Chapter 540

Chapter 540
The President was sitting in one of the fancy chairs in the Oval Office. The President introduced me to Saudi Ambassador Rashid Dandachi who was in another, there was one left in the circle for me. There was no one else in the room.

For the next two hour we talked about a mutual fight against terror. I thought it was a little on the ridiculous side since the Saudi’s had funded so much terror worldwide and in the US.

Most of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi. The shoe bomber was Saudi. All four attempts on my life were either by Saudi involvement or paid for by a Saudi.

But I played nice; there was no need to cause a stir on my way out. At the President’s request I had pulled selected emails of the Prince’s back and forth between Balthazar and Saif.

I was careful to choose only the ones in our possession that could easily be explained as coming from Saif’s and Balthazar’s captured computers and emails connected to them.

We discussed the email in detail and the connections to Iran and the Iranian proxies in the area.

The parting at the end of the meeting was cordial and ended with, “I suspect that there is much more that you cannot tell me,” Ambassador Dandachi replied.

“I am equally sure that I can say the same thing,” I replied.

He just smiled and nodded.

Since I was already on the ground floor I stopped by the cafeteria for a salad to carry to Section 12 and my desk to eat.

There was a crowd around the TV in the lobby off the Oval Office. I stood a few feet behind them; they did not know I was there.

“Back it up and play it again, Jim. Stop it at the picture,” I heard Troy say.

It was the first run of the ads that Ching Lee had put together last night. Her clerks were to put the finishing touches on it this morning and have it aired.

“That’s BJ and her family, no doubt about it,” one of the others said.

It was the picture that was taken of us on the beach minus clothing walking away from the camera. It was taken by Tammy Tittles. She walked part of the beach with us asking questions.

“Great picture, nice cheeks too, so soft. I like to feel them quite often,” I said with a laugh. All breathing stopped.

“Back it up to the beginning. The spot was not finished when I left this morning. Let me see the whole clip,” I said as there was a rush of air; they all started to breathe again.

No one objected.

The spot was one minute long; none of the pictures were on screen more than a few seconds.

” Not bad for the first run; Ching Lee is there all week with some great looking people making clips and pictures for different ads to run in the different markets,” I said.

“So that was the pleasure trip you took over the weekend. You bought an island and went to road test it,” Troy said.

“Something like that. It will be a great getaway. I told you that I was going to spend time somewhere where it was warm and could be access controlled,” I replied as I turned and walked to the elevator.

Bobbie followed me into my office, “Dan says he can get the day off; in fact he is taking Thursday afternoon off to do few things so we can go. What do we need to bring?” Bobbie asked.

“Why don’t you take Thursday afternoon off as well to help? It’s 80 there, couple pieces of summer clothing and a swim suit or not; everything else will be taken care of,” I replied.

After lunch I was again summoned to the Oval Office and asked to bring Ben and Kathy Shellman with me. Upon arriving Troy asked Kathy to take a seat in the lobby next to the Oval Office for a minute.

Troy led Ben and me into the Oval Office. Attorney General Dunne and Marty Coeburn were also there.

“BJ I am going to nominate Kathy to a federal Judgeship to fill a vacancy in the first circuit federal court. I wanted you to hear it from us. If you want to you can file a recommendation and an endorsement of the nomination,“ the President said.

“Of course that means the AG will have to send a new person to that position in the task force,” Marty added.

“Kathy was the best at the prosecutor position and will be missed. I am not familiar with the process but more than willing to recommend and endorse her nomination for the position if it will help,” I replied.

Kathy was brought in and there was a discussion and round of congratulations that followed.

That was two that out of the task force who had been promoted. I was sure there would be more.

Alyssa Cotton was assigned to replace Kathy. I had met Alyssa several times and she had been at a couple terrorist updates I had given. She was always direct and to the point with her questions and observations.

As Ben and I were leaving I met General Ingram in the hall.

“Have you got a minute to step into my office BJ?” he asked.

“The transfer of items you requested has been approved. The shipment process will start in a few days; they should start arriving in a week or so. There will also be some pallets of spare parts this time; the depot needs to make room in the warehouse,“ he said.

