Chapter 533

Two hours later we drove up to the open cargo doors of the C5s and let the cargo masters tie down the trucks and equipment. It is a sign of a successful mission when you go home with everything and everyone you took to the fight; in our case, we were plus three.

As soon as we were in the air, I called the President, “I have the goods, mission complete.” A little conversation and I ended the call.

The next call was to General Ingram, “Great news, I want the details Monday. When can we pick up the materials?”

“Three hours at Morton,” I replied.

“We can’t get anyone qualified there in that time. I understand you have secure storage; just go ahead and store them. It will be Monday morning.”

You will get details before then, I bet; just as soon as the media finds out, I thought.

I called Ben, Frank and Eric on a conference call that lasted 20 minutes. I informed Eric to send the DHS to pick up the drugs. Then I napped until I heard the gear lock down. It was midnight; I feared the fun was just beginning.

It was late 0300 when I crawled into bed with Jenny. At 0600 I heard the boys being shushed and carried out of the room. An hour later they had snuck away and were crawling on the bed to see if I was awake. I had been watching out of the corner of my eye as they helped each other up on the bed.

Another year or two and this pair are going to be something to be dealt with; they were learning and reasoning things out way too fast for their age.

I sat up quickly and grabbed both of them for a tickle session and a kiss before sending them back to the kitchen for the breakfast that I could smell cooking.

After breakfast and cleanup, I turned on the news and was sorry that I had.

Mexico City was a disaster; some of the legislators that had been taken hostage had been executed on the steps. Shop owners were being killed, the stores looted. The only ones spared were the ones paying protection money to the cartel.

At 0600 there had been a change in orders from their President. It was a two part order; the first part was the troops were shooting on sight anyone with a weapon of any kind and they had been turned loose in the streets. The second part was a complete curfew at 1200; any violators would be shot. It was a last ditch attempt to restore order.

The next part of world news was devoted to the massacre at La Jarita. The Mexican media was there in the form of live TV from Ciudad Anahuac. There were bodies and burned vehicles – and of course – crying widows.

I felt bad for them but not that bad; their men had decided to take the cartel route. Rumor had it that the new cartel boss’s requirement was to kill someone in front of a leader to prove they were worthy of joining.

If that is true, justice was served with just a shortcut missing the trial. No cartel member had been convicted of anything in months; the witnesses never lived long enough to testify, no matter how the prosecutor tried to protect them.

When they settled into the national news I was shocked.

“Now to Congressional reporter Tracy Cox with breaking news. Tracy, what do you have?” the host asked.

“An anonymous Congressional source told me a little while ago that Terrorist Task Force chairperson Ambassador Roberta Jones handed her resignation to the President on Thursday. The ambassador was not at the White House on Friday,” Tracy said.

“That would be startling news considering how effective the task force has been; our White House reporter is trying to find a spokesperson for a comment,” the host replied.

“That same source said that there are nuclear weapons components and possibly a nuclear warhead missing from the strategic inventory,” Tracy said.

This information could have only come from one of the two Senators who were at the meeting Friday. I wondered when the rest would come out.

It was a classified meeting. I wondered if I could investigate the source of the leak; if any more came out, I knew I would.

I listened for an hour while they went from one Washington reporter to another with all kinds of speculation; the story grew as each time one of them commented.

My phone rang three times while the morning news show was on; all three times it was ZNN’s Washington Today. I was sure Arthur Kennedy wanted a statement. He wasn’t going to get one today.

With the TV off, I went to find mates and boys and found both. I spent several hours on the floor building Lincoln log cabins with the boys. They had enough logs to build a whole town and then some.

When the boys finally went down for a nap, Vicky and I relived yesterday’s action for the girls. We could have watched the firefight from the video that I had forgotten about. The camera drone had recorded everything.

I needed to go find that laptop, copy the video and then have Robert replace or scrub the hard drive. An hour later a copy of the action was in my portable office and a DVD in my safe.

The rest of the day was family and fun time. We stayed the limit in the hot tub except for Lorrie and Ching Lee; they were now limited because of being pregnant. In just a few more months we would have two more little ones in the house. After the boys were in bed it was girl time and we made the best of it.

I was up early; my first call of the morning was to Eric. I wanted to know when the DEA was picking up the drugs we had brought back. I was glad to hear they would be here at 0900. The cash, and there were bags of it, had already gone into one of our safes and was going to stay there; I viewed it as one of the perks for taking that kind of risk.

The next call was to General Ingram, “The team is already in the air to pick up the components; they should be there in an hour. Major Heather Black will be in command of the team, give her hell about having to retrieve her lost parts from all points south.”

“Will do,” I replied.

The next call was Frank to come get the Iranian buyer and his partner who were in the Camp Smith jail. I wanted them gone; agents would be here by 0900. The CIA was going to pick up those two.

“If they are uncooperative, can we bring them back to interrogate there?” he asked.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” I replied.

Marty Coeburn was next on the list, “Come pick up the seller,” I said. He agreed and the man would be gone by 0900.

I was relieved; getting all this mess cleared out by noon would be great.

The last call was to Troy and the President, the call lasted thirty minutes. As soon as the Major left I would go to 1600 Pennsylvania and we would put out the fires that the media was fanning – and fanning they were – it was growing like a Sana Anna wildfire.

Some news outlets were reporting that I had a big fight with the President, his chief of staff and the national security team. They were reporting I had been carried out of the room by agents. If it wasn’t so serious, we would have been laughing. We decided to let them stew for awhile; the White House was not going to make a statement until the daily news briefing at 1400.

After a big breakfast, the girls and I began our routines; Marcy to her office and crunching numbers while Ching Lee would be reviewing the issues that had appeared at the colleges over the weekend. Lorrie was going over all things with aviation and rental houses. The rental season would be winding down in a couple of months. Now was the time to schedule repairs and upgrades. Those things took time to get estimates and award contracts.

Jenny and Jason were still dealing with the lawsuit. Vicky was going with me and Lorrie to Morton to wait on all the people that were arriving.

My normal complement of security escorted us to Morton. It was a good thing we were early. Things were ahead of schedule already.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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2 Responses to Chapter 533

  1. Joe H. says:

    OMG! Still processing: i can’t Phantom seeing my meds 2 day early. I think i came close to overdosing on this chapter – soo very colorful!
    Than you soo very for my meds. Hope you 2 are having fun on vacation & the little 1 is mending.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Things are going good, Thanks , Jack

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