Chapter 555

My trip home was diverted to AAGH again; Lorrie and Mindy were both there in next door rooms.

I walked in to see Lorrie in the middle of a big contraction, clearly painful. I walked to the bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“You know I would do that for you if I could,” I said.

As the contraction passed she pulled me by the neck to return the kiss and whispered in my ear, “I know, all of you would; that’s why we are family,” as she relaxed and lay back.

“The contractions are ten minutes apart. The doc says it won’t be long, she is dilating nicely and the baby is fine and in good position,” Vicky said.

I went to check on Mindy. She looked haggard, obviously having a lot more of everything. All we could do is wait for Mother Nature to complete the process and sympathize with her pain. I gave Jake a big hug and told him to hang in there. Then I returned to Lorrie’s room.

The doctor came in to check on Lorrie and the baby and to verify the progress.

“Not long, getting real close, mother and baby are both doing good. I hear the media is in the lobby waiting for news,“ the doc said.

“They follow me like a pack of foxhounds most days, even to the bathroom to check out the smell if they could, “I replied.

The doc went to check on Mindy; five minutes later there was a rush of activity from her room. The bed was wheeled out at a run, along with her nurses and doctors.

Jason stopped by, “They think one of the babies is showing signs of stress; a C section will be done in a couple minutes, “Jason said as he turned to follow. I followed as well.

Five minutes later I returned with the information that Theodore Ralph Jones and Tammy Elizabeth Jones were healthy as was Mindy. Jake and the grandparents were on cloud nine again.

Theodore had been great grand pop’s name, Elizabeth had been Mindy’s grandmother’s name and Tammy her mother’s name.

Things had barely settled down when the next doctor’s visit sent Lorrie to the delivery room. Twenty minutes later little Sara Abigail Jones was born, blue eyes and a smidgen of blond hair like Lorrie.

Sara had been Lorrie’s great grandmother’s name and Abigail was her father’s sister who had died at an early age with cancer. There were plenty of smiles and tears when Lorrie revealed the name and why.

Jonathan, Leslie, Jason and Lisa were on cloud nine again; they were proud grandparents. Jonathan and Leslie were for the first time. Jason and Lisa were for the sixth time; they knew about Jake’s contribution to our growing family.

Mindy had been moved to a private room and we were allowed to see her two at a time for a few minutes with the babies. They were beautiful! Jake and Mindy were beaming, even though Mindy was a space cadet because of the drugs she had been given.

Off to the side I gave Jake a big hug, “You have good genes brother, they are all beautiful,” I said.
I walked to the lobby to see if the media were still there; they weren’t, something important must have come up or they just got tired and left.

The next three days were all about family. Sara, Lorrie, Ching Lee and Takeo were waited on with every whim. The office saw very little of us. We just stayed home, helped and held the little ones. The house was full of family and friends.

Ben called everyday on VCATS on the things he had found out; it was a disappointing very little.
Everyday I did make the trip to Roberts’s office; together we went over the latest intercepts from the dark web terror sites.

Tiam was having no luck with his request for explosives in the Americas, which surprised me. I was sure someone in the cartel would belly up for that. But then again, maybe the cartel had been so badly burned by the Middle Eastern power players with the last two fiascoes they had decided to let their wounds heal and stay low with no involvement for a while.

The sex worker/ intelligence operatives was a differ story. Dozens of girls and ladies responded to the post through their ISIS husbands or controllers. Many of them wanted more information on training and conditions.

Robert and I both thought that if any breaks came it would be through that source. We debated the issue for an hour, finally settling on the idea that both husband and/or the girls were looking for a way out of Syria, Iraq and Iran or ISIS to America and if this is what it took, so be it.

I was betting that they figured they could disappear into the Muslim community in one of the big cities once they got here and oriented and made a few connections.

There were plenty of questions on how they were going to get here and who was going to be their controller once they arrived. Robert had plenty of things to research and I gave him more to do.

I explained the trip Vicky and I were going to make starting Sunday and what I needed. We girls had discussed it this morning and were all in agreement that Vicky and I should continue with the plan.

Ben called and wanted a VCATS again for the second time today.

“I am worried that we are not getting enough information about Harrisburg,” he said.

“It is still in the planning stages, all you can do at this point is monitor phone and internet traffic to the Middle East from the Harrisburg area and wait. Call the Harrisburg police department; better yet go there in person. Check out the chief first and make sure he is who he pretends to be; a lot of guys are being put in place for diversity goals. Take Eric and Rodney Marks with you, teach them how to become hard nosed.”

“Meet with the police chief and no one else; a private meeting. Make sure he understands that your conversation is strictly confidential between you two and all communications are to be between you two. You have seen me operate. Take it a level higher; you can do that now.”

“Tell him you need a list of all scheduled and routine events for the next seventy five days and to rate them as terror targets. Give him no longer than ten days to complete the list. Then you want a list of all foreigners arrested for any crimes in the last three months and any for crimes involving weapons or explosives. Also ask if there are any radical organizations they are watching,” I said.

“If you need a jet, call Lorrie’s office and talk to Sandy Brew or Kim De Walt; they are handling all government connected charters and flights while Lorrie is off.“

I went back to planning next week’s trip with Andy. Andy was sending Ed as supervisor for the four men who were going and Ziva was upgraded to supervisor for Farah, Abra, and Sanaz; all former Mossad. The entire security going was well versed in the areas we were stopping.

For this trip we were using the G650 extended range. With just eleven going, the extra seats were removed giving us plenty of leg room. We were departing Saturday at 2100 tomorrow night and would arrive around 0200. I would inform the Italian customs of our flight and particulars after we departed Morton Field.

With the rough planning done Vicky and I went to pack and mingle with family and friends. Eric, Joni and Allie with the little one who was a year old were in the living room with Lorrie and Ching Lee. The house was filled with babies; some happy, some not so.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    thanks for taking great care of my medical needs – fantastic read!!!!! BJ & jenny are off to a great family start, are there more babies to come – vickie & marcy???

    hope your trip is a great 1.

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