officially use the confidentially and secrecy rules,” Victor added.

I finished out the day with a VCATS to the office; I had a lot of things to catch up on when I returned and after I spent 4 days in Washington.

The 25 to replace us were currently home preparing for the permanent stay at Kampala. They had been given sign offs by the trainers and Jamie. The fifteen who were here had been signed off by Jamie.

Andy and his leaders had been working with them on the other things they had missed by being sent here so early in their training. The state department had given them the course in diplomacy and all the other things they needed in sessions in the communications room.

The truck and trailer and the two cars that Andy had bought were staying. I had several lengthy conversations with Ambassador Bernardi about continuing aid to Nimule camp and using the truck and trailer for that.

The cars would allow my people mobility without depending on the local taxi service that could be a security risk or by using the limos.

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur, they went by so fast. Friday we began packing. The drones were packed and loaded on the truck with other things. I had one more Ambassador’s gala to go and that was tonight.

The State Department was sending a 787 to deliver my teams along with Ambassador Bernardi, his wife, personal secretary and personal cook.

JBG was supplying cooks to supply food for the shifts. The state Department was paying for all the food. I hoped that too many cooks did not spoil the stew.

Andy chose 3 men out of the fifteen who had been with us to be team leaders and had been working with them in that capacity for a week. This afternoon Andy and I would interview the three and decide which one was going to be security force site commander. We chose Caleb Brown to be the site commander and after his input Kasey Bacon as second in command.

In the 25 that were coming, ten were women and the trainers and my girls chose the one they thought was best for team leader for the women. Angel Hayes was to be third in command and supervisor of the ladies. The women were going to handle the communications center and the front office that dealt with the public and other duties when they were needed. Two of the men were pilots for the chopper.

The plane was landing at 8 AM local time Saturday morning, leaving Morton Field 6 PM Friday; I figured 4 hours to make the transition putting us home at 7 PM eastern daylight Saturday evening with all the time zone changes.

I showered and shaved everything that needed shaving and was dressed and waiting on the hairdresser. She did a different hair style each night she had worked on me.

I was wearing the last expensive dress I had bought. It was the shortest of all the dresses a good 4 inches above the knee and sassy. I had a pair of panties that matched the dress color. The hair dresser gave me a hairdo that matched the sassiness of the dress.

I went to collect Gordon from the back; it was time to go.

“I think I need to send extra bodyguards with you tonight, you are one rocking babe. What did you do, save the best for last?” Andy asked.

“Always save the best for last,” I replied with a laugh.

Tonight’s gala was the French embassy; it was the on the other side of the city and would take at least 30 minutes to get there.

On the drive Gordon and I talked about the different parties we had been to and how much fun they had been. I talked about how much I had learned dancing with him and just how much I was going to miss them every Friday night.

We were met at the rear of the embassy and escorted into the main ball room. Gordon and I immediately noticed that all the waitresses – there were no waiters – were dressed as little French maids.

They were complete with stockings, garters and corsets that had low cut bras that were cut so low the nipples were exposed. The thongs were so transparent they hid nothing and left plenty of cheeks hanging out. They were all wearing 6 inch heels.

I was relieved to see that all of the official guests were in proper attire as I was; fine dresses and tuxes or suits.

All these affairs were done on the same format; finger foods on little plates with walk-about socializing. Gordon and I made our way around the room to all the people that I had met in the last six weeks to say farewell. The only one missing was Anton.

The meal was exquisite salad, main course and desert fit for a king. However, I doubt that the men’s mind was on the quality or quantity of the food as it was put on the table.

The waitresses with those 6 inch heels plus the fact that they were tall girls – 5-9 and 5-10 – were so tall that the only way they could talk to you or refill your drinks was to bend over at the waist or squat. Most chose simply to bend over giving anyone a view from behind and those from the front another view.

Boobs were simply falling out of the corsets. When they straightened up they simply shook a little to let them settle back in the corset.

This must have been the regular routine with the parties here; none of the wives seemed upset, in fact they seemed to enjoy it as much as the husbands. There were winks and whispers in their husband’s ears and jiggles.

Poor Gordon – he was shifting in his seat and moving things, trying to ease the pressure. I wondered just how well he was hung as much problem as he was having with all the visual stimulation.

Soon the tables were cleared and I hoped we were going into the hall for dancing and not an orgy.

Dancing was hot and heavy, body contact, slow hold me tight and then energetic 20’s and 30’s; Charleston, fox trot, tango, rumba and the Viennese waltz. Gordon had to help me with some of the steps. It was a good thing I wore panties the same color as the dress because I was sure I was showing plenty of butt with some of those dances. I had a blast and Gordon was still worked up; any time there was body contact I could easily tell he was hard.

At eleven the party was winding down with one last round of drinks served. I called for our ride, telling the duty desk I would be ready at 11:30. I made the rounds again and said farewell to my new friends and acquaintances and promised to return soon.

Once we were in the SUV headed back to the Embassy, I slid close to Gordon. “Well, that was certainly different and interesting; I had fun and I am going to miss the parties. At first I was dreading them and to the end I was looking forward to them.”

I moved close to his ear and whispered, “You do understand that real men don’t kiss and tell.”

I moved and rested my hand in his lap to feel his still half hard cock. I stroked it through his pants until it was fully hard; then I unbuttoned and unzipped them and then slid his pants down to continue. He was rock hard and oozing pre-cum that I rubbed around the head with my thumb making it slick and bringing movements from his hips.

Gordon reached for me; I lightly slapped his hand to let him know it was not happening.

I leaned over and licked the head and then slid my mouth around it holding it with one hand. With my other hand I slid my panties down and let my fingers work their magic on my clit.

I started with short sucking strokes and increased until I was sucking the whole length. At first I struggled getting it down my throat until I remembered how to relax and let it slide down.

Gordon’s movements increased then became intensive. When I felt the first pulse at my lips I went all the way down and adjusted my strokes and tightened my lips to milk every drop. The throbs of his cock and my fingers sent me into my orgasm. I kept sucking until he started to deflate then closed my lips tight and slowly pulled off his cock, drying it as best as I could.

I handed him a handful of napkins from the side pocket and opened a bottle of water, swished my mouth several times and swallowed, then took a big drink and wiped my mouth with a wet napkin.

I folded several napkins, put them against my dripping pussy and pulled my panties back up. I did not need to explain sticky panties if someone found them before they got washed. I turned the AC full up.

After waiting until Gordon was back to normal I lowered the security glass, “Did anything go on at the embassy I need to know about?”

“Andy said everything was ready for us to leave tomorrow,” the driver said.

“I got a text from Jenny that the plane departed on time. It’s going to be good to get home, even though I do have to go to Washington for four days and I have to be an ambassador for several weeks longer than I signed on for,” I replied.

Back at the embassy Gordon held the SUV door for me as I stepped out. I put my arm around his waist, “Thank you, I had a wonderful time.”

“Yes, I did too,” he replied.

Then I walked into the embassy ahead of him and went to the communication room to VCATS with the girls and send them tonight’s pictures.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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    WoW…..reading overload… thanks for packing the chapter with so many things. Now I am dying to read the next chapter. Waiting will be a killer.

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