Chapter 486

We moved Rafi Quastri from the jail to the medical building and the Doc began his work. It took just one big dose to make him talk and talk he did; about everything.

He answered every question and the dozens more that his answers caused us to ask. When he finished we had an outline of how the operation was run. We had the connections in the Middle East and Africa and also who was pulling the strings. The names of all we already had were also included.

He even gave us the backup communications, plans and emergency phone numbers to reach the Princes.

Even more important, we had the contingency planning along with names of who was to step up to take over if Rafi Quastri and Gamal Ameen – his assistant – were to be arrested or die.

The surprise was the camps – they had been operating prior to 9-11- and the sheer numbers that had been through them. Even more surprising was who some of the instructors were. Several had spent time at Gitmo and were now teaching at the camps.

Just how in the hell did a terrorist who spent years at Gitmo end up teaching his trade at terrorist camps in the USA?

Frank and Eric were as surprised as I was. To make matters worse, Eric and Frank’s agencies had been watching the apartment complex for years. All of the instructors for the NY camp were living in the apartment complex – according to Rafi Quastri – and he was proud of it.

I cornered both Frank and Eric “You need to do a complete investigation of your agents assigned to the college and the Rochester office. Something is drastically wrong!” I said.

“It’s going to take years to sort through all the information gathered in the last few days,” Eric replied.

“We don’t have years, just the size and scope of the information should tell you weeks or a month or two at best before the next attack. If they had been able to carry out the games attack, we would have had a terrorist attack every month for the last six months, either at home or abroad against the US,” I said.

“Let’s ask him again when and where the next attacks are planned and then end this. We have been at it six and a half hours as it is. All of us have to work tomorrow,” Eric replied.

“I told you the football game attacks were the only thing planned for the next few months. They were the Prince’s big push and then everything was going back into the training-planning stage for a while along with lying low.”

“All the communications were going to be restructured; new phones and computer programs for the web. Then we were going to start a lot of new groups in different cities. Your way of life is doomed! Admit it; it is only a matter of time. You cannot win,” he said.

We had walked off a distance to talk; the Doc was with us.

“His statement about having a break of a couple months went out the window with the raids. There will be a power struggle as soon as they get organized. Someone will want to prove they are capable of leading the groups. New attacks will be carried out soon,” I replied.

“I think we are finished. Doc, take your equipment off; we need to call it a night. I wanted both of them done but that is not going to happen,” I said.

Just then there was a moan then a groan. Alarms started ringing on the Doc’s equipment. We ran in to see what was going on. Doc Burns worked on him for ten minutes.

“He is dead; he must have had an aneurysm,” he said as he was shutting down all the alarms and was removing equipment.

“He was going to die anyhow, saved us the trouble. All we have to do now put him in the chipper,” I replied.

“You do know I own 80% of the crematorium down the road, don’t you?” the Doc said. Then he added, “A hundred dollars worth of gas and it’s guaranteed no trace ever and nothing to clean up but a little ash.

“Sounds good to me; all that chlorine can’t be doing the pond any good,” I replied.

Vicky and I helped load the corpse in the back of Doc’s SUV, he was going to leave the equipment until we finished with it tomorrow night. Then we followed him to the crematorium.

Once there, Doc showed and explained to Vicky and me step by step how to load the corpse into the furnace and the settings. We watched through the window as the flames surrounded the corpse, the temperatures went past 1000 degrees and kept climbing.

“It’s automatic; it will shut off when there is nothing left. Here is a key if you need it and I’m not around. If there is heat coming from the stack, it is in use and you will have to wait a while,” Doc said.

Even though it was near midnight, Vicky and I both headed for the hot tub. We were soon joined by Marcy, Jenny, Ching Lee and Lorrie. For 30 minutes we had fun in the tub.

At Section 12 I was waiting – with the information on the Mexico terrorist training site – for the President and Troy to walk in. They did not disappoint; the second pot of coffee was just finishing up.

I went through the pictures and all the information on the training camp in Mexico.

The President asked me to stop until the Assistant Secretary of State Steven Crowley could join us. It would only be few minutes.

The delay was not an issue; I just changed to the two that were located in the US. The federal prosecutor Devon Cass joined in on the discussion after I asked him if we could get search and arrest warrants for the two sites.

It was agreed that we would watch the sites until Friday morning, then execute the searches.

“I would really like for all three to be hit the same day and time. If we hit the two here the one in Mexico will be a ghost camp in a matter of hours,” I said.

I got a text from Robert to call him immediately.

“I’m sending you a file, it was password locked and encrypted differently. You are not going to like it. You may want to review it privately first,” he said just as my phone dinged that I had email.

I had my laptop with me and looked at the files, “Oh crap.”

The files spelled a disaster; it was 200 names long. Names from the FBI, DHS, INS, TSA, CIA, Coast Guard and State department, they were all taking bribes, payoffs or being blackmailed from the terror group and the cartel. The files had dates, places, and amounts of the bribes; some files even had pictures of the individuals and other notes.

I called Frank, Eric and Marty, “You need to come to the White House, ASAP as in Now. You are not going to like what has been found.”

Then I called Dave Carmine director of the TSA and Stu Abrams director of the INS and gave them the same message.

“Are you going to tell us what is so bad?” Troy asked getting impatient.

“I am printing you off a copy. While I am doing that, call the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the director of the CGIS. Tell them to come here now. Tell them it is not a request but a direct order from the President, if that is what it takes,” I said.

I printed off ten copies and placed one in front of Troy and the President.

“What am I looking at?” the President asked.

“This is a list of US security personnel by agency who are taking bribes from the terrorist and cartels,” I replied, then added.

“This list came from a captured computer that was used by the controller that Saif reported to.”

I started checking every name against the GSA employees list. Every employee of the United States government – past and present – was in their files.

Troy called in a couple of his aides to do the same thing. I had done three pages to find all of them were indeed active government employees. I quit looking and let Troy’s clerks do the work.

As the officials came in I gave them a copy of the files. Those in law enforcement knew immediately what they were looking at. The commandant of the Coast Guard needed it explained to him twice.

Steve Crowley joined the group as I explained what I needed him for and when I was hoping to put it together.

The President left to call the President of Mexico and Steve went to summon the Mexican ambassador to the White House.

To me it was critical that all the arrests and raids happened as close together as possible. As soon as it hit the news – and it would almost immediately – they would scatter and disappear.

In my office I opened a VCATS with Andy; Bob and all the carpenters should have recovered from the jet lag and had a full day of work.

When I flipped through the surveillance cameras, carpenters were still working on both the Ambassador residence and the embassy, even though it was 8 PM there.

The control room paged Andy and when he came on, Bob Short was with him. We talked for thirty minutes about the repairs. The security night shift was complaining about the noise with them trying to sleep during the day.

There was a simple solution to that problem. I called Marcy and Vicky and had them call the two hotels to arrange ten rooms for those men to sleep in during the day. The hotel would just have to make other arrangements to clean those ten rooms.

I was certain that for ten rooms for four to six weeks, they would make the necessary changes. If the managers there would not cooperate I was sure I could torque up on the corporate ladder and get something done. But I was sure Marcy would beat me to it.

I left Section 12 early so I could get in a few minutes on the office meeting and then going to Camp Smith to do the last interrogation.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe h. says:

    Lol.. my head is still spinning with the last few chapters in this chapter put me well over the limit.
    As always thank you for my meds and a job well done.

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