Chapter 546

I talked for an hour with Robert and his team trying to figure out why the post and comments on the dark web site bothered me.

To me it looked like the post and the responses were too well scripted, and after a lengthy discussion Robert agreed. Robert suspected the posts were instructions and the replies were acknowledgment or request for clarification after viewing the post. If this were true, they had developed another or a series of encrypted codes to be used by fighters in different locations around the world.

Another area that I talked Robert into looking at was the sex slave for sale. Again there seemed to be something irregular about the wording of the descriptions on some of the posts and the questions submitted to the seller. There were also instructions and links to other dark web sites. I was betting that nothing good was carried out there.

Robert and I decided a new direction and approach was needed to the web sites and their posts. I was sure there was a new code and encryptions they were using. I also suspected that there was a connection between the poster and the blog responses as if they were one and the same; possibly leaders passing out orders.

Ben-David called and requested a meeting tonight with Robert and me after I returned to the office. I knew they had the links and was sure they had noticed the same thing by now.

I called Ben to come into my office. I needed to tell him both Bobbie and I were off tomorrow. Bobbie had left at noon; it was easy to tell she was looking forward to the weekend. Bobbie was to help Dan finish up the things so they could go with us to East Water Cay. We were planning on leaving at 0800.

We needed to plan for the four days next week that I would be here and then for transferring the chair to him.
We planned and talked about all the open investigations that still needed follow-up. Both of us needed to spend time with Alyssa to sign off cases on Monday. There was still the possibility of warrants if the investigators were done and Mike’s new and improved department was finished with the electronic investigation of email and text accounts.

We had been at it for two hours; it was 1400. With Bobbie gone I was answering my calls without the normal screening she did. I did not realize just how many calls came into the office that were just bull crap calls. I finally gave up and assigned one of the other clerks to answer the phones so Ben and I could get the work done.

We were interrupted by a knock on my closed office door. It was General Ingram. This time he pulled up a chair opposite the desk as Ben left.

“Here is the classified file that contains the full investigation into the missing and recovered nuclear materials, including the recovery by JBG.”

“Look it over when you have a chance. I have scheduled a meeting Wednesday morning – if it works into your schedule – to work out any changes on the recovery you think it needs before it is sealed forever,” he added.

“Who is he trying to kid; nothing is sealed forever in Washington,” I thought to myself.

The right media, the right judge and the public’s right to know eventually overrule the necessity of state secrets. The only way to guarantee anything was to feed all the copies into the shredder. I wondered how many copies there were of the completed report and folders of discovery notes that were used to put it together.

“The brown sealed folder in the back is a proposal we in the DOD would like you to review and give serious consideration to accepting. The President may think he has used the best of you and your organizations talents but we think only the surface has been touched,“ General Ingram said.

“I will look it over and let you know on Monday when I get back,” I replied.

It was time to go when the General left; I still needed to meet with Robert before supper.

As soon as I was in the Suburban I opened the sealed folder and started reading. The proposal was fifty pages long and interesting. I thought it would be just an extension of our existing Air Force contract. I was wrong; it was a lot more. I needed to do a slow read and then let the rest know, especially Jenny.

The ride home went fast as traffic was light. That was a miracle in itself.

The weather was going to be bad for the weekend with a major late March snow storm. I expected the roads and stores to be packed with people taking in provisions home for the long haul.

We girls were going out for supper tonight to the big Italian restaurant in Annapolis. We had not been out for dinner – other than the airport restaurant – for weeks; tonight was going to be different. The OPs team that normally drove me, drove all of us to the restaurant.

All the men and ladies that made the daily trip to Washington and their family had been invited. Those men and ladies had put in long varying hours and never complained; they were the same group that had weathered the attack on the highway. They had extracted revenge in South Africa as I had. In a few more days we could get back to normal.

I had rented the largest room and it was just big enough. Their wives and families were there already. For three hours we ate all kinds of Italian food and samplers accompanied by beer. It was the best time I had with the men in six months. I was determined there would be more.

At 0600 we were packing for our trip to East Water Cay; an hour later we were going through customs with all the others who were also going to the Cay. Dan and Bobbie were at Morton when we got there. I shepherded them through the line ahead of us. By going through prescreening at Morton, it would be a breeze to get through customs at Freeport International.

The girls and I along with the boys, Dan and Bobbie, were in the seats at the front of the plane. The girls and I made plans for the three day weekend. The first order of business was to meet with Tug while groups of the guests were carried to the cay.

It was during this conversation that I fully learned of Lorrie’s solution to the horrible hour van ride over much less than desirable road and then the boat ride from the big island to the cay.

Lorrie and Marcy had teamed up to buy a nearly new Sikorsky s92 executive helicopter. I listened while they told me of their plans and advantages of the purchase.

The S92 was set up with fourteen passenger executive seating and it would carry all the passengers that could make the trip in one of the G5’s; there was even some storage for reasonable amount of luggage. It had enough range to make the trip from Freeport to Miami Florida.

From Freeport to the Cay was fifteen minutes in the S92. Between the two of them, Lorrie saw the quick trip to the Cay for our high revenue guest and us.

Marcy saw paying sightseeing tours and passenger traffic to the other Cay’s, and there were plenty of those. Then there were possible flights to Florida for the well to do patrons of the Grand Bahamas that did not want to wait on scheduled flights or the hassle.

I could always count on Marcy to see a way to make money. I wondered if, in her desire to diversify the income streams, she was getting a little overzealous? I would soon have time to more closely watch that.

She even had a pilot and copilot rotation figured out; it would be two weeks in the sun doing a working vacation. It was volunteer duty; the three month roster filled up in the first hour.

We were on the ground parked at the general aviation terminal. We sent our paying guest through customs first and then on the chopper to the East Water Cay. That was where Ching Lee was waiting with Tammy Tittles to see if all the changes they had made and were planned would work out.

We met with Tug to complete the purchase of the three houses and two of the lots. We also reviewed the completed task list for the previous owners; they were ready to collect some of the escrow money.

While we were doing that, the rest of the group finished with customs and made the flight to East Water Cay. Just the five of us were left when we finished with Tug and the chopper was on the way back to pick us up.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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    why is it so enjoyable to read the adventures of BJ Jones?

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