Chapter 521

Andy, Ed, Bill and I huddled and discussed the final options. There were the two at the plane who were not an immediate problem. Two had been left in the lobby; two more of Prince’s guards and four of the hunting group were in the hall outside the suite.

According to the camera video, the four from the hunting group were opening the ten crates on the tables along with three travel cases and putting it on display for the Chinaman when he arrived, I supposed.

The Mossad girls and I with Andy and a couple men went first to the lobby to kill the two there and dispose of the bodies. The kill was easy.

As soon as we were in the lobby Andy flew into a rage, first hitting me then Ziva and Abra. We tried defending ourselves then running behind the two men only to shove our combat knives deep into the chest cavity severing arteries. We managed to get them into the safe before they spilled any blood on the floor.

We found out why the safe door was never fully closed; it would not close all the way, something had shifted.

Then Andy, Ziva and I returned to the fifth floor via the elevator. We waited for the others in the hall by the elevator being loud, getting the attention of the six guarding the door.

We had their attention as the others returned to floor and we walked towards our end of the hall. Bill and several more men quietly came from our rooms up behind the six. With a combination of knives and Russian pistols with the latest Mossad silencers, the six died quietly without a whimper. The bodies were dragged into a storage room.

Now we were ready to storm the Prince’s suite. Only Robert stepped into the hall getting our attention.
“The arms dealer is going to be thirty minutes early,” Robert said.

That meant that I was not going to have as long to torture the Prince to exact revenge as I wanted.

With the Russian pistols at the ready at both doors that led into the suite – on the count of three – we burst in. Unfortunately I was the last in; Andy, Bill nor Ed were having it any other way.

The orders to my men and ladies were simple, kill everyone but Crown Prince Sultan al-Zahab, Prince Abdulraouf al-Zahab and Abu Barazan and they did. I had a painful way the others were going to feel before they died.

When I went in the three were sitting in chairs in the middle of the room. I walked to the tables holding the treasure; all the gold and what amounted to a bucket full of diamonds and rubies and assorted other precious stones. In a gold inlayed briefcase were the sixty five five-million dollar ‘Pay to the holder’ US treasury bonds.

I ordered Andy to seal the boxes of gold and precious stones back up and get it loaded up into a couple of the Range Rovers and guard it.

“Do you really think you can steal the Kings treasure and get away with it?” the Crown Prince asked.

I never answered.

Burt was busy transferring the Crown Prince’s wealth to the 10 offshore accounts they had set up for me using the Crown Prince’s laptop. There were also instructions for his account manager to convert the funds to US treasury bonds. The US treasury bonds were to be picked up by Crown Princess Fayza al-Zahab Monday at noon.

The little island boasted it handled billions daily and could handle any transaction for its discriminating clients. I would find out Monday if they could live up to their claims.

Ed had already called for the planes to pick us up. The times for them were varied. I needed to start getting my men out of here.

Bill and three others went to the Prince’s plane, to tell them the Prince needed them; that was the cover. They were to kill them and leave the bodies in the dumpster.

Back in the room the three men were tied to their chairs. I sent everyone out except Andy, Bill, Ziva and Abra to be lookouts for the last of our men from the hunting groups and any curious locals.

I put a big tie – strap above each right knee and pulled them tight. I stepped back and removed my burqa.

The Crown Prince went crazy; he was calling for his guards and tried to stand, even though his hands were tied to chair. Abdulraouf al-Zahab and Abu Barazan immediately followed suit. I shot all three of them in the knee that I had put the tie strap tourniquet on.

“Well I see you know who I am,” I said to the Crown Prince as I stood in front of him.

“I know who you are and am amazed that you are still alive,” the Prince replied.

“You have tried to kill me four times only to see me kill your fighters. I am only going to need this one time to kill you. I am going to exact revenge for what you have put my family and me through, as painfully as I can,” I said.

“Before you die I am going to remove your manhood to deny you your virgins; that is your belief, not mine,” I replied. The fear and rage was apparent; his eyes turned red he was so mad or afraid.

I walked to the chair holding Abu Barazan, “You supplied the guns to kill my men; for that you will pay with your life. I fired a round into each shoulder, then kicked the chair over in the direction of the Prince so he could watch and anticipate.

