Book 2 Chapter 17

Back at the office I went to Roberts’s office to look at the communications on the dark web between Jaed and Tiam in detail.

There was good news for us in the communications, General Kadar demanded pictures of the devices they were going to use so his experts could evaluate and possibly improve them. That would make them easier for our agents to spot.

As if that was not enough, he wanted a map of where the explosives were going to be placed for ‘DA day’ – Dead Americans day.”

The date had been chosen – the fourth of July – but it was not mentioned in this communiqué, it was in one from the other day. The huge water park had one of the biggest fireworks extravaganzas around.

The next set of reports that Robert had intercepted were on the potential sex workers and escorts. There were now one hundred involved in the training of these girls at the Paris France locations. If there were one hundred involved in the training, I wondered just how many girls had they recruited and how large were the training facilities?

Based on past reports and conversations from the embassy tapes of interviews of women seeking amnesty I knew the women would be horribly abused. If there were a hundred trainers the women were going to be sexually trained a hundred times a day. For ISIS and the Iranians, if they could connive a way in it was open season on those women and their husbands and owners need not object.

Would the French police close down the operation or had the Muslim issue grown so large and out of hand that the police had been infiltrated and would inform ISIS?

There were only two avenues that could possibly give me answers to that. One was through Dick James SEC of state, but would I get more reliable information without the political whitewash by directly calling my security team at the embassy there?

Robert and I debated the issue as we walked to the command center to make the call.

Robert and I talked with the team supervisor for an hour. Security director Patrick Jackson was not kind to the current French government or its two national police units.

The National Police had jurisdiction over the major cities. They did patrols, traffic control and identity checks. They were glorified town cops from the sound of it.

The National Gendarmerie was a branch of the armed forces placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior with additional duties to the Ministry of Defense. They were assigned to the smaller towns and other suburban areas. At times the two units worked together; more often than not the arrangement was used to do nothing. It was always the other department’s jurisdiction.

The call reinforced my thoughts that the French police would be of no help. There were large areas of Paris and other cities that were off limits to the police. Through various techniques Muslims had driven the police out.

A single policeman or police car did not go into those neighborhoods; if they did they simply did not come out alive. Groups of police would be immediately surrounded by mobs to prevent them from proceeding anywhere in their neighborhood.

Police cars would be vandalized, tires slashed, set on fire – even with the police in them. The French government – instead of exercising its authority and establishing the rule of law – had caved.

I decided Roberts’s group was going to use the government’s high price version of satellite identification to search those neighborhoods – street by street and house by house – looking for unusual traffic. There had to be a continuous stream of people by the numbers.

General Kadar was not in control of the ISIS training but had some influence in the outcome by supplying money for the training. ISIS or not, he was working his hooks deeper into the training. Along with the money were requests for reports on how it was being used and the success of the training as he called it.

In each communication Kadar promised more money and had it delivered along with more demands. My guess was that in a few weeks he would be asking for names and pictures. He was already suggesting the locations they were to be sent.

In another post he indicated that he could acquire Russian or other European passports for them. The ISIS commander quickly responded that they already had French passports for all of them – and it would be far less suspicious than the Russian ones would be.

I left Robert’s group with more things to do. I met the girls at home. Today was the day that we were going to talk with Crash about the changes coming to Morton Field.

“Crash, we have some new updates about Morton Field. But first, you have never cashed the check we gave you for the property – we owe you some interest on the money,” Marcy said.

“I burned the check years ago – I have no one to leave the money to and I am damn well not going to let the state get it. You took me in when I had no place to go and have treated me better than my family ever did; like I was one of the family. We are even – you do not owe me any interest. If anything, I should be paying for something,” Crash said.

“The last two C5s are coming. The tarmac to park them on will be expanded again with additional spots for larger planes. In the final spot by the expanded tarmac a new specially designed hangar will be built so maintenance can be carried out on the jumbo planes without weather being an issue. The hangar will also be used for maintenance on other planes.”

“Speaking of large planes, we are negotiating with US Air for up to five 747s that have come out of passenger service in the last six weeks. They are in an Arizona bone yard but have not been through the decommissioning process yet. They have replaced them with 767 and 777s.”

“We are looking at them because the US Forest service is offering attractive long term contracts for firefighting water tankers to combat the ever increasing western forest fires. The forest service will give grants to help with the conversion to tankers, then pay standby, storage and availability fees like the state does for snow plows in the winter.”

“US Air will sell us the planes for one dollar and then they will write off the cost on the condition that they never return to passenger service and they get first offer of purchase when scrapped.”

“As usual for that kind of deal we would have to pay for maintenance and modifications above the grants. The pilots would have to go to a forest service training for aerial tanker pilots and certification. It would allow us to better utilize our heavy aircraft pilots,” Lorrie said.

“The next item is an air show. We have scheduled it for the second weekend of July. The advertizing starts tomorrow. We have several historic planes coming, including a B29 like you flew. There are also a B24, several P51s, a B25 and some newer war planes making a flyover or landing. The Navy Blue Angles are going to do a show, and the Army Blue Knights are going to sky dive in.”

“There will be no admission charges and the pilots and crews are going to sign autographs for kids. There will be free hot dogs, drinks and souvenirs for the kids,” Lorrie added.

“It sounds like you have a good show planned; maybe I can get to sit in the pilot’s seat of the B29 again for a few minutes. A word of advice though, watch those contracts with the forest service carefully – have your best lawyer read them.”

“They have been known to make contracts with clauses they can use to get out of the contract. I had a deal years ago to spray for beetles in pine trees using their supplied chemicals. The chemical was no good for the beetles and I told them so before I sprayed hundreds of acres. When the beetles didn’t die they blamed it on me for improper spraying and refused to pay. I had witnesses that I told them the chemical was the wrong one. They finally paid two years later,” Crash said.

The conversation lasted another hour while we were putting supper together.

The EIT night supervisor called asking that Vicky and I come over before we called it a night.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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