Chapter 527

Marty sent the other agents to the other SUVs with the prisoner. He and I were in one.

“I am not happy with you taking Mike away from the task force,” I said.

“I can imagine so, but I need a leader who looks past the trees to see the forest and the snow capped mountains in the distance. You have taught him how to do that along with being hard nosed dedicated and to not let the bull distract him from the mission goals. He was lacking in those areas before, not now. The only thing he may be lacking now is compassion. That’s not one of your stronger suits if there is a job to do,” Marty said.

“I have another candidate who I will send you that needs your guidance. I think he will be a good one when you finish with him,” he said.

“He better come around in five weeks! That is all the time I have left at the White House,” I replied.

“What are you going to do with Balthazar’s computer?” Marty asked.

“Get Robert to look at it, but I doubt there is anything on it. Ormond has probably already bleached the hard drive. I can’t think there would be any reason for him not to have done it by now,” I replied.

We were back at the White House; it was not that long of a drive if the traffic was not bad. A Secret Service agent carried the box and placed it in my office.

In Section Twelve – with the exception Troy and the President – the powers were all still there. In fact, we had gained some. The Army and Air Force Chief of Staff were there and in a heated discussion on how to handle their high level traitors and the aftermath.

It would be a media bloodbath, let alone what Congress would do to the services with three Generals arrested for treason.

I reminded the Chiefs that Congress was going to fare no better with two Senators and five Representatives charged with the same thing. I suggested that we hold off a day to allow the agencies to investigate more and arrest more of the individuals. The task force would make the announcement of all traitors at one time.

I would have a major press conference about all the corporate, media and financial big wigs who were on the Prince’s list to help deflect some of the attention away from the military.

There were many in the military industrial complex who would sell their soul to the highest bidder to get some new big toy, and a few had.

My thought was to simply overload the media all at one time. The news would be so big and widespread they would not be able to focus on one individual piece for too long.

The military names were divided and were given to different agencies to speed up the process. The NCIS, CGIS were assigned the Generals; a different agency running the investigation would help stifle the rumors of cover-up by the DOD. Plus both of those agencies had impeccable reputations that Congress would respect.

The House and Senate leaders were summoned to the White House at six. I was to chair that meeting and give a brief overview of what we knew. The NSA and FBI were scrambling to gather enough data to make a case before the leaders arrived.

The Prince had documented his payments and the locations where they were made at well enough that the agents would be done before six. There were so many cameras in Washington, we felt sure that the cash transfers to the Senators and Representatives were on video somewhere, or at least the meetings or drops.

The locations, dates and times sped up the video search by thousands of man hours. GPS on the Congressional cell phones would tie everything together. All it was going to take was time.

Tracking the cash was going to be the worst problem; I was damn sure they did not accept checks from the Prince. The ledger always noted if the payments were US dollars, francs, yen or marcs.

It was going to be a long night as indicated by the normal Washington tradition, the pizza had already been ordered by the dozens.

With all the real work delegated to the dozen of staffers who worked for the task force and my team putting the details in order, Frank, Eric, Ben and five-star General Ingram ended up in my office.

Frank started the conversation, “if you hacked this file of data what else did you get? Anything interesting that may be beneficial?”

“Frank,” I started to say.

“I know a girl has to have some secrets, but sometimes sharing among friends is good,” Frank replied.

“If I didn’t know any better, we could be talking about pussy and an aged bottle of Jack Daniels,” I said.

“I have everything. Over a thousand military files classified top secret by the Saudi government; defense plans, offensive plans, battle estimates, secret locations of a missile complex, the locations of their stockpiles of battle field nuclear artillery shells obtained from the Soviets. I also have secret negotiations with Iran, Israel, Jordon, North Korea and China,” I replied.

“There are assessments of Pakistan’s and India’s nuclear capabilities and that they are deteriorating at a much faster rate than expected. Some are so bad that they are being moved to underground mines because of radiation leakage,” I said.

“There was something about inferior materials and insulators in the core and corrosion,” I added.

“Then there are hundreds of other top secret files, the declining oil production estimates and hundreds of wells that have prematurely gone dry. There are dissidents who are slated to be jailed or disappear. There is even a plan to overthrow the ruling family and join with Jordon, Turkey and Syria to box in Iran,” I said.

“How long have you had this information?” General Ingram asked.

“We had only been monitoring the Prince’s e-mails for six weeks – afraid a big data transfer would shut our source down until Saturday – then I got it all,” I replied.

‘You know we would like to have a look at the data as soon as we can,” Frank replied.

“How many days do you think it will be before it will be hacked and passed around?” I asked.

“You know the predicament it could place me in if it ever came back to me,” I added.

“Things have changed for materials that sensitive; a lead lined room with no connections to the outside or net: a view and read only, no notes, no phones, no cameras. It will be secure,” Frank said.

Bobbie knocked on the door and brought in the reports everyone had been working on, “Look them over and I will make any changes before you go upstairs. Pizza will be ready in fifteen minutes,” she said.

I opened my portable office and put the Crown Prince’s laptop and charger on the table in front of them. I had not noticed it before but there was dried blood on the Saudi gold crest.

“I have three more; the Prince’s brother and both arms dealers. My team is not done with them yet,” I said as I started reading the papers Bobbie had brought to me.

The men never moved, or said anything; they kept looking at the computer, each other then at me, just back and forth like the computer was going to attack whichever one touched it first.

Finally, “Never piss off a lady with a knife, a gun and an attitude. There are no second chances,” I said.
“I don’t think any of us will have to write that one down, it is in stone,” Ben said.

Frank put the computer in one of the many cases lying around then handcuffed it to the table.
“Let’s go eat some pizza,” Eric said.

The Senate and House leaders were already there.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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2 Responses to Chapter 527

  1. Joe H. says:

    Whating an extra was well worth the wait!!!
    Picturing the men around that computer would have been priceless, but seeing Congress pissing it self would give me the joy no 1 can ever put into words🤗😇.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    In a few chapters they will come ,, begging.

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