Book 2 Chapter 24

Friday morning I went straight to the IRS building with the business name of the shop Jaed had made Thursday’s stop at. It was an excuse to sign the next batch of seizures – in fact I signed the rest of the four hundred and fifty that were left.

I instructed Hap to pull another thousand for collection action next week. I planned to sign them on Monday, explaining that I would be out for the rest of next week and I wanted collections spread over the week.

I left with the information on the business that Jaed spent time at. In the office Ben immediately assigned someone to work on it. They were added to the OSHA inspection list.

I was disappointed at the snail’s pace that the OSHA inspections were going and let it be known. The Labor secretary Harvey was going to send a person over after lunch to explain the process and the delays.

I met with Ben and the task force and listened while he explained today’s difficulties.

The satellite that the CIA had moved over the Harrisburg area was an old one on life support. Life support failed to keep it alive after the second day. Three days of worthless pictures and video was all Ben was going to get from it. The CIA was trying to improve the quality of the pictures but there was little hope.

There were no other satellites that could be repositioned over the US for our intelligence use. Sure, there were plenty of satellites but they were all communications or weather or dedicated to military specialty functions. To reposition one from Asia or the Middle East would take weeks.

Putting a military drone overhead for that length of time was a possibility but that was some of the most congested airspace in the country. To get a larger drone high enough not to be seen would put it in heavily traveled air space that would be a nightmare for air traffic controllers. There were over a dozen major airports with flight routes over the area.

We could use the smaller drones and would be, starting on the second if all else failed. The water park had a strict and much published policy against drones, but then I would twist arms to stifle opposition – if necessary.
Robert sent this morning’s Harrisburg reports with the GPS map. Jaed did take the truck home – home was eight miles away from the water park on Holmes Road.

This morning after Jaed left for work Burt Slade of the Harrisburg group drove past. After verifying there were no more autos there or signs of life, Burt called for the drone to inspect the place. One of our small camera drones was carried there to do the job.

The flyover by the drone only proved Jaed was a junk rat with household trash dumped everywhere. There were no storage sheds or anything else large enough to store anything in nor were there any bikes anywhere on the property. One more dead end but at least it answered a question or two.

After lunch Neil Elliott from the OSHA enforcement and Director Harvey came to explain why the audits of the selected businesses were moving at a snail’s pace.

“We have to enter the business and announce what we are doing there. Then we have to wait until someone from management approves a voluntary audit. If they refuse, we are done until we get an enforcement order.”

“First there is a records compliance phase and then a verification of safety meetings and safety equipment. Then is the inspection of the shop area, storage and yards. The process can take two men a day to do a large one site business, even if they voluntarily comply with the request.”

“We have our entire Pennsylvania office working on the request; it s going to take a month,” Neil said.

“You don’t have a month; you have ten days. Pull teams from Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Ohio; send them there – put them up in motel rooms but get this job done. Tell them what we are discreetly looking for and not to acknowledge they have seen it if they do but report it immediately. It is imperative that their visits look like a normal inspection,” I said.

Ben and Eric had so far put about twenty percent of the names through the terrorist list and Interpol with no real success. There were one or two expired visas and green cards but none that seemed to be connected to our problem.

Tomorrow the number of people working on the list would be doubled. Ben and I both wanted all the names run through the system by noon on Monday.

After a quick visit to the Oval Office to hear more questions about the IRS seizures, my security carried me home. I took my place in the meeting room while the girls told me about their day.

Bell was finished with the upgrades to our 406 and 407 helicopters and had finished with the last of the Hueys. Progress was being made on both the truck stop building and the dealership building.

Q-town had hired a contractor and the state had approved all the permits to run the pipes along RT 301. The engineering plans for the overpass were in the hands of the State Highway Department. All were good things in the short time that had passed.

Robert had nothing new from this morning and the group had left at the normal time for the first time this week.

The weekend was spent – for the most part – with the family and time in the gym. Family time was meaning more to me and the girls all the time. I played with little Robert and Jacob several different times to give Jenny a break.

Those little rascals were getting to be experts at building log cabins. Jason had bought each of them a farm set with farm animals and fences. They had added them to the log village on the living room floor.

The only time I spent on work was reading the CIA and Mossad folders on General Kedar.

It was interesting reading and confirmed some things I knew, but left a lot of questions. It gave me some things to think about. One thing I knew for sure – he was a beast of the worst kind.

Monday morning the shrinks – doctors Rich and Moore – were coming to give the men who were injured a group session. I met Dr. Rich in the elevator and took her to my office.

