Book 2 Chapter 62

The lunch turned into a working lunch with more progress being made than had been made in the morning session. The progress carried over through the afternoon session.

We finished at 1600 for the day with the hard issues done. The next joint meeting would be in a month. JBG had plenty of work to do in Europe for several months.

As usual there was another fancy dinner and social event planned for the evening. All of us attended and had a great time with the social activities and dancing after.

It’s funny how lovely ladies draw so much attention and jealousy from wives. Cindy and Mary Ann both took advantage of the gym with the tanning salon freebies and it showed; they danced a lot of dances with lots of different men. Jenny, Marcy and I danced more with our escorts and just an occasional dance with others. I was sure that more than one of the married guests were going to get a stern talking to behind closed doors.

Louis Boucher was one of the men who asked me to dance. Off to the side and out of close proximity he told me that he and President Bisset would be at Loures at 1000 after the final round of meetings that the leaders were going to have in the morning.

I had intended to fly back to the states so we could accompany Ching Lee to Oklahoma State. We would have to cancel going along. I knew she could handle it without any problem. I would send Andy to reinforce her orders and stifle any opposition to them from anyone in the security.

With that change in plans I decided we would go back to Polokwane and check on the progress first hand. I was sure Marcy wanted to see where all the money was going – and there was a lot of it – and how much was being wasted.

With breakfast finished at 0800 and the orders for our jet to be ready to leave when we finished, we were waiting for the two of them to arrive.

Marcy, Jenny and Mary Ann were following up on other developments with the crew quarters and bunk buildings. The construction was ahead of schedule and the site would be completed in two weeks or less.

While they were doing that I finished up the presentation for Louis and Bisset. They arrived at 1000 on the nose. I took them to one of the meeting rooms along with my portable office and the papers I had brought.

“Louis, President Bisset, do the names Fatin Bashir or Butros Tayfur mean anything to either of you?” I asked.

“No, should they?” Louis asked as President Bisset was shaking his head.

This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

“Fatin Bashir is the brother of Major General Adeem Mohamed Bashir who was promoted to commander of the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit after I killed General Kedar. The Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit controls all of the terrorist cells sponsored by the Iranian government in Europe, Africa, North and South America – which I am sure you know.”

”Fatin Bashir was sent by Kedar to the ‘Grande Mosque de Paris’ to assist the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence spies that are there just two days after the Pact announcement. Kedar was furious that his spies had failed to know anything about the pact.”

”Butros Tayfur was sent to the joint ISIS training center in the district of Chapelle-Pajol. My intelligence on the training center says that it utilizes two full city blocks in one of your no-go Muslim only areas.”

”He was sent there at the same time as Fatin to assist in the training of one hundred individuals being trained in intelligence gathering and sabotage to work in areas near US military bases. His assignment also was to continue and expand the spying in France and elsewhere.”

“Those training center participants are a mix of individuals from every terrorist group in the Middle East and Africa. They spend their time, learn their specialty trade and return to wreak havoc wherever they are sent.”

”If my intelligence is right, since the recent decline in ISIS strength in Syria and Iraq they have increased the training of individuals for lone wolf attacks.”

”Attacks at home in the heartland have a far superior effect on moral and fear than watching the six o’clock news of events in some far off land. There has been so much of it and so commonplace that the public has become hardened to those images.”

”Now with radical elements in Russia, China, Pakistan and India getting involved, terrorists are able to get passports and visas that have been filtered and very clean allowing those individuals to move around more freely. The one hundred sent to the US all possessed French student and work visas. They were approved by your government,” I said and waited for a response.

”You are correct that there are several areas of Paris that are problematic. We did not know there was a training center there. We have encountered resistance – extreme resistance – to police to the point that we don’t go there without a request from them. Honestly those areas are off limits to the police,” Louis said.

”The last attempt at restoring traditional law there was a failure. At the sign of any police the streets are quickly blocked to prevent entry and the cars surrounded by angry rioters,” Louis said.

”Yes, I have the aerial video. We use it in some of our training on how not to conduct large scale raids,” I said.

Louis just looked at me and said, ”How not to conduct large scale raids? I didn’t know there was any video.”

”Not enough officers. Not enough riot gear. Not enough heavy equipment to move obstacles out of the way. There comes a point that you have to expect collateral damage and ignore it and press on with overwhelming force,” I said.

”You are at the point that you have to make multiple agonizing decisions. The center has to be closed down, they can no longer be left alone and everyone in it has to be dead or arrested and isolated forever. I’m sure that you know that.”

”They are sending mass murders around the world, not just inside France. It’s only a matter of time before they light up your streets with lone wolf mass killings.”

”The leaders of the pact have got to come to agreement on a location for a maximum security prison for terrorists. I broached the subject yesterday and it was quickly brushed aside for other important business.”

”You do not want to house these extremist with general prison populations, you are only multiplying the extremist tenfold by doing that. General population prisoners are bored, gullible and easily indoctrinated,” I said.

”One of the problems is that they infiltrated the National Police and the National Gendarmerie to the point that carrying out large scale raids like the one to shut down the camp will be impossible. They will know we are coming at the earliest planning levels,” Louis said.

”Well you do have a few options that you did not have before. None will be politically easy.”

”The Pact could plan, organize and carry out the raid without using any French police until the final stages – as in traffic control after the raid started. However, I sense a lot of mistrust with the members at this point in the organization. It may be too soon to try such an advanced step.”

”The other option is to have the JBG Special Operations Team come in and do the raid under the auspices as contract French law enforcement officers. In no way can we have relatives with collateral damage or survivors of aggressive tactics showing up in US courts seeking monetary awards. So there will be contracts, legal letters of agreement and understanding and so on,” I said.

”Do you have enough men in the Special Operations team to carry out an assignment of that size – it could take several hundred?” Louis asked.

”The men are no problem, just all the little pieces to make it all work,” I said.

”We have to discuss it with all the ministers to see what action we will take,” Prime Minister Bisset said.

”You have some time to work it out but not much. Just be careful who you talk to,” I said. ”And let me know as soon as possible.”

A few minutes later we were on our way to the airport to continue our trip to Polokwane. It would be near midnight when we arrived. Things had been happening all morning everywhere. I was going to be busy on the flight.

The first was a VCATS to Tom for updates. To my dismay there had been a flurry of posts from Tiam to cells in the US with confirmation demands.

The three cells along the Mexican border were told to expect an influx of travelers in six weeks. Travel orders would be sent before their arrival.

I wondered the reason why an influx in six weeks then I realized four to five weeks was the time that it took freighters to make the trip from the Persian Gulf around Cape Horn to docks in central America. Then add a week to make the trip through Mexico.

ISIS, The Taliban and others were doing a mass exodus from Syria, some of them to our borders.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. joe h. says:

    another A✔✔✔😁
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    cant wait for the next chapter…
    how is your eye doing these day???

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