Book 2 Chapter 49

Book 2 Chapter 49
“We need to interview you – we have an office center in the terminal,” he said.

Louis Boucher had been the commander of the National Police for five years. I had talked with him several times since the signing of the Pact papers. This morning had been the first face to face meeting.

I liked what I heard; I liked his attitude and dedication to fighting terrorism. His father had been in the French resistance during the Great War. His grandfather earned medals in WW1 as a unit commander. He knew what could happen when politicians got out of control.

He had to play the political line, as most people in that position do; even I had to and that was one reason I hated the government job so much.

He wanted just me but Jenny and Andy ended that thought. His aide did bring two more ice packs for my sore and swelling hands.

“I’m her attorney, where she goes I go,” Jenny said loudly enough.

“We are her security team; we go as well,” Andy said.

“Then why was BJ out there alone?” Louis asked.

“She is the boss and demands that we follow direct orders,” Andy said.

“And after a bloody nose and a bruised face?” Louis asked.

“I still follow direct orders. There was no doubt that BJ would put him down. We train with her all the time,” Andy said.

“So she ordered all of you to stay while she went to meet the General alone,” Louis said.

“That is what was in the invitation, that it was just to be the two of us,” I answered for Andy.

“The Iranians want you arrested, even extradited to Iran for trial. Obviously that is not going to happen. They are talking about a trial in World Court but that is an international political decision.

“We are collecting all the video we can find – there were several international media stations making reports from the show. We know one of them has the video because ZNN is running it as we speak.

“What was in the letter?” Louis asked.

“I invited him to have a chat at the halfway mark,” I said.

“Was the chat government sponsored or something you did on your own?” Louis asked.

“He was behind the killing of two of my men in Morocco a few years ago and the attack on me in the Golan Heights. I wanted to have words with him about it. The meeting was not government sanctioned. Nor the kill, if that is what you are asking,” I said.

“How did you know the General was going to here?” Louis asked.

“You know I can’t answer that,” I said.

“Did you plan on killing him?” Louis asked.

“It was to be a friendly chat, although most likely a bit heated,” I said.

“I haven’t seen the video yet – who threw the first punch?” Louis asked.

“The General – two of them – then I decided I was having no more of that,” I said.

“Those were the only two I let him have. After that it was for survival of the fittest,” I added.

“So all 180 centimeters and what – 66 kilos – of you beat down a man 190 centimeters and 111 kilos?” Louis asked.

“Sounds that way,” I said.

“You still had your gun and knife, why didn’t you use them?” Louis asked.

“I didn’t need to, besides I saw no weapons on him. If I had shot him this conversation would be going a totally different direction,” I said.

“Oh – so true,” Louis replied.

“How much longer are you going to be here?’ Louis asked.

“We are going to Greece tomorrow – then some of us are going home,” I said.

“Check with me before you leave the country. Now I have to go get the other side of the story and get a copy of video,” Louis said.

I had Andy carry us to the US embassy so the doctor could check my nose and the side of my face. I was sure there was nothing wrong with either, other than a little bleeding.

I finally got my phones back as we loaded up in the Suburbans. I had dozens of calls to make. I was going to do that from the embassy and answer others by MTAC.

I was sure the girls needed to make just as many plus a statement and news release from the office. While they were sitting watching me get grilled, their phones had been turned off.

I was put in one Suburban while Jenny, Marcy, Ching Lee, Vicky and Lorrie split up and rode in the others. I didn’t think anything about it, I just thought that they wanted me to have plenty of security. Andy and four other men rode with me.

As soon as we were inside the embassy Marcy asked if there was a meeting room we could use for a minute.

Marcy stopped Andy’s men and ladies at the door, “Guard the doors. No one is to come in until we are finished.” Then she slammed the door as soon as Andy was inside.

“What the hell was this all about? You planned to get yourself beat up? You didn’t tell us what you were doing!“ Marcy didn’t stop yelling and going on for five minutes before she turned on Andy.

“I guess you did not know anything about this either?” she asked.

“No Ma-am, absolutely nothing about it,” Andy said. I said he was smart.

Each of the girls took turns venting at me at least five minutes each. It was Jenny who said, “I’d smack the other side of your face but I am afraid it would cause you to start bleeding again. THIS IS NOT OVER!” Jenny said as she stopped and sat down.

I finally got the chance to say something.

First was, “Andy, I am sorry you had to sit through this,” I said.

“It had to be just the two of us to meet. If more people than I went, it would have been nothing but a shouting match. I wanted the son of a bitch dead, not hoarse.”

“The evidence shows he was behind the planning for the Golan attack and we know he put the new bounties on all of us. This was the way it had to be. I planned it carefully and intentionally allowed his two hits to lightly connect. I needed evidence that he hit me to go along with any video evidence. There was no guarantee it would be on tape.”

“I knew he was going to be slower than I could react. His file indicated he had serious shoulder injuries in the Iraq-Iran war plus he had back trouble. I know it was a gamble but I knew that I could beat him and I didn’t want you to worry for days,” I said.

“I am hoping the Mullahs decide to declare a truce. We have hit them pretty hard recently, two generals, a colonel and half a dozen spies should be enough for them to get the message,” I said.

They just sat there looking at me saying nothing – emotionless. I wondered if I had stepped over the line one time too many for them. They had given me warnings before about doing dangerous things when we paid people to do things like that. Then the cracks started showing – the expressions started changing as what I had said started sinking in.

They started making the needed calls without saying any more to me. That was my cue to go do the same before they thought of something else to say. I started with Troy and the President.

I didn’t even get to say hi.

“I guess now you have moved beyond just pissing people off to just killing them on sight,” the President said.

“Yeah, that is the way you have to handle things sometimes. I have a couple in DC that have moved near the top on my list when I make the next trip,” I said.

I waited for Troy’s comment that didn’t come; I finally asked for it.

“Well Troy, don’t you have something to say?” I asked.

“Boy, am I glad those Secret Service agents were close by. Forty five seconds, just forty five seconds is all it took,” Troy said.

“I knew he would have help coming so I had little time,” I said.

“He threw the first punches, I was just defending myself,” I added.

“I’m not sure that head twist could be considered defending yourself,” the President said.

“Are they going to hold you in France or are you free to go?” the President asked.

“I have to check in with them before I leave. We are going to Greece tomorrow then Vicky, Marcy and I are going to South Africa and the rest are going home,” I said.

I made 10 more MTAC calls and a dozen more that were pickup calls where they saw that I was on the system. Then I had at least that many phone calls.

Ben-David did get through just as I was getting ready to find the girls.

“Wow – just Wow, is all I can say. To kill him in public like that – way more courage than I have. Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes I am fine as long as I can calm down my mates. They are not very happy with me right now,” I said.

“They are not alone; Iran is in a tizzy – the IRG leadership even more so. It hurt their feelings to have one or their stars get his ass kicked. Even worse, that it was an American woman and to add to their humiliation, it was on film so they can’t deny it happened,” Ben-David said.

“The Mullahs are meeting with the top generals of the IRG tomorrow morning.”

“Keep me informed. I am not going to be back home for another few days. I will have a tool order as soon as I get things straight.” I said.

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Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Gary D Timmerman says:

    Congrats on #1 Clitorides award!!

  2. Joe h. says:

    Lol… I 2nd that nomination!!!!!
    I would have thought the famous bone in the head would have been safer

  3. rambler0000 says:

    just re-read this chapter & still got the same reaction this
    time – “#1 Clitorides award!!”
    this chapter put me in even more pain as a result of
    laughing so hard if not more reading it this time.

    joe h.

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