Chapter 463

We were up early I cooked a big breakfast for my mates and the friends that had stayed over for the wedding.

At 07:00 I motioned to Vicky and Lorrie and we went to den and called Andy on the satellite phone. Andy and I had agreed on this time yesterday. We both agreed that the attack would most likely be over by this time.

“Howdy boss, how serious are things?” I asked.

“We started clean up operations at day break. I have wounded some serious, no fatalities thanks to the tools you sent. They have a lot of dead and there are a lot of bodies inside the compound; our marksmen were very efficient as per your request. We are taking pictures of the dead and wounded as you requested.” Andy said.

“Are the wounded able to come back sitting in a G5 or they need cots,” I asked.

I asked that to see if Andy was holding anything back. I knew things he did not.

There are 20 of my men and ladies that have serious shrapnel wounds; there are 5 that are more serious they took bullets through the extremities. As crowded as we are here it would be best that they all go home. I am sending you an attachment with their names and extent of their injuries as evaluated by our medic.” Andy replied.

“I will check to see if the airport is open for business. If it is the 737 is standing by in Angola and will be there in 2 hours or so,” I replied.

“Wow OK I should have known you would plan ahead, I have two leaders bagged, gagged and cuffed for you to interrogate at your convenience,” Andy said to my unasked question.

“10-4 Boss I will call you with an update in a few minutes,” I replied.

A quick call to the FAA international flight control center in Virginia and verified that Windhoek International Airport was in full operation.

Lorrie called Cowboy to tell him to proceed on to Namibia. She had sent two full aircraft crews with the plane so it could fly around clock. That was not the only thing sent; seventy seats had been pulled out and replaced with hospital beds and fastened down. The company doc was on board with four nurses and so were the medics from the gym.

There were 10 coffins and a dozen body bags in the cargo hold that no one but Lorrie, Vicky, the plane crew and I knew about that.

I called ambassador Fauntroy; I knew the British also had an embassy in Windhoek and explained my needs. Then I called Ben David and explained the same.

Israel had an outpost as Ben David called it 50 miles south- south east of Windhoek. Close to the border of Botswana and South Africa. Terrorist were involved ivory poaching and diamond trade to finance terrorism in the Middle East by various groups. The out posts were used to flush out the illegal trade and eliminate the traders.

And then the call to Andy, “Boss help is on the way; the 737 will be landing in two hours. They are to call you when they land, the British embassy is sending 4 cars and Israel is sending six; they will be Mossad and will be the ones to take the prisoners to the plane,”

“Place the prisoner’s; double tie their hands with flex cuffs first in body bags to get them out unseen. In the cargo bay there are coffins; leave them in the bags and place them in the coffins prop the lids and unzip the body bags enough so they can breathe,” I instructed.

Then I added, “After you rest, send me complete pictures of the damage including aerial from one of the drones so I can assess what needs to happen to put the place back together again. Then and only then plug in all the servers and cameras to put them back on line.”

“The Windhoek police showed up after the shooting stopped: they are having the bodies carried away. I have crews carry the ones inside the compound outside. I am not allowing the police inside the compound. BJ, I
have plenty of pictures and video to send to you of the fighting and aftermath” said. Andy said.

“How do you want me to get them to you? Andy asked.

“Put it in a diplomatic bag and have it delivered to Cowboy with instructions that he gives it only to me,” I replied.

I printed off the list of the injured and asked Ching Lee, Marcy, Lorrie and Jenny to call the families and make whatever arrangements necessary.

I made one more call it was a five party call; the president, Secretary of state, Frank Love CIA and Eric Roberson of the DHS and me with Vicky listening in.

“The battle is over, we won another skirmish. I have 25 wounded and all are in serious condition. My evacuation plane is two hours from Windhoek it was pre-staged in Angola.”

There are dozens if not hundreds of terrorist dead; it is going to be hard to get an accurate count because they were hauling the wounded and dead away during the fighting. You may have to rely on Namibia for a count.”

