Chapter 401

Lunch was great, after lunch back in the committee room there were eight house members who I recognized as from the house intelligence committee that I was to address Wednesday and Thursday. This afternoon’s session had turned into a joint session that was not on any schedule I had seen.

The guests were the Director of National Intelligence Agency Art Cummings and Director Frank Love of the CIA; my partner in many crimes – where that thought came from I had no idea. Marty Coeburn, FBI and Eric from DHS also walked in. The last person was the Assistant Secretary of State Steven Crowley whose appointment was approved while I was in Kampala; he was the number 2 man in the state department.

One of the CIA men I had seen at the gym was pushing in a cart with a flat screen. All the intelligence agencies reported to Art; CIA, NSA and in some fashion FBI and DHS

“With the exception of Ambassador Jones, turn off all cell phones, all computers, put away the pads and pens, and all recording devices and put them on the cart; all aides and assistants are to leave. Sergeant at arms, please place the cart in the storage room and after our guests enter, all doors are to be locked and guarded until you are summoned to unlock them,” the chairman directed.

The aide then placed a top secret confidentiality statement enforced with imprisonment and possibly the death penalty for violation for all of us to sign. When they were signed and collected, the aide left.

Frank motioned me off to the side, “If you haven’t guessed it, you are doing the top secret presentation. Mr. Cummings and I believe that to permanently cover you under the secrecy laws and give you immunity for the events that happened in Kampala and to bring these intelligence committees up to speed, you need to run the video from drones at the Embassy and of 515 Nubulagla Road and give good commentary.”

“Did you bring the thumb drives as I suggested?”

“Yes, I have four from the drones at the embassy and the three from 515; I have the audio with Anton at 515 and the video of the embassy cookout that Anton was at along with a couple of earlier ones,” I replied.

“I know this dumps a lot on you without warning, but people in very high places just agreed 20 minutes ago. I am sorry about that but I know you are at your best under stress,” Frank said. “To add to that stress the people in this room are the top tier of national security; do not BS them.”

“You will only have to appear Wednesday for the House committee,” Frank added.

“The committee is yours, do what you always do dazzle them,” Frank replied as he turned towards his seat.

“For those that do not know me, I’m Roberta Jones, my friends call me BJ. I am President of Jones Business Groups. My part of that group has been the security division, both the college and embassies. When I accepted the assignment as temporary Ambassador the security division split. Vicky is now handling the day to day operations of the embassy division.”

“This Intel about the planned attack on the Kampala Embassy goes all the way back to the previous attack on the Morocco Embassy. I was furious about the attack and that there was no Intel to give warning before an attack of that size and the loss of two of my employees.

“JBG started our own Intel group known as the EIT; with one simple directive. Find what was missed; find the trail of crumbs they left – and they did.”

“That trail allowed the JBG Special Ops team to take out Haamid Mohammed – the master mind of the Morocco attack – and recover his computer. His computer allowed other crumbs to be recovered and that trail allowed the financier to be discovered; Prince Aabad Aabzaari. I think all of you know the story of the Prince and his demise along with a large group of terrorist in Morocco at the hands of the JBG Special Ops team.”

“Again computers, thumb drives and papers collected at the scene showed a trail of crumbs that alerted the EIT group to the planned attack on the Kampala Embassy. The entire JBG Rapid Response Team, including the Special Ops team and myself went to Kampala. We gave ourselves one directive; crush the attack and the attackers.”

“The following four videos are from the gun and bomb cameras in the JBG drones.” I played all four thumbs that contained all the footage.

The video was raw, nothing deleted. There was over view as the drones were shuffled around and reloaded. The bomb and gunship drone setup was clearly visible as were most of my men on the grounds.

“The demise of the entire terrorist attack brought a flood of crumbs that led to the planners of the attack and some interesting side players.”

The first thumb was Anton arriving 515 and when Anton met me at the car. I played the conversation I had recorded on my phone, including my faked conversation with an aircraft and the high drone coverage of 515 destroyed, and then the two videos from the bomb drones.

The final piece was the cookout with Anton. When the final video was over I asked, “Any questions?” That was a mistake.

The assistant Secretary of State stood, “I have several questions; I am new at this level and was not in the loop at the time of these events. Do I understand that JBG killed Haamid Mohammed?”

“Yes that is correct,” I replied.

“And that a JBG team killed Prince Aabad Aabzaari in Morocco?”

“The prince funded the training and the attacks on the Morocco embassy, the mall in Annapolis and the attack on JBG Morton Field,” I replied.

I brought the thumb drives from the ops to kill the prince just in case this inquiry went that far back. I played all the drone videos first and finally the demise of the Prince.

Steve Crowley almost fell in his seat and did his best not to be sick before he spoke again, “The drones, are they US government property?”

“No they are the property of JBG.”

“The weapons systems,” he asked.

“Designed and built by JBG.”

“Nobody and I mean nobody kills or maims my people and gets away with it; you will be hunted down to the end of the earth for however long it takes,” I replied.

“Your Intel group found all this data after each OPS, when was the data made available to the US agencies?”

“As soon as my group extracted the data, the original materials were turned over to the agency immediately,” I relied.

“Why was Anton Pavlenko at 515?” he asked.

Robert and Burt had covered my ass again. This morning before I left the office they had given me a thumb drive with every daily update of the terrorist messages.

I was able to quickly go the day of the attack and display each day’s messages from the terrorist until 515 ceased to exist. Apparently they were hand scanned to the file after they were stamped top secret.

I slowly flipped each sheet on the screen and read the highlighted translation.

I answered questions for another hour; some were two faced, trying to trip me up. Finally everyone was satisfied. The cart with all the phones was brought back in. I locked all the drives back into my portable office and waited.

Finally the round table started with the chairman sorting out the pictures that were going to be given to the media and the press release. There was only going to be one release and that was today. The reporters would be handed out the pictures ten minutes before the news conference.

The committee spokesperson was going to handle all questions unless any were specifically to other members; if the question was within the secrecy guidelines than the spokesperson would allow it to be answered. To me it could be a complicated mess.

Vicky and I stood to the back and let the big dogs have the camera time and waited patiently until we could leave. That plan did not work out exactly as I wanted.

I had to answer over a dozen questions related to the attack, after each question was asked I looked to the spokesperson for approval before I answered.

Vicky and I finally left to go home. Two capital police officers escorted us to the Suburban.

Once we were moving Vicky said, “I do not think I could have done that presentation in front of all those people.”

“I understand why you did not show us all the video of the aftermath of the attack, all those dead men and the 515 retaliation. We have seen a lot of things and have been hardened some, but I know we were not ready for that.”

“There are pieces that were not discussed there because they were too secret even for the committee and will never be told. I will carry those things to my grave,” I replied.

The ride home went fast as Vicky filled me in on many things that had gone on in my absence. There was a lot of work going on and a lot more to do. Tonight’s meeting was going to be a humdinger.

One of the first questions when everyone was seated, “Where did the picture of me on the roof after the attack come from?”

“We asked Andy to take general pictures of everyday life there; it was in with them,” Marcy replied.

“Tonight at the house we will go through them. I want to see what was captured on film. Then I will have a talk with Andy when he gets back.”
Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe.h says:

    As always thanks for my meds.
    Down to business, I think this was another powerful, extremely well packed chapter that blow my mind once again. Job superbly done. Lol I am thirsty for more!!!

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks Joe. still more to come.

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