Book 2 Chapter 31

When everyone was seated, Premier Cordeiro passed out a ringed folder to everyone including me.

‘The Northern Mediterranean National Immigration and Terrorism Control Pact’.

“I asked Ambassador Jones to be here and act as impartial moderator and chairperson as we finalize this document. I also believe she can help develop the organizational structure and its goal. I think we all know that Ambassador Jones will not hold back her opinion and thoughts,” Premier Cordeiro said.

I moved to the chair at the head of the table and then suggested that we read each page and discuss the changed paragraphs; those changes had been marked. After the paragraph marked was the new paragraph in bolder print in its new corrected form. I started reading the page out loud.

As I started the first page I had a flash, ‘I am in so deep that a deep ocean research submersible won’t be able to find me.”

1 ‘The purpose of this Pact is to create a unified response to the uncontrolled migration of immigrants from Africa and Middle East and prevent/eliminate terrorism in the member countries of this pact.’

2 ‘The members of this pact are Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, France and Greece. Other members may only be added by unanimous vote from members.’

3 ‘The members of this pact have agreed on a one year total ban on new immigration effective at midnight tonight.’

4 ‘All migrants entering the member countries shall be returned to their home countries within forty eight hours by best means possible.’

5 ‘All immigrants currently waiting in the camps shall have ninety days to find permanent host countries. Failure to do so will result in deportation.’

6 ‘All funding and payments for placements, living and housing stipends are frozen.’

They were removing the freebies attracting immigrants. There were several countries in northern Europe that did not have immigration problems because they gave no freebies. The immigrants did not want to go where they had to find jobs and pay their way immediately. The EU was trying everything – including massive fines – to force those countries to take their share of immigrants and provide those freebies, without success.

One by one, countries were getting tired of the EU dictating the makeup of their population and demanding they pay for the liberal ideas of a few.

7 ‘All current stipends for current immigrants granted residency permits will be reduced by fifty percent at the one year mark end eliminated at the second year mark.’

8 ‘All immigrants will be subjected to more stringent requirements for residency permits.’

9 ‘Immigrants with unknown backgrounds, criminal records, members of any organizations or association with any group or individual on the terrorist list shall be immediately deported.’

10 ‘All immigrants arrested, tried or convicted for any crime for a period of ten years shall be deported.’

11 ‘Prior to the end of the one year moratorium, unified policies and procedures shall be developed and implemented to complete a standardized immigration policy among the members of this pact.’

At the end of the first page I asked, “Are there any objections or changes to the first page?” There were none, so I went on to the next.

There were fifty pages to this document and I read all of them out loud and checked them off as approved.
The last twenty pages were dedicated to the fight on terrorism and it was a much more aggressive stance than the EU or even the US had discussed.

1 ‘Terrorism shall be given a top priority to members of this pact.’

2 ‘ The members of this pact shall develop an anti- terrorism task force that unites the efforts of all members under one control, respectively alternating the chair position between the members each year.’

I could just imagine Central America wanting to be part of an anti terrorist force with the US and wanting rotating control.

3 ‘ The task force shall develop an intelligence operation independent of Interpol and the EU’s alert system.’

4 ‘The task force shall develop a unified force to respond to terrorism threats among the member states with impunity.’

5 ‘Changes to judiciary principals between member states shall be implemented to allow uniformity in prosecution and sentencing. Those changes shall allow members of the anti-terrorism unit to travel between member countries without restriction or delay.’

6 ‘ The task force shall develop and train a force capable of international missions to deter, thwart and intercept terrorist attacks against member nations.

‘Damn, a 007 group with license to kill,’ I thought.

It was well past midnight when we finished; there were eight completed copies coming off the printers.

There were general discussions while we were waiting for the final approved version to be printed off.

I was floored when the cover sheet was printed; there was a place for me to sign confirming the authenticity of the document and the unanimous decision of the pact signatories and as administrator. I really did not expect that; did it connect me in a legal way to this process and document? No doubt.

Then came the next surprise in an open conversation. They wanted JBG to supply technical guidance on the makeup of the intelligence section, and supply training at Fort Smith for their teams, including the 007 teams. They wanted the training done at an independent unbiased location outside of Europe, given current European tensions.

Washington was going to have a fit, I would bet on it. And it would not register on the Richter scale to what the EU was going to say. Their beloved Interpol had just been taken a broadside from a destroyer.

Their major ‘carved in stone’ open immigration policy and achievements had taken a full salvo from the New Jersey’s nine guns with general purpose shells. With the rumblings from other EU members it would surely sink the EU policy in its present form and possibly the EU itself would not survive. This was not one nation as in Brexit, but 7 nations united.

The EU leadership had crushed any opposition to their policies with a heavy fist. This was a quarter of their member nations revolting without gunfire as of yet.

The United Nations was going to have a fit as well, now that many aspects of the committees were controlled by Muslims or Muslim aligned countries and they were pushing for open immigration. I fully expected the UN to deny the Pact recognition and begin a punishment process.

The secret invasion of non-Muslim countries in Europe had started quietly decades ago and now was in full force under the cover of refuges escaping war and famine. A crisis caused by the major Muslim powers as part of the grand plan.

The free flow of invaders into Europe would be halted. The very thing that this pact was going to end was a major road block in the grand plan. That plan was obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes.

