Chapter 435

At each person in the line we asked them is a very loud voice if they had tickets and then told them to take the lanes to the right, they would get through faster. Almost everyone pulled out tickets to show me.

Closer and closer we got to the two; Doug was making his way from the back and having some success opening up the distance between them and those behind the two.

When there were just ten people between Ching Lee and me and the two, I had told Paige to tell my people inside to open up and rush everyone through and tell them to get down the hall as far and fast as they could.

Both ladies had their right hands in their pockets and the left hand swing freely.

At the two I asked the same question, “Do you have tickets? If so move over to the right line inside the door. It is moving faster.”

When they made no attempt to show me tickets, I pulled the folded hundred dollar bills out of my pocket and asked, “Are you members and collecting for the new Mosque down town? I want to make a donation.”

I deliberately used my left hand so she would have to take the money with her right hand that was still in her pocket. I was sure it was on the trip button.

No women can resist money unless they had so much it did not matter; even one that was going to die, unable to spend it. She took her right hand out of the pocket to take the money. As it came out I saw her let go of the trigger and it fall back into the pocket.

Ching Lee was following my lead and out of the corner of my eye saw the other one reach for the money.

With all the energy I could muster, I drove my clenched fist into her throat; not once but twice before she could respond. When she did respond it was to grab her throat as she went to her knees.

Ching Lee’s lady went down several seconds later. I grabbed mine by the hands and cuffed them to keep the hands away from the pocket, then rolled her on her back.

There was screaming and yelling from the line behind us; they did not understand what was going on, they only saw women being assaulted.

There was a massive explosion on the west side of the building.

‘Oh God, they didn’t get it stopped!’ I thought to myself.

I flipped the burka up to find the battery so I could disconnect it. There was a jumble of wires with six inch long 1½ capped steel pipes on a belt completely around her midsection with wires going into them.

I saw no capacitors – just a relay connected to the cell phone and trigger. It was wired direct with no dead-man trip. Diya was going to trigger the devices if the two chickened out.

It was an amateurish design. The pros added capacitors and an electronic trigger so anyone trying to disarm it would detonate it, killing themselves. I pulled the wires off the battery, put the battery on the walk and cut the wires from the phone to the relay.

I quickly did the same to the lady Ching Lee had taken down. By now both had turned blue and were in the last seconds of life. I felt sorry for them but not that sorry. There was still time to save them; a simple cut below the crushed Adams apple blocking the windpipe to let in air would do it. They were getting what they wanted and that was to see Allah, only they were making the trip alone.

I didn’t get to dwell on the thought; the earpiece was going crazy. The two SUVs had started towards the building through the rows of parked cars. I could hear the tires and engine screaming.

With the explosions going off on the other side of the building prematurely, their plans were now ruined. They had made the decision to take what they could get now. I heard the M16s open fire, they were on full auto. 60 rounds only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough; both blew up a 100 yards from the building in humongous explosions. There must have been thousands of pounds of ANFO in them

Those explosions were so large they set off dozens of secondary explosions in cars that were close by, with the fuel tanks exploding.

The ear piece spoke, “the other SUV is making a run to get away; it is headed for the east exit.”

I ran for the exit with Ching Lee and Doug following. We got there before the SUV did.

I opened fire putting rounds in the driver’s area of the windshield with people running all around me, not knowing where to go. Ching Lee and Doug added rounds to mine.

The driver yanked the wheel to go through the fence only to crash into cars on the street. We raced to get there in case he was still able to run.

Diya had taken rounds in both shoulders, several had grazed his skull and luckily, none lethal to the head. If the medics made it in time, Eric would have someone to question after all. I would have put a bullet in his head but cell phones were recording all around.

“We need medics here, Diya is alive,” I said into the mike. Sirens were coming from all directions. I sent Doug to direct one here after I took his cuffs and cuffed Diya to the steering wheel.

When I turned around Len was behind me winded, gasping for breath, “You are too old, too damn old to be doing that kind of crap. The medics will have to work on you next.”

Black clouds of smoke were billowing from the burning cars, rubber tires and plastics making big angry fires.

I left Len to deal with this mess and started fast walk back to the building. I wanted to get to the west side to see how many of my people were injured or dead from the two bombers. I knew everyone on the roof was OK from the reports coming in on the earpiece. Andy had everyone reporting that he could, so I listened.

As I got to the two dead bombers- even though I had a couple of my people there to keep people away – there was a close crowd, taking more damn cell video.

“HEY, you do realize the suicide vests are still active and static can cause them to detonate. You need to be at least 75 feet away and that may not be far enough to save your sorry asses, GET OUT OF HERE NOW.” People scattered. I berated my people for letting the crowd get so close.

We made it back to the scanners and van to meet Andy coming out the door, “I have already started to lock down the place as we had talked about; nothing in but emergency people. Bill is moving the barricades out of the way,” he said.

“We have a few minor injuries on the west side and a couple civilians were slightly injured. The bombers set themselves off when our people started towards them,” Andy replied then he added, “You need to go look at the damage to the end of the field house. By the way, the next time you do a stunt like that I am going to kick your ass around the world and back again.”

“Round up all of our weapons, get them over to the house and locked up. There are going to be enough questions as it is. I want our people to only have side arms, get ready for a long night,” I said. Then I added, “It worked, didn’t it?”

Andy turned and walked away without answering, giving orders on the radio and in the mike for the ear piece.

My phone had been ringing for the last 10 minutes; Ching Lee had been on hers since we started the walk back. I opened the door to the van, sat in the passenger seat and started taking and returning calls. I could use a cold beer.

“Andy, when someone comes back from the house, have them bring me several cold Buds, please.”

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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