Chapter 552

Saturday morning we girls went to the gym, all except Ching Lee; she stayed at home with my mom and Mindy. They were trying to see who was going to hold Takeo the longest. They were also babysitting two jealous little boys.

I had looked at the notes Robert had left me last night. After a nights reflection I knew I was going to be back in Section Twelve a lot more than once a month. Roberts’s notes made it clear that stepping aside made no difference to the people who had put the bounty on me and my family; we were still priority targets.

I used the training module I had set up for experienced gym nuts; every machine twice. I knew it would be hard on me but I wanted to get back into shape as fast as I could. It was on my bucket list of things to do as soon as possible.

By the time I was finished I was weak and winded like a race horse that had been run too hard. The showers and hot tub helped some. I waited until one of Amy Crossman’s weekend masseur ladies was free for a turn on the massage table.

Tomorrow I was going to spend time on the mats and those type of exercises and then probably need the same treatment again; no pain no gain. And I was in pain. The other girls had finished their workout and had gone back to the house.

On the way back through the basement I stopped into Robert’s office once more and put all the paperwork that was in my file into an envelope. Robert was still marking everything important to me as top secret with a red stamp. I would find a few minutes to look through them.

Ching Lee was still having guests and friends stopping in to check on the newborn and bring gifts. It was a busy afternoon with a house full of family and friends.

I took little Jacob and Robert into the study and played with them. They had a new set of alphabet learning blocks that I thought was a little above them.

We had a fun time. They were past the stack them up and knock things down stage so we could work at letters and little words. I was surprised how interested they were; I had missed so much in the last six months.

After supper we put the boys to bed. I started with the reports Robert had left in my box. Robert had left a week’s worth of posts in my box; I wondered why as I had seen all of them except the last two days. I started with the oldest, looking for answers.

Tiam was posting dozens of times a day from the IRG location; there were several each day to Jaed in Harrisburg. In each case Jaed responded within thirty minutes according to the time stamps.

In Thursdays post and reply it looked to me like they were negotiating in some way. In the second set of posts and replies that day Tiam slipped up in the wording. He instructed Jaed to find a suitable event and place in the area within the next thirty days.

Jaed immediately chastised Tiam on the slip up and that he was putting too much information in one post with insufficient encryption.

Monday Robert and I were going to have a look a Harrisburg events happening in the next thirty days and look in the crystal ball.

Sunday was gym in the morning and rest with the family who all came for a light lunch. All the ladies had a turn at holding Takeo, even Leslie. I guess when she made the decision to be part of the family she was all in. She helped with making lunch and cleanup.

Mindy and Lorrie were both uncomfortable; if I was betting, both would deliver in the coming week.
After the entire crowd left we took Jonathan and Leslie to Morton. Lorrie wanted to show them her piece of the pie and I wanted to see the completed Fort Smith and all the helicopters that had arrived. With a small team of security we made the trip to Morton.

The first stop was Fort Smith. I loved the new entrance arch with the name on it. Beside the jail was the gallows with no trap door, but it had a hangman’s noose on it. I was sure there would be some PC individuals that did not see the humor of it.

We had made it look like an old time fort for security purposes and with the jail, the gallows and stock, the scene was complete. There was a bar across the steps and a sign for ‘Authorized Personnel’ only.
From there we made our way to the aircraft hangars to look at the batch of helicopters, all still shrink wrapped. I had bargained for twenty more Black Hawks, there were thirty. Then there were the ones I did not ask for, the ten Cobras – six of which were going to Israel on Monday leaving four here. Then there were the twenty Viet Nam era UH-1 Huey’s. What the heck was I going to do with them?

I walked to the hanger that all the crates of parts had been put in and walked through looking at things, at least the crates had been marked what the parts fit; that would make it a little easier. But there was no itemized list; everything had an inspection certifying tag and a mil spec part number, Robbie’s parts men were going to have their hands full putting this mess away.

All the parts had to be put on shelves in some kind of numerical order to be efficient for the parts men to find when they needed them. That much I knew.

“Sikorsky is sending the same men back who were here the last time; they will be here in two weeks. The service manager still remembers you going over his head and was thankful I called him first,” Lorrie said.

“Leave the four Cobras wrapped and placed in the storage hanger, along with 15 of the Hueys. After the Black Hawks are airworthy, let the shop get those five Hueys airworthy; they may come in handy. Get Jack to scour our pilot list to see if we have any who have been trained on them. The General said they have a flight simulator they were sending,” I said.

“We have about six months to see if we want any more Huey parts or air frames. After that they are going to crush all of the ones left in the Arizona, New Mexico and California bone yards. In four years all the older model Black Hawks and Cobras are to be crushed. Have Robbie keep that in the back of his mind. If we need things, have him make a list before it is all crushed,” I said to Lorrie.

In Lorrie’s office we talked about the other changes coming to Morton. The transfer date of the next two C5s had been moved ahead. The Air Force was in a push to cut costs in areas that could be contracted out. They had lost the war with Congress; to scrap all the Warthogs, smart people prevailed for a change.

Now they were looking to reduce cost and the Military Airlift Command was going to be the goat. There was a push in some Air Force circles to eliminate the C5s all together, keeping just the C17s.

JBG was filling the part as a test contractor; when the next two arrived we would have six, the agreed upon final number. Then the real cost analysis and performance evaluations would begin.

We made our way home for supper and to see if we could at least hold Takeo for a little while and then hopefully, a quiet night.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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    wow…the best meds anyone could have 1st thing in the morning – than you soo very much.😚😊

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