Chapter 419

The C5 was back the next day and the crew had two days off to recuperate from the jet lag and long hours of flying. Friday morning it left on another secret flight for the agency to Thailand. Then next week there was another flight to South America, this time a night drop of equipment by parachute.

From all appearances JBG was now the agency’s number one air freight supplier of choice, at least as long as we had the C5. The C130s were still flying weekly and gone for two, three and four days at a time.

The problem was that our C130s still needed inspections and now they were in the critical time frame. There was a solution coming in two weeks. Iowa was sending the second crew to replace the ones in Africa and two more of their C130s.

The crews were going on the C5 as part of the fourth load of chopper swaps. The General was also sending two additional standard C130J models to replace ours while they were grounded for inspections.

The extra manpower from Sikorsky turned out 6 completed choppers the first week and that looked to be their target for next week. Along with the C5 agency flights, there would be a flight each week to Africa or the Middle East with choppers. The twelve the C5 had delivered would be delivered to the individual embassies by the end of the week. Twelve more would be there by the end of the month.

Then 12 more would be in place by the fifteenth of Oct for a total of 36; six of those twelve were going to the Middle East. That would leave three left and that was the flight that I was going to use to deliver food for Nimule Refugee Camp.

They would be used for agency flights with a couple of our regular agency approved pilots on board.

It was late Friday when Robert texted me to stop by his office when I had time.

“It took a while but we are finally making a little progress on Dagar Daharr. We got in by using his father’s cell phone records and looking at the phone numbers that ceased calling after you did your thing with 515.”

“Then we pulled the phone records, the entire contact list and all texts. There were four phones on that account; the mayor, his wife – we think because it is only used to call the mayor – Dagar and a younger by a year son, Diya. We are assuming Dagar’s, because went it dead; no calls answered or called out after Thursday.”

“There were a lot of calls between Dagar and Diya right up until it went dead. Diya called the phone dozens of times for days before he stopped,” Robert said.

“Dagar routinely backed up his phone to the cloud so we have his contact list. It is slow work piecing it together but we are getting there. This much we do know; they are still doing reconnaissance at the college.”

“I want you to send me a copy of the student ID cards from there, give me access to the security tapes and stop the automatic deletion for a while; there are some things I want to try with the new system – that we have nicknamed Genie – that may speed things along,” Robert asked.

“You got it,” I replied.

I did not like what I had heard; reconnaissance meant they were still planning something. Had they found another explosive man to fill the spot or were going to simply do something different?

JBG was supplying security to Minnesota and Michigan colleges at the request of the CIA and DHS. Both Frank and Victor had pulled strings and twisted a lot of arms to get JBG to be the security company so they could have surveillance on sight without raising suspicions.

Things were getting so sloppy with the agencies information and sources that it was starting to make me suspicious of them; from both episodes in Morocco that they did not know anything about, to Kampala and Aadam’s disappearance and now Dagar. Whom did I trust?

My thoughts were to go back to the gut and the sand; trust no one but yourself and people close to you; I covered their backs and they covered mine. Now I signed the paychecks; I intended to cover theirs so they better cover mine.

JBG would conduct our own surveillance, do our own reconnaissance and I would plan to crush it on my own terms.

I went to my office and changed the approvals to give Robert access to the Minneapolis University student ID card list. Then I sent Sherman Rommel – my director there – a text, “Go to your office and call me on SVOL; make sure your office is secure.”

“Hello Sherman, how are things at MU today?”

“They are quiet here; but I am wondering now. Ching Lee called earlier today and you just a couple days ago and now again. Should I be looking over my shoulder?” Sherman asked.

“No, not over your shoulder. But I do want you to do some things for me; send me the current list of agency personnel and their IDs and I want that right away. Then I want a list of all student clubs, official and unofficial.”

“Have there been any unusual individuals, activity or individuals who seem to keep turning back up that are not students in the last six months?” I asked.

“Not that I can think of but I will give it more thought,” he replied.

“OK, this conversation is to be kept confidential and do all the research yourself,” I replied. Then I cut the transmission. The CIA list came in a few minutes. I printed it off and walked it down to Robert.

Again I closed the door behind me, “There are ten CIA/DHS agents working as JBG security at MU for cover, monitoring active terrorist activity in the Minneapolis area and on the college grounds. We also have the same arrangement at three other colleges. I don’t need to tell you that it’s off the record and top secret.”

“At the time this was started, certain terrorist connected groups were sponsoring foreign students in advanced chemistry, electronics, and other classes that are beneficial to terrorist activities. A substantial number of Middle Eastern immigrants have settled in the general area to make it a prized recruiting ground and easy for them to disappear.”

“Some of those students have become top bomb makers and are working to convert leftover Iraqi chemical WMDs into weapons of choice for ISIS to use for their final public stand, before the survivors join refugees going to Europe and America before reverting back to terrorism.”

“Here are the CIA guy’s IDs and photos; run them through Genie and see if anything comes up. Also check the JBG computer system there to see if they got over-confident in their cover and started using our system for their general email. It would be nice to know who they have been emailing and what they have been saying.”

“You have access to all the camera data stored for MU. If Genie is as good as Ben-David says it is, should be able to find the visitors who have been snooping at MU through the security tapes,” I replied.

“I would still like to know how and why Mossad knows so much about MU, and why I am getting so little from the agency,” I replied.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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