I flipped up the flowing cloak he was wearing and with my knife removed his under garment. From the bag of tools I used the scalpel the Doc had given me and sliced open the sack and cut off both testicles. I did not use the crimpers, I just let him bleed.

Each time he screamed and passed out. Each time Ziva brought him around with an ammonia capsule, he started screaming again.

With a battery powered red hot surgeon’s scalpel I removed his cock; the smell of burning flesh filled the room. I placed the body parts in one of the mason jars of formaldehyde, courtesy of the Doc.

With a very sharp medieval looking ax and I ended his pain and suffering by removing his head with one swing and placed it on the table looking at the Crown Prince.

I heard a jet land; Andy indicated it was the first one of ours to pick up team three. They were packed, ready and waiting to make the extended deceptive four day trip home. It departed minutes later.

Even before I stood in front of the younger Abdulraouf al-Zahab Prince, he started screaming. He had already thrown up twice all over himself.

I repeated the same procedure on him that I did to Abu; his head was now on the table looking at the Crown Prince with black lifeless eyes.

I placed a tie strap on Crown Prince Sultan al-Zahab’s other leg and put a round through the kneecap.

After a capsule and the screaming stopped, “How did you know I was behind the attacks?” he asked.

“A slip up here and there made me suspect it was you. Capturing the two from Windhoek gave you up. Then there was Saif and the ones from the New Jersey learning center. They couldn’t stop talking; told me everything they knew before they died a slow horrible death.”

“Colonel Faaz Fayeez Mohammad provided the final bullet,” I said.

“Then you do have him. His family is connected with the Iranian leadership; he is the son of the IRG commanding General. They will get you! They have many agents in your country just waiting,” the Prince replied.

“Why did you kill my brother if you knew I was controlling everything?” he asked.

“He was just waiting to fill your footsteps. You have been sending messages with the repeated attempts to kill me. I’m sending a message that that there will be consequences for funding terror no matter whom or where; it will only be a matter of time until it is administered,” I said.

“You have tried to kill my family; turnabout is fair play in love or war. Revenge is a dish best served cold,” I added.

I kicked the chair over. I did not shoot him in the shoulders; I wanted him to feel every slice of the knife. I watched the fire drain from his eyes as I dropped the parts in the jar and wrote his initials on the lid.

“No virgins for you, it’s a good thing I don’t have my strap-on or I would rape your ass as you have done to so many boys,” I said.

He had no response as I placed him across the chair. One swing of the axe and his head joined the other two on the table.

Another jet had landed and left; team four was gone. The lookouts called in; another jet was inbound and it was not one of ours. I expected it to be a large jet; instead it was a small one, far too small to bring any of his products to demonstrate.

The China arms dealer was stepping off the plane. A couple of Andy’s men made nice and met him with one of the Range Rovers.

There were only four of them, pilot, copilot, the dealer and an assistant. As soon as they walked into the room they were all dead.

The mission was over; all the key players were dead. Now to escape.

I broke my rules and made two phone calls, the first to Vicky to ask if the Colonel was still alive. He was.
“Keep him alive. I will fill you in later,” I instructed.

The second was to Frank, telling him who the Colonel was and to pass it to the joint Chiefs. I did not give him a chance to respond before I killed the call.

Another jet was landing; team five was leaving with all the money from the Prince. It would not land at Morton until Monday, empty; it would be diverted to Mexico City and lay over a day there. The men and money were changing to a JBG jet at a small private strip in Panama tomorrow.

All the changes were to throw off anyone trying to track the movements.

As Burt was leaving, “You are going to be surprised on Monday!”

I wondered what the hell that meant.

The rest of us loaded up on the Prince’s jet after a complete sweep, clean up and wipe down of the rooms we had used. Everything was burned; every scrap of paper, the nitrile gloves we used; everything. One of the pilots who flew our planes for the CIA was at the controls.

I was ready for the winding trek home; there were only a couple more stops to make, all of them dangerous. I needed to unwind and crash. It was a good thing the Prince’s plane had a well stocked liquor cabinet with good cold Budweiser. I downed three before I fell asleep.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    Sorry jack, lol – i need a hell of a lot more to satisfy my cravings -but- its a great start😎

  2. Joe H. says:

    O yes i did & i am still salivating over this latest chapter!!!!😊😋😍😄

  3. Phil Smith says:

    Just as good the second time through. Thanks

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