Chapter 479

Tuesday was a nervous waiting game, there were two calls. The first was from Rafi Quastri to the Prince. Apparently there was no time limit on their conversations; the call lasted an hour. The Prince was adamant that he wanted no changes to the plans; just forget about the gun part. The simultaneous attacks would send the message he wanted.

Prince Abdulraouf al-Zahab had been in contact with Venezuelan arms dealer Alejandro Hernandez about the missing machine guns and been assured that it was cartel infighting that was responsible. With the current escalating cartel war in northern Mexico, there was no safe way to send any guns to the United States on short notice until it was over.

Border patrol was checking everything trying to come across. Even the independents had stopped trying to smuggle drugs and people across for the time being.

Hernandez assurances calmed fears that their plans had been leaked.

The second call was between Rafi Quastri and Saif and it was a short call; four minutes. Saif wanted to have the leaders go scout the six colleges again. Rafi Quastri shut down that idea immediately; they had already been there too many times in his opinion. He felt they had all the information they needed.

The tickets had already been bought. The conversation reveled that the plan was to place all ten bombers in one major section of the stadium. By staying in the same area, it would reduce accidental exposure going through different checkpoints.

The rest of Tuesday was spent ordering and verifying dozens of 100-foot man-lifts, with platforms, that would be on site Thursday. The DHS and FBI needed time to camouflage the sides to conceal there were sharp shooters and possibly scanners disguised as TV cameras in them.

Then there was the problem of getting SWAT teams organized and in place for Friday. To add complications, I could not neglect all the other college games. There were literally hundreds of high school and other college games this weekend.

Before I left I sent an advisory raising the alert to red for Thursday and Friday to all towns and cities holding major sporting events.

I did one last thing before I walked out the door; I called General Fillmore, “Schedule the raid on the farm in Minnesota for Friday at 1500. As far as I am concerned, drop a MOAB on the site if there is enough distance from any residential areas. We know for sure it is heavily booby trapped; expect causalities.”

“I will take that under consideration,” the General replied.

Wednesday was filled with surprises and disappointments; the surprise was that the thirty Mossad agents were coming early. They were here now and they would spend the day at the gym and the night at the Horsey house.

Vicky was going to run them through taking pictures for JBG ID cards as a cover and Marcy was going to issue them corporate credit cards with a $5000 limit, in case there was anything they had forgotten or needed, including gifts to take home.

JBG was forbidden to pay them but I could get around that rule.

Tomorrow morning they were splitting up, flying to the various cities. A conference VCATS would inform the DHS local director they were coming and how they were to use them.

Another positive was that there were now ten couples temporary living in the two houses next to Rafi Quastri’s learning center.

The harassment of infidels next to the center started immediately; now I knew why the owners were so eager to get away. JBG buying the two houses threw a wrench into the long term planning.

That plan was to drive the housing prices to nothing by harassing anyone trying to live there and take over the entire area.

The very first day- even though there were plenty of parking spaces inside the center – cars were parked across the driveway blocking our cars in. The operators of those cars ran to the center when Bill approached them.

The cars were parked bumper to bumper but that was no problem for the ten fit men. Cars today are built light for increased fuel economy. The guys simply rolled them up on the roof and kept the roll going until they were on their roofs on the opposite sidewalk. They did that to the cars parked in front of both houses. Bill then called 911 on a burn phone and watched the commotion out the window.

That afternoon old Mack dump trucks – and I mean old – replaced the cars. So old they did not have ignition switches, just a throw switch and a three stick multiplex transmission; they must not have thought anyone but they could drive something like that.

Howie backed the thing up tight against the front door of the center while Roscoe backed the other up to the rear door. Howie sent me pictures. Both doors opened out; they were going to have to crawl out a window to move the truck or call someone.

Bill sent in a text that it was four hours before they could get the trucks moved.

The nervous tension was rising and it was affecting all of us. I could see it in the girls’ actions. We went to the gym and worked out for a couple hours to get rid of the stress with a lot of the visiting Mossad agents.

It was what we all needed to break the mood; they taught us some things and they learned a few things from us. I knew right away that the four who were now on our payroll were going to spend a lot of time as trainers.

We went through the tunnel to the house, stopping to check in with the EIT duty man to see if there was any information. There was nothing new.

Thursday I dreaded the ride to Washington but I had to make it. Traffic was heavy both ways; stop and go this early in the morning. The toll booths were backed up for miles. There were lots of families traveling to visit one another over the holiday.

It was a sobering reminder of what the terrorists had planned; how many families would be destroyed if we had fallen for a ploy and the strikes were elsewhere?

In Section 12 the mood was not much different, but there was a lot of good news. The FBI, with the assistance of local utility crews, had placed cameras in the utility’s street lighting. We now could watch all six suspected learning centers live.

By noon time Thursday all the Mossad officers were at the six colleges meeting with the respective teams. The afternoon was spent checking and double checking.

The final orders were given assigning command duties for the SWAT teams. The DHS, FBI, ATF and local city teams were reluctantly all going to operate under one command. The DHS director in three of the cities and the FBI director in the other three cities was the final makeup. It took threats to make the cities comply.

There was simply no way I was going to have four different groups storming a building under different commanders; one boss and one boss only.

I issued an order for the Federal SWAT teams at the six colleges to be on short notice standby. That meant they could be ready to roll on an hour’s notice.

I also ordered that all body cameras were to be removed from all teams. All cell phones were to be confiscated prior to deployment with a warning that anyone taking pictures or posting them would be in violation and would prosecuted.

I did authorize helmet cams for the Federal SWAT teams, DHS, FBI and the ATF to be linked to the task force.

Body cameras were not a federal requirement anyhow. Many local agencies had fallen into the craze; I was having none of it.

Four departments – Gainesville, Columbia, Lexington and Raleigh – replied to the email, “Will do, thank you.”

Baltimore and West Lafayette replied, “It is policy that all our officers wear body cameras and we will not deviate from that policy.”

They were not going to like my reply.

To: BaltimorePDchief: WestLafayette Police commissioner
Cc: Midwest.dhs.ohamilton, midatlantic.fbi.econway,,dir.fbi.mcoeburn,dir.dhs.eroberson

Baltimore and West Lafayette Police departments are no longer participating in the task force assigned missions until further notice. They are to be stricken from all information chains, assignments and lose access to the terrorist task force data base as well as all funding effective immediately.

B. Jones, Chairperson Terrorist Task force

As soon as I sent the email I had my clerk remove their access.

Let the chips fall as they may. I was not going to have the media screaming for access to body camera footage. They would be blasting it on TV with no regards for the families of those involved, no matter how many disclaimers they ran 2 seconds before it aired.

By 1500 we were as ready as we could be for Friday; the teams were in place, the snipers had checked out the man lifts and mobile equipment, the fields of fire. All of the scanners and the operators had been run through testing.

I stopped by the Oval Office and had a few words with the President and Troy, then headed home.

It turned into an hour and a half ride; I was home at 1800. We decided to go to the Morton restaurant for supper. Tonight was Texas steak night with all the fixings. It was a great meal; the place was packed with the regulars.

We had just driven into driveway when the EIT duty man called, “YOU NEED TO GET IN HERE NOW.”

“Oh hell, now what,” I thought.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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