Book 2 Chapter 12

I first went to see Robert so he could go home. Tiam, Jaed and General Kadar had been very active today on the dark web. Even with all the dialog, the only thing learned was that Jaed was making daily trips to the water park.

The General was acting like a general; giving orders. I liked direct orders like he was giving; it narrowed the things we had to look for. The even better part was the General wanted a daily report on progress.

The more they talked the better chance we had to stop them and the better we could break into their email server.

To me that signaled that Jaed was an employee, a vendor or worked for someone who made regular pickups or deliveries. That also meant that we needed to be careful who we talked to at the water park.

It also raised more questions. If he was a vendor, supplier or in trash pickup, UPS or FedEx, how many other sites did he have or was investigating?

What else could he be doing to get into the park every day; a season pass holder? That I doubted. Could he have an extended rental in the same RV lot that our four RV were in? Doubtful again; there simply was not enough room in an RV to get into serious bomb making, plus there were too many eyes looking, but we would check.

Tomorrow I would call Ben and discuss the information. That was the best that I could do for now. And do the same with my people there as well.

Then I went to the meeting with the girls. Marcy and Lorrie were happy and it showed. East Water Cay had made a nice profit in its fourth month of operation; that explained why Marcy was happy.

Lorrie was happy for several reasons. East Water Cay was currently booked full from September to June – the prime winter months and bone fishing season. Tug had bought back all the lots that had been sold by the previous owners.
The blueprints from the last split rental house had been found and could be used again and again. Lorrie wanted to build four houses, one on every other vacant lot.

If we were booked full that sounded like a reasonable thing to do and they had done it. The contractor had to be from the big island and Tug had found one. The contractor could start in a month. All the materials were going to be sent by barge from Florida to the Cay.

There was only one problem – the construction was labor intensive because it was in the Atlantic hurricane zone; everything had to be bolted, screwed and interlocked together. The siding had to be installed onto three quarter plywood that was on top of half inch concrete board. Instead of two by four walls it was two by six and two by eight.

Insulation had to be foam not fiberglass; fiberglass held moisture that resulted in mold and mildew. The list of special things went on for several pages.

The contractor was approved by the Bahamas regulatory boards and had good reports from his customers. Plus he had built two of the houses we owned there and they were built like a rock.

Lorrie and Marcy both instructed that a rush be put on the house construction. Marcy was counting dollars – three duplexes was one hundred and twenty thousand a month for the prime season – and Lorrie was counting customers, flights and happy customers for repeat business.

Friday morning I called Ben, “Send me the IDs of all your agents working the Harrisburg water park.”

“I assume you have men there,” Ben replied.

“Men and ladies and children,” I replied.

The rest of my men were discharged from the various hospitals. There was going to be months of rehab and follow up surgery for some of them. After I was done with the office routine – OK, I cut the routine short – Vicky, Jenny and I went to see them and check on their progress.

It was in talking that I decided they needed a visit, or more if necessary, from doctors Rich and Moore, our company psychiatrists. I not only wanted them physically recovered but mentally as well. The docs could and would see to that.

Friday afternoon we received a subpoena from the Dade County Florida prosecutor wanting any records we had related to the sale of East Water Cay and the previous owner’s finances. The crap was getting ready to fall on the previous owner’s money skimming operation.

Saturday and Sunday were family time. With four little ones in the house we all had things to do from cleaning and laundry to cooking. Of course little Jacob and Robert needed plenty of attention and things to keep them busy.
We did take time off Saturday morning to go over to the gym; I had asked the security person at the customer window to call me if Bones showed up to work out today. She did and they did.

Bones and I talked about the national security terrorism advisory committee that I was chairperson of. I asked if Bones knew Anne Hopkins.
“Annie, oh yes, we email and text quite a lot and every now and then get to do lunch,” she said.

We had a discussion about perceptions, attitudes, dedication and determination. After we were done I thought I had a good candidate; the interview would confirm it or sink it.

It was 1600 when Troy called.

“We had a request today and I am reluctant to ask you. Prime Minister Aleixo Cordeiro would like you and Vicky to go back to Portugal for the state dinner you missed and speak to his new government officials about terror and terror prevention,” Troy said.

“I have a direct number for you to call, he has other requests and things he wants to discuss,” Troy added.

“He is not expecting a call back today is he? It is already 2100 there,” I said.

“No, Monday would be fine. Let me give you the number, but I will also send the memo to your desk. 011-351-21-764- 4874,” Troy replied.

“Damn, I thought our numbers were enough,” I said.

“The 011 sends the call out of the country; the 351 is the country identifier; the 21 sends it to the Lisbon area and the rest is the phone number,” Troy replied.

“OK; while I have you on the phone and I know I am out of place for asking because it is none of my business. Has the President picked the finalist for the associate federal court judge?” I asked.

“Yes, Joey Kellerman is the pick. It will be announced on Monday, why do you ask?” Troy said.

“Joey Kellerman is a close family friend. Joey also happened to go to law school with Anne Hopkins who I am interviewing Monday at 1300 for the oversight committee. Joey and Anne are also friends. I think they are both going to be excellent choices for the positions,” I replied.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Troy asked.

“Troy, I have been super busy as you well know. I don’t listen to much news at all, plus I would not try to influence the President’s decision either way,” I replied.

“The two you are interviewing, are they your picks?” Troy asked.

” Yes, unless they fall flat on their face during the interview. I had the FBI, the CIA and DHS run every check they could to make sure there was nothing that was a negative,” I replied.

“I will set up for a possible triple announcement Monday afternoon,” Troy said.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe H. says:

    What happened to the other kids in the family – lorries, chin lees, vickie & marcy, not to machen jakes?

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