We talked a few more minutes about a variety of subjects – mostly terror and military related – before we each went to our respective offices.

I was leaving early – in fact Andy’s men were already waiting. We had a lot of things to talk about tonight and would have every night this week.

Andy and Bob wanted my final approval on the changes to Camp Smith; the project was nearly finished. Vicky had been handling everything with them but they all wanted my final opinion.

Originally it had been surrounded with a chain link fence but since then there had been several expansions. Camp Smith was now almost eight acres instead of the original three. The jail and interrogation building had been added as well as the first aid and medical building. There was also a barracks with showers, toilets and bunks.

There were now three separate buildings with classrooms to handle all the training modules that had to be done.

More movable buildings had been built; neighborhoods with narrow streets had been added to simulate third world countries where my men had embassy duty. All the street names were in foreign languages.

There was even a replica embassy grounds with direct connection to the command center. This was to assist with detailed training for those that were going to man embassy buildings and communications centers.

Then there were the block buildings where the hostage rescue and simulated live fire exercises were carried out with explosive charges. Multiple federal agencies, state police and SWAT teams came to use the camp for a variety of reasons.

One was privacy, knowing they could train without their local media recording everything. Another was the gun club that was only minutes away where they could shoot everything in their arsenal without repercussion.

Another was the Crash Motel and restaurant on Morton Field. Marcy could give a package deal on rates and Vicky’s clerks could handle all the logistics. Another selling point was the MAAR rental car fleet at Morton when their work was done. For a few dollars in car rental, they could hit the Washington and Baltimore night life within an hour.

The real problem with Camp Smith now was nosy people, including county employees just checking things out. We were having problems with people walking or four wheeling a mile far too close to the airport to take a look. Another problem was the fear of a stray round going somewhere it should not.

The solution was an old fashion solid stockade wall twelve feet high to hide everyone inside and everything that went on there. It even had guard towers in the corners and midway. It had walkways around the inside like an old fashioned fort to hold soldiers to fire over. It was a cosmetic addition; its real purpose was to strengthen the upper part of the wall and provide bracing for high wind.

The generator was bigger; the electrically operated gate was bigger and also covered with heavy lumber.

It had been a work in progress for several months. Bob’s Construction worked on it as they had time and men available. It was finally near completion. I had been to the camp many times since the work was started but always with it dark or with no time to investigate the progress.

Today I met Bob, Andy, Ed, Bill and the girls at the camp. I walked the fence with them, looking, listening and climbing the stairs looking out the guardhouses. Bob had taken Vicky’s orders to heart when she told him to build it strong. In my opinion it was over built; but it should last forever. It was being paid for from some of the cash from the first Prince I killed in Morocco. All of it had been laundered by now.

Over coffee in the jail, “There are three things I want changed. I want two pillories outside the jail and a gallows complete with noose but no trap door. I want the sign out front changed to an arched sign over the gate with Fort Smith instead of Camp Smith. It looks like an historic fort; let’s complete the look. Other than that you have done great,” I said.

The meetings continued in the office. Before I could sit in my chair Robert said “You need to stop by my office before you leave for the day.”

I listened to an excited Lorrie describe her solution to getting from the Freeport to East Water Cay and then Marcy’s ideas on how to make money with it.

I was left with little choice after all that but to say, “OK make it happen.”

I explained that Bobbie and Dan would be going with us and why. Then I informed Lorrie that she needed to get the crane back to Morton, that I had some helicopters coming.

We put off the rest of the discussions until tomorrow night and closed the meeting. We needed to see what Robert wanted. Something told me it was not good.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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4 Responses to Chapter 540

  1. Robert E Decker says:

    Very nice chapter. Always leave us hanging. Thank you!

  2. Joe H. says:

    The part with the recorded video kept me in stitches a bit too long – laughing so hard & so long started making me sick in a good way.

    As always, ending with a cliffhanger is a wonderful way to end a chapter…

    1 question, with so many men & women in the building now during the day is it time to add a mens changing room on the gym floor?

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