Chapter 454

It was a hot night with the all the girls before I finally fell asleep with Vicky. All of us got up early and were eating breakfast when the commotion started outside.

Bob was outside with the dumpster company putting dumpsters near the tunnel entrance. He had taken my pressure seriously. There were two roll-offs by the box. The crane was setting a portable generator on the other side of the box.

On my way out the drive, I stopped to talk to Bob.

“The guys round-tabled last night before they went home. The electricians think they can do a quick visual inspection of the spool and tube wiring, then cut it loose from the panel on the other end to isolate it from the hidden panel, just to be safe. It might be old but there are literally millions of places that still have it in service,” Bob said then added.

“Then we will power it up from the generator on this end. We will know pretty quickly if it is OK. With the 10 foot height, no one is going to get into it, plus we will make everyone aware. If it works it will speed things along by several days,” Bob said.

“With lighting, the clean out can start today and the electricians can start their part,” Bob added.

“On your way to Washington?” Bob asked.

“Yep, it’s going to be a busy day,” I replied.

“Pick up a couple of the area papers. You are front, second and third page news and the same with local TV,” Bob added.

Just as we were talking, a TV truck pulled to a stop in front of our driveway before it turned into the gym.

“I can see why you want a rush on this now,” Bob replied.

“Bob, that’s only a small part; there are a thousand things going on that hopefully no-one ever has to find out or experience. Just as an example, the SUVs that the girls and I ride in have 1 in thick special bullet proof glass, the floor, sides, doors and top are hardened armor plate and the tires are special run flat in case they are shot,” I replied.

“Damn, it’s that serious? I had no idea,” he replied.

Even after the delay I was walking through security at the White House at 0635. The secret service agent who had a fit yesterday was working the security station today.

“No need to put your tools in the locker today, the director says you are good. By the way, I’m Greg Archer,” he said then he added.

“Coffee and donuts are already on your meeting room table for you.”

“Thank you Greg,” I replied.

The GSA had been true to their word; everything looked nearly done. There was even a break counter with two old Bunn coffee percolators that looked like they just came out of a mess tent somewhere and a case of Marine Corp issue coffee. There was also a microwave that looked new.

Eric or Frank must have told someone what I liked for coffee, strong and black.

There was also a tray of things to ruin a great cup of coffee; coffee mate, sugar, artificial sweeteners and other additives.

The first thing I did was to rinse and fill the coffee makers and start coffee brewing in one of them. The strong coffee that I liked would carry me through the long day I was expecting.

There were a couple men working to get the big flat screens working correctly with the computers. From the terminology they were using, they were IT techs.

“Before you leave, there are some questions I need answered,” I said to the one who was acting like the team leader.

I went to work finishing the meeting agenda. I was anxious to see just how cooperative all those agencies would be sitting at the same table. I expected all those high strung agencies to still be secretive – Presidents orders or not.

The coffee had finished just in time; I was ready for a refill. At the first sip I knew it was perfect.

“Coffee is ready, men.”

My four ladies arrived as a group and started putting their office space together and checking out their computers while the techs were here.

The tech people showed me how to connect my JBG laptop and I did a test with the girls on SVOL – the system that the colleges used.

The VCATS that connected to the embassy system connected with no problem at all. I had a surprise on the desktop of my state department laptop when the updates finished loading.

The MTAC system icon was active; it had always been on the computer but labeled inactive. I asked the tech about the change.

“We do not have authorization to make that change; it had to come from the Pentagon, with approval from upstairs in the intelligence committee on the second floor.”

“We have a way to check that it works with the Pentagon security desk. Click the icon and see if your State Department ID and login works.”

It did and I clicked into the Pentagon security terminal. The operator responded to my page. The thing worked just like VCATS. While I was talking on the security terminal, I was paged.

“Damn, are they watching me that close?” I wondered.

When I clicked to accept, General Walton was on all three wall monitors.

“Good morning Ambassador, I see you know how to use MTAC. If you can have your associates with you next Monday, we can sign the contracts at 9 in your new office. Then we shall discuss in depth the process that was used to confirm Saif’s death – that was obviously wrong,” the General said.

“I can do that,” I replied.

“You will have the classified file of the mission to kill Saif along with the before and after intelligence and confirmation reports in a few minutes. I’m sure you will find it interesting reading,” the General said.

“Thank you General, I will see you next Monday at 0900 if not before,” I replied.

By 0900 all the committee members were seated; many of them were new faces ordered by their directors to be their agencies representative, like it or not.

As Cassy passed out the nondisclosure statement for everyone to sign, I asked the first question “Does everyone here have clearance to see and review classified materials? If not, now is the time to say so.”

Rex Schram was the assistant director of the FBI. Armie Ratcliff was assistant director from the DHS. I had been in several meetings with him and Eric. He was timid when Eric was with him. I wondered if there would be a change when he was on his own; I would soon find out.

Ben Smith drew the short straw from NSA and rumor was that they actually drew straws. He had started to sit as far away from me as possible, but a hand wave at him directing him to a front seat settled that.

Ronda and Mona were busy making name cards to place on the table so I could at least be able to call them something besides, {hey you}.

To break the ice and get things moving, I started with the MSU episode; everything that had been made public and some not. I ran the video from all the cameras; the suicides on the west, the take down on the east side, the SUVs blowing up. I even ran the TV footage of the confrontation with the Mayor.

I played the video from the fire department’s command truck of extinguishing the fires and recovery of the bodies. That video was a gift from the Fire Chief for putting the now former Mayor over the hood of his car.

I finished up the MSU presentation with the full report I had from Ben-David. That carried us to lunch that was held in the White House cafeteria.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe h says:

    Dam it – i need more!!!!!!!
    I read it too fast, now I have to hope that it lasts to my next dosage.
    Great job!!!!
    Thank you soo much for posting the latest chapter.

  2. Joe H. says:

    Lol.. Every time I read it I still get a chuckle in regards to poor Ben 😏.

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