“Ambassador Reddick has informed me that he thinks the internet and video streams and other communication will be back up in a couple hours. Tomorrow he is to send me a complete picture and video assessment of the damage.”

“I will have my contractor look at the film and give me a professional opinion, estimate and repair time,” I said.

“You have a contractor that would be willing to travel there to immediately do the repairs?” the president asked.

“He does anything I ask him to do anywhere; all it takes is a big checkbook,” I replied.

“So you have been in constant contact with your people and did not keep us informed?” The president stated.

“My first contact since yesterday, when the site went dark, was this morning at 07:00 an agreed upon contact time in case the place was over run.”

“I hire the best people I can find then train them to be best they can be. I gave Andy and his people an order. I do not micro manage and they did not need the distraction of a micro manager from 7000 miles away.”

“As a result I have 25 wounded and no deceased after a 12 hour mortar and RPG attack and a charge of several hundred fighters that are now mostly dead. I think that most of your generals would be pleased with that kind of out come in any battle,” I replied.

“There is a busy day for everyone, and I do not expect any more updates until 07:00 tomorrow another agreed upon time unless something drastic happens. I shall keep you informed if it does. Some of my men there have had no sleep in 48 hours; that combined with shelling takes a terrible toll on the physical and psychological well being of an individual,” I replied.

“The evacuation plane should be back some time tonight at Morton field,” I replied.

“If that is all I need to go,” when there was no additional comments I closed the window.

The wedding was at noon we had 4 hours the get everything ready.

With fancy dresses, tuxedos and limos the wedding went off without a hitch. After the reception and food the bride and groom and Allie left in one of the Cessna 55 jets for a 2 week honey moon in Cancun.

The 737 left Windhoek at noon for the flight home with the injured. It was a 12 hour flight and with the time zone difference the plane should land slightly after 19:00.

I finally had time to meet Bob to look at the office to look at all he had accomplished.

The tunnel to the house was completed and the yard restored. The elevator from the gym was installed at the house and the enclosure built. The emergency stairs was installed and the doors to hide all of it in the garage were completed. The elevator would work as long as the generator over at the concrete box was running.

The utility company could not be budged; it would be six weeks before they would install the transformer and wiring to the meter panel that was to go on the outside of the new building that was to be constructed on the box. The generator would handle the task until then.

Even though the basement was far from finished, I was amazed at the work that had been done; most of the walls been painted white and the LED lights installed – they were bright. The floor was being painted with an industrial floor coating as each section was finished.

The walls had been removed to make my command center that I wanted.

There was a main electrical panel by the tunnel, then several sub panels along the length of the basement. Outlets, switches, conduits and all kinds of things had been done.

Bob explained the changes that Marcy had made. Where I was going to leave all the storage rooms open, Marcy wanted all of them closed off with double glass doors like businesses used at entrances. Marcy was planning on moving a lot of things down here it seemed. I had no problem with it and told Bob so.

Marcy also wanted one of the complete bays made into one big meeting room. The room was finished and the huge flat screens were waiting to be installed all around the room.

That room would be easily as large as the biggest meeting room at Morton Field. I assumed that Marcy was going to eliminate one of the meeting rooms upstairs to gain office space.

Marcy also wanted a card controlled door installed at the beginning of the tunnel and one to close the box end to the house in case of emergencies; another good idea I had not thought of.

The elevator to the offices upstairs was in the assembly process. It looked to me like all the main components were in place.

“Bob, how long do you think it will take to finish this project?” I asked.

“I think another week to ten days to full completion. I have already started sending some of my contractors back to other jobs. As soon as all the big door frames come in and are placed in the basement, the enclosure you wanted to hide all this can be built.” Bob said and then continued.

“Do you want it so it can be lifted off the box with a crane? That may be necessary if you ever want to put something larger than the elevator can handle. It will be easy to do at this stage of construction,” Bob said.

“Good idea, do it that way,” I replied.

I went back to the house to have a few hours of family time before the 737 was to return at 1900. Lorrie, Marcy, Ching Lee and Vicky had been working on the arrangements prior to and since the wedding.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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