Book 2 Chapter 59

“Are you through with your meeting?” Ching Lee asked, ”If not, finish it up.”

I forced myself not to smile; Ching Lee was growing more aggressive and stronger since Takeo was born. Before she always needed a little guidance then took things and ran with them. She did not need the guidance any more – now we needed to make sure we got out of her way.

”Frank, Jim and Harry, stay; the rest of you continue with your assignments,” Ching Lee said as they got up to leave.

”Frank, I was happy to see that you did not cave into the student union demands about changes to the guards at the parking lot entrances. I am disappointed to see that the university still has not made any attempt to install any kind of restrictive fencing along the front by the highway. That was one of the recommendations of last year’s audit and they agreed to it,” Ching Lee said.

Ching Lee had brought two maps – one was the college grounds as it was today and the other was last year’s map after the audit with the suggested changes marked on it.

Unfortunately there were a few that had not been started let alone completed. The college had agreed to do all of them.

I called Washington just in time to catch Bobby before she went home.

“Can you look up in the grant system to see what amount Oklahoma State applied for and was finally granted, the application date and the award date?” I asked.

“They requested four point nine million sixteen months ago under the Emergency Construction Terror Prevention Program. The House appropriations approved four point two million fourteen months ago.”

”There have been progress reports on the construction phase of four items in the request, those four were completed. There were no completion or compliance reports on the four remaining,” Bobby said.

”OK Bobbie, thanks, have a good evening,” I said.

Either way it was too late to push the issue now. I anticipated that any attack would happen in sixty days or less. The only thing pushing a rush on construction would do was telegraph that we were on to them – the last thing I wanted to do.

Tomorrow I would have Ben put the screws to the college. The grants had restrictions and regulations. They had to have specific projects listed and the cost of those projects with bids accompanying the request. The funding was not meant to be just a cash grant. There was a deadline on the construction with one grace period for weather or material shortage.

I needed to do that to protect both JBG and myself at the task force. If the media ever got wind that a college with JBG security was let slide on the grant requirements there would be hell to pay.

There were Representatives and Senators who wanted the grant program stopped, freeing up funds for pet projects. There were others that were still pissed that their favorite college didn’t get special treatment in the grants.

“Our visit is not social and our conversation is strictly confidential. This college is at the top of a list of potential terror targets gleamed from recent ISIS sources.”

”I expect an attack to be carried out against Oklahoma State this school year. I agree with Ching Lee that it is a disappointment that the college has neglected to complete the agreed upon measures. There is nothing we can do about that.”

”What we can do is gently step up security without tipping off the people that are watching and doing the planning,” I said.

”We don’t want to drive them away and underground with their planning. We don’t want them to suspect we are watching but that is exactly what we are going to do.”

”The EIT group is scouring all known communication links that the terrorist had and still use. We know this group is Middle Eastern or possibly African connected so all students from those areas are to be looked at.”

”What Robert, BJ and I need you to do is to tighten your surveillance of those individuals without being obvious. Use the card system to track them. Are they routine meeting on campus, off campus, in small groups or large groups? Be intelligent about it.”

”I know – it’s racial, regional and religious profiling but we have to find an edge that helps us find out what they are planning and when,” Ching Lee said.

”Ching Lee has asked HR for additional people to be sent here temporarily and I have agreed to that as soon as we get training completed. As you know we have a lot of irons in the fire right now so they will be trickling in as soon as they can,” Jenny said.

”Frank, Jim, Harry; we are going to split into three groups and you are to take us through every hall, building and the grounds. What we are looking for with extra eyes is soft spots in the security profile, where we need extra cameras or subtle changes we can put in place,” I said.

With that we started the walk, Jenny and I went with Frank, Vicky and Lorrie went with Jim and Ching Lee and Marcy went with Harry. Each of us had a pad, a pen and cell to take pictures if we wanted.

The walk took two hours with us ending back at the security office. Frank, Jenny and I had walked through the administration building and were told the Chancellor was in meetings and could not be disturbed.

I asked for an envelope from the secretary, placed one of my business cards in it and sealed it, “Give this to the Chancellor as he leaves for the day,” I said. I had written on it ‘Sorry I missed you.’

We had one last quick conversation with the three. “We will evaluate the information tomorrow and have a conference video call in the afternoon. You can expect more manpower and equipment ASAP,” I said to Frank.

Thirty minutes later we back at the MAAR. The four from the office had arrived and were getting oriented into what they needed do for the next few weeks.

My G5 was a thousand miles from Oklahoma when Chancellor Hemming called all apologetic, “I’m sorry I missed you. You should have told the secretary to interrupt the meeting,” he said.

“When I tell my secretaries I don’t want my meeting disturbed, even Lucifer is not getting by them – no matter how hot the pitchfork is,” I said.

“I will be back in a couple weeks. I will let you know when, by then we will have a lot to talk about. Ching Lee is going to order some changes in the security for your college,” I said.

“We have a contract,” he said.

”There are no issues with the contract; you can rest easy on that,” I said.

We talked and compared notes from the walk around the whole time we were in the air headed back to Morton. By the time we landed Ching Lee had several pages of recommendations for changes.

Tuesday, the six of us spent the morning with Tom in the EIT room going over the last three weeks of translated intercepts from Tiam just to make sure we had not missed something.

I directed Tom to put an increased effort on finding the other nine cells. I wanted to make sure we were not being fed a line of distraction.

At noon we had come to a group of temporary solutions. Now it was up to Ching Lee to implement them.
East Coast Security would be dispatched to install fifty new cameras in the locations we had picked and upgrade the displays in the office there.

Jenny was going to have HR go back over the applications of all the current men and ladies in training and those coming to see if any had advanced computer skills in the security area.

We had decided to activate the facial recognition program against the college wishes. All six of us made that decision because the consequences could be far reaching. Another thing that could upset the college was Ching Lee was going to send two of the new larger camera drones.

We were also going to deactivate all the IDs over a two week period and reissue them as a way to verify student ID.

These last few things would place a heavy work load on our people, even with the four more I was going to send.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe h says:

    Lol, hope I didn’t miss anything in the 1st reading🤔. If there I 1 I hope I catch it on the 2nd reading.

    Is JBG going to find out were the funds went?

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