Millions of Muslim refugees weren’t going to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Jordan or United Arab Emigrates; the wealthiest countries in the region with kindred religion, customs and language. The explanation was clear if you had any knowledge of history and an open mind.

What would Turkey do? If this pact held, Turkey was the only route and this pact had just isolated most of Turkey. It made a smuggler’s paradise across the Black Sea the only way and Turkey was a pro at the smuggling business from the beginning of time.

With the media called into the media room I played them MC again and read a quick hand written announcement, then called the men to the table to sign each of the eight documents. I signed all of them as well.

The next round of documents signed were a general agreement for JBG to supply training and communications for the pact with details to be worked out in 14 days. That agreement carried approval for all JBG security to carry and possess any and all firearms and equipment we felt necessary to provide security in the seven countries. Even more important, it exempted JBG from customs inspections and delays.

Marcy, Jason, Jenny, Curtis Warren, Howard, Fine and Howard were going to be flying to Italy to formalize the contracts; they just did not know it yet. Italy was going to be the temporary central location for all things with the pact.

Then all those VIPs gave speeches celebrating the great achievement and patting each other on the back for their commitment to the member nations.

After a round of very expensive champagne and more photographs we called it an evening. We were carried back to the hotel. As soon as the door closed on the Suburban Gordon handed me my phone back, “It has not stopped vibrating,” he said as I locked my copy of the agreement in my portable office.

“When did the White House get my phone number?” Vicky asked, “The President wants you to call right away.”
I had been so busy I had not thought about the time difference. The signings and statements were prime time news. Melinda’s broadcast of the event was carried live as well as her questions . She asked a lot of pointed questions, her Washington political experience showed at this level.

It was going to suck to be me for the next few days. I could just imagine how many subpoenas I would get from Congress next Monday.

I had my Suburbans diverted to the US embassy instead of the motel and went directly into the MTAC room with Ambassador Taylor following.

Troy and Dick James were with the President when their screen answered my page.

“I see you added one more day to your quest to piss off the rest of the world,” the President said.

“Better pissed off than pissed on – I have heard – and that has never been a fantasy of mine,” I replied.

“Just how did you manipulate yourself to be the spokesperson for that group tonight?” Dick asked.

“They came to me to me during the social hour with the request,” I said.

“It seemed innocent enough just to be moderator during the final negotiations. Plus I viewed it as gathering intelligence,” I added. “After that was when it got complicated!”

“Looks like JBG is going to pick up a lot more contracts; they want their advance training done at Fort Smith and the gun range plus they want JBG to set up their communications and command system. I gather they want it independently developed. I suspect there is still a little skepticism and lack of full trust,” I said.

“You do know what the EU is going to say. They have already announced a statement to be delivered Monday,” Dick said.

“They are prepared and have a joint response ready. I suspect they will give the EU an option; accept it or bye – bye,” I said.

“Do you realize what you are saying? Dick asked.

“Yes I do, there will be a political crisis in Europe and a major realignment of potential friends and allies. Are you ready to take advantage of it? I am. I have been working JBG into a position to do that,” I replied.

“I thought the CIA was the only one that wanted to start revolutions and civil wars. Who gave you lessons?” the President asked.

“When are you coming back?” Troy asked.

“Tomorrow morning, before noon,” I replied as I signed off.

Tomorrow morning was going to be crazy with sixty of my group changing hotels, getting everything off the plane they needed. Biff received his second promotion in thirty days.

The helicopters were already in the hangar waiting to be picked up, unless the Premier decided he wanted one or two to stay. Or the security group wanted them to stay to move among the NMNITCP (Northern Mediterranean National Immigration and Terrorism Control Pact) countries. That was a mouthful I was quickly going to shorten that down to the (Pact). From there the little things were going to drive everyone crazy.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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5 Responses to Book 2 Chapter 31

  1. Joe H. says:

    Omg I dont know were to begin….how does 1 take in all that was put in this chapter….wow…there is too much that was great to comment on…too perfect!!!

  2. Engineerire says:

    I know that this is fiction, however I have to point out that the EU has nothing to do with external immigration policy. France, UK, Greece, Bulgaria etc are completely free to decide their own policies regarding migration from external countries; and indeed they already do. The EU only has rules regarding movement within the EU. It would have nothing to say about an organisation such as you describe.

    • jack says:

      Possibly true but from research I have done the EU is playing hardball on the movement of immigrants. The EU rules require the country they come ashore asking asylum to host them. The other EU countries are refusing to allow them residency or travel permits. Unless they find a country that will have them they are stuck there. The situation has gotten so bad that Italy will no longer allow refugee ships to dock at its ports with those picked up at sea.

      • engineerire says:

        It’s UN rules that require the 1st country to host asylum seekers.

        The EU has been trying to facilitate moving them on from Greece, Malta, & Italy – however the rest of the EU won’t play ball. Far from having the power to force countries to accept migrants the EU is reduced to pleading with other member states to help out the Mediterranean countries.

        Another point – Portugal is actually sending representatives to the camps in Greece asking refugees to come to live in Portugal. So far they are having almost no success (I think that they managed to persuade 14 families to come in 2018) – the refugees want to go to Germany & the UK who no longer want them.

        You are correct about Italy (& Malta as well) – however the issue is not that the EU is forcing them to accept refugees, it’s that the EU can’t force other countries to accept them. It has been providing aid to those countries, but that is clearly not enough to deal with the problem.

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