Chapter 406

While I was waiting on Kelly my cell rang.

“I assume you are going to or are in Rochester; my lead man there had to come home three weeks ago, they just found out his wife has cancer and the treatment was quickly started. The replacement is just not up to speed yet,” Frank said.

“Clayton Cheeks is on his way; see if you can give him some pointers to help him out. You are right; there is a power struggle going on there. That is about as much as I know, in addition to our previous conversation,” Frank replied before he hung up.

I watched the video starting with Tuesday on fast forward; just like a switch had been turned, yesterday at three there was a mass rush to the fence. Women were hanging cardboard and being berated for not working fast enough.

The artist started work with papers they were referring to with a man of influence by his dress looking on; he was accompanied by two other men. One looked to be Abdul Wakil.

Bill and Ed were back, “I’m sending you the pictures I took to your email; put them on the plasma and I will explain to you what they say,” Bill stated.

Clayton Cheeks arrived just as I was loading the pictures from my email.

“This one is a call to all devout Muslims to meet their new leader.”

“This one says the group is seeking specialist; you and I both know that term is usually used with explosive and bomb makers”

“The next one is reference to the Koran verse to discipline the wives frequently.”

“The next ones are rants against the city and America.”

“All that is something for someone else to deal with; my concern today is cleaning the fence and grounds and making sure they understand – either follow the agreement or stop completely,” I said.

I sent the pictures to both Frank and Eric; they could fight it out who was going to do what.

“Kelly, send someone to get the gator and the college cart if it is available and I want the two who can write tickets with us. We can’t write any today for the trash and posters but if anyone gets out of line I want them arrested,” then I added.

“I don’t think we will get very far along before we get confronted; let’s get started” I said.

The security gator and two more that belonged to the maintenance department followed.

My two employees who were police played police and observed, staying way back, the rest of us started ripping posters down and throwing them in the dump body. The so called artist scattered with the women who had been assisting him.

Just as I expected, in less than five minutes here they came. We kept on working while I was joined by Kelly, Clayton and Ching Lee as the distance closed; we kept ripping stuff down.

“What are doing? Those belong to us.” The voice belonged to Abdul Wakil.

“Abdul you were here when the agreement was made with Aadam that the posters would be put up Saturday morning and come down Sunday night and that there would be no trash on the ground,” I said. “The city is complaining,” I added.

“Aadam is not here.”

“Where is Aadam Mohamed?” I asked.

“Aadam is away; he went to visit family and has not returned. We have lost contact with him,” Abdul replied.

“Then you are the leader here now?” I replied.

The man behind Abdul began demanding in Arabic what our conversation was about and why Aadam was communicating with a woman with so many men around who were superior.

“Be patient, I am getting answers; she is the leader of these men.” Abdul replied in Arabic.

“No I am not the leader. Kareem Rashid behind me is the one the Imam from the big city sent. He arrived straight from Afghanistan,” Abdul said.

“Well no matter; the posters and trash are in violation of the agreement as is, them being on the fence today, so the agreement is canceled,” I said.

“He will not stand for that,” Abdul replied.

I stepped around Abdul and began the complete history of the fence and the agreement and its now cancellation to Kareem in Arabic. There was anger in his face and then he went to a boil.

He began ranting and raving, screaming as loud as he could about a whoring woman addressing him with that tone and then he lost it. He charged me and swung at me, which I was expecting him to do with the level of his rage.

He was fast; if I had not been expecting his moves, he would have had me. So fast that the altercation was over before the others could help me.

I kept control of my senses and ducked the swing but landed several solid ones on his body that had to hurt. The one that really hurt his pride were the ones to the face. With him face down on the ground, one of the security police officers cuffed him.

When I stood up Captain Peterson was standing there.

“Charge him with assaulting a federal official and make positively sure he is fingerprinted and collect DNA,” I told the officer.

“What do you mean federal official?” Peters asked

I handed him my Ambassador ID and badge, “Six more weeks to go, then I am done with that gig.”

“Wow, I thought all that was over, I will carry him downtown myself; there will be plenty of paper work to go with that, I will call you later.”

And a news conference I would bet, I thought.

“Do you have an Arabic interpreter down there or do you need one? He speaks no English,” I asked Captain Peters.

“If we do not have one, I will call you,” he replied.

The fingerprints and DNA would give Frank and Eric something to go with if they did not have anything.

I turned my attention to Abdul and I spoke in his native language; “The city and the college were screaming at me about all the trash. Allowing you to continue to put up the posters in the first place was my decision; there were those who did not want them there at all.”

“We are going to remove all the trash and posters today to appease the complainers. There will be no postings on the fence this weekend.”

“The original agreement is still open. When you decide who is running your community in Aadam’s absence, call me. If you should become leader the agreement will need no further discussion and the postings can continue with the old agreement.”

“If Kareem comes back to be leader, I will come and lay out the rules of the agreement for his benefit but it will not be a negotiation. But make no mistake; if he raises a hand to me again he will be killed.”

“I understand and will relay the message, I will contact you as Aadam did through Kelly,” Abdul responded.

That was how it had been done for centuries in the country they had come from and was still the way it was done; threats, power, bribes, lies, intimidation and murder – whatever worked.

It was how the dictators in the Middle East had maintained power for centuries and our liberal college presidents could not understand the concept and began policies eliminating the dictators.

The result was that the Middle East and Africa was self destructing and going to destroy Europe and eventually the US with it. Nations just have to learn to mind their own business sometimes. The dictators were bad enough but the anarchy that replaced them was 10 times worse.

My cleanup crew was back to the fence and the lot was clean. The equipment was carried back. I needed to do a couple more things before we left for home.

First thing I needed to inform Ching Lee in private of all the agreements with Frank and Eric at the four colleges where JBG was working with them to combat terrorism.

The girls knew small things about the arrangement. Marcy knew the financial end of the people listed as working for us and the swapping in and out. They were shown as our employees to protect their cover.

Vicky and Ching Lee knew about the people swaps but not really why, Jenny knew about contracts to protect us.

With Ching Lee now in charge of the college group, she should know it all.

I directed my men to monitor the apartment complex.

Ching Lee, Kelly, Clayton and I went back to the security office.

“Gentlemen, grab a cup of coffee and have seat. I need a few minutes with Ching Lee first.”

My few minutes turned out to be half an hour. Then I brought the men in. With Frank on the screen I explained what I had done and the ultimatum I had given Abdul.

Frank was not exactly happy but understood that I needed to do what I did. We both felt that they would come around so they could resume posting on the fence.

Three hours later we were back on the island. I still needed to have one more private talk with Ching Lee about the security arrangement with the agency and the three colleges; we had run out of time in Rochester and Ching Lee had questions that needed to be answered.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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    My thanks to the chef, another beautiful chapter. What would I do without my meds?

    Happy holidays and happy New Years.

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    Yuletide Greetings to you and all your loyal readers!!

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    Thank You and the same to you. Good tidings and good Cheer, Enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Jack.

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