“If I give you access to a couple of folders can you do a profile on a man for me? I want to know how he thinks, why he acts the way he does and what stimuli provokes certain actions,” I asked.

“It may not be precise but I can do that, the least I can do is look it over and give you some pointers,” Dr. Rich replied.

“See Cindy before you leave. I will have her make a complete copy of the folders. It is classified information,” I said.

“I understand completely,” the doc replied.

Monday was a repeat of Friday, only more Senators and Representatives were screaming about the IRS seizures. I told Troy “Let them holler.”

After reviewing the GPS track of Jaed’s weekend drive, Ben thought he had enough evidence to put more things in play – truthfully so did I.

And for once we both agreed on a course of action. DHS was going to send a utility company bucket truck to hang another transformer close to all the stops Jaed spent any time at.

At least it looked like a regular transformer but it was not. DHS had taken the guts out and replaced them with video cameras and a long distance wireless transmitter. The three cameras could give a one hundred and eighty degree view of the establishment 24/7.

Ben, Eric and I were on the same page when it came time to raid the group and that was to wait until the next to the last day. All of us wanted as much intelligence collected and accomplices as could be caught.

When that meeting was finished I went to the IRS building and signed two hundred and fifty more seizures. The rest were under the threshold that needed my signature. Hap could sign them and I was happy about that.

I was back in Section 12 when I was paged to the Lincoln meeting room for a meeting. Senators Harrison and Whitby were there with Troy.

“You read our minds about getting aggressive on delinquent taxes and I hear you are doing a good job. There is one other area we want you to look at and that is the Hollywood movie accounting scheme,” Senator Harrison said.

“They make hundreds of millions of dollars and pay little taxes, even after years of making money on movie syndication and cable channels. Here is a copy of the tax code passed by Congress and the rules the IRS developed to allow the scheme to prosper. The back four pages contain the rules we think you should amend or change and update to recover that lost tax revenue,” Senator Whitby said as he handed me the papers.

I thumbed through them looking at the suggested changes and immediately knew it was way over my head. But I knew someone who could explain it to me in plain English. I had Bobbie scan it and fax it to Lexi Morgan. I called Lexi to tell her it was coming and what I wanted after she read it.

I left shortly thereafter and headed home. Vicky and I were going do most of the packing tonight. We were flying to Portugal in the 737 with enough room to carry the rest of the security, their gear and everything Vicky and I needed to carry. I needed to be in Washington until noon; Vicky was going to see that everything was properly stored on the plane.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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5 Responses to Book 2 Chapter 24

  1. Joe H. says:

    Omg… I can’t say this enough, like a junkie, I read through each chapter feeding my addiction only to realize I crave and need more to read by the time I hit the end of each chapter. As I am finally left simmering for another 4 days to get my next fix only to realize its not enough. So ever 4th day I wait impatiently for the next chapter to arrive only to repeat the loop all over again. What more can i say?

    This is what they call great writing is all about!!! 🅰️✅✅

  2. Engineerire says:

    I know that this is free and that I can’t really complain too much, but I’m afraid that this story has lost much it’s unique personality and charm with the almost complete relegation of the other girls and family members to very minor roles. Their interaction made the story unique and gave BJ a warmth and depth of character that is slipping away. The main plot is still well written but the story as a whole lacks something. Sorry for the criticism, you have given me a lot of reading pleasure over the past years. I get the impression that you might be slightly tired of the story.

    • jackballs57 says:

      Over time I have ended the sex scenes and so far there are none in Book 2. I receiving multiple email complaints when the chapters with heavy sex were posted. Another reason was there is only so much you can change in sex scenes with the six main characters and honestly it got boring. I did not want a story where girls was a revolving door with unlimited sex partners. I want to project strong powerful women in control.
      I call each change in the story line a side bar. This one with BJ has been a long one because there were so many opportunities to continue it. There are some action chapters coming up before the line goes on another side bar that will involve the other characters.
      The story is posted at another site and the scores at that have gone much higher as the sex diminished. The story has been downloaded almost a million times there.
      Thanks for the comment, Jack

      • engineerire says:

        Thanks for your reply. I didn’t mean additional sex scenes; I agree completely with you about that. I just meant the interaction between BJ & the other characters – as an example we have barely heard a word from Lorrie or Ching Lee in this book. They rounded out her character.

        To repeat again – I’m very grateful for your writing. This is still one of my favourite stories on any site.

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