Book 2 Chapter 75

We were up early; the six of us and the new security team. Flying with us was Curtis Warren and two of his attorneys. We were stopping at Fort Dean to pick up Andy. We were taking the older business jet; there would be just enough seats.

With the big meeting table it was just right for final discussions while we were flying. With the agreement in the final print version after yesterday’s marathon faxing sessions, Andy, Curtis Warren, his two international attorneys and we girls went through the document page by page for anything that was problematic.

By the time we landed in Mexico City, we had finished and were having a general conversation on working scenarios and solutions. Scenarios were scary and the solutions even worse, but I had no doubt that we could handle them.

The meetings lasted four hours, with explanations, concerns, promises, threats and solutions. The meetings were broken into four parts, the one with the President and his cabinet ministers was contentious at times.

Then Mexpo’s President and board of directors were to finalize their financial obligations and how much Mexico’s treasury was going to contribute. Mexpo’s contribution had gone up substantially, all of which had changed because of the addition of the southern pipeline and limits by the government on what they were willing to spend.

There were bonuses for JBG’s early completion of each phase because the size and scope of the original contracts had grown so much. All of these things were in the final faxed contracts from yesterday.

The next piece was part D – those discussions were very heated. There had been references to it in the faxes and contracts.

With Part D Mexico was to lease JBG a mile and a half wide strip from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean for a period of ten years. All improvements at the end of the lease were to become property of Mexico.

The property was to be a security zone between Mexico and the United States patrolled by JBG and giving JBG full autonomy over the property without any interference for the term of the lease. It included courts, jails and any activities prudent and necessary.

The Mexican government was willing pay JBG to reduce or eliminate drug, gang and human trafficking both ways on the border. Mexico’s argument was the problems were as much the US’s fault as theirs.

Mexico was getting pressure from all over. The US was screaming about all the drugs and people coming across the border. Officials were estimating that the number would reach hundreds of thousands this year. Bales of grass were transported across almost every night. The cartel was cutting holes through the fence or launching it over the fence.

Cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, LSD and other custom made drugs were hidden in everything; under the seats of cars, in their tires. They were in shipping containers, dropped over the wall with small drones. They were being carried by persons or being trafficked in body orifices.

Members of the cartel were traveling at will across the border with no fear of the Mexican police. The cartel was setting up camp in many US cities: Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Denver and Oklahoma City. They were turning some of these into major distribution hubs.

Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela – at the prodding of their Soviet masters – were willing to send troops to help fight the cartel. Mexico was smart enough to have none of it.

At 1400 after lunch a statement was written for President Martinez to open the news conference after the public signing of the documents, making the contracts and agreements official.

A long table was set up with President Martinez and me in the middle with a stack of the agreements and a microphone.

”Today we are signing a historic document that covers several fronts. It establishes a working partnership with Mexico’s leading oil producer Mexpo, the Mexican government and JBG – the world’s largest security company.”

“It has been a difficult negotiating process but we believe we have a workable agreement that is fair all parties,” President Martinez said.

”Mexican petroleum is proud to partner with JBG for security of our three major pipelines. This agreement will end illegal activities that have been stealing our product, damaging the pipelines and will allow Mexpo to increase production to meet the needs of Mexico and the world,” Mr. Garcia said.

”JBG has been given the special liberties and permits to enforce the law to work in partnership with and outside the limits of Mexican law in all illegal activities in the designated areas.”

”A new approach is being made to cross border human trafficking, the drug trade, and host of other illegal activities. The Mexican government has agreed to lease a 1.5 mile wide strip that runs the length of our border with America. This will be called the Mexican American Security Zone.”

”This agreement gives JBG full autonomy over the security zone including the authority to confiscate property and enforce the law as they see necessary. This includes courts and prisons,” President Martinez said.

”This is indeed a historic document. It is the largest nonmilitary security plan ever devised. We at JBG are proud to be a partner with Mexpo and the Government of Mexico. I fully expect there to be difficult parts of the plan and I fully expect them to be worked out smoothly. In a matter of weeks JBG security will make a major presence in Mexico,” I said.

I had asked earlier if any of the girls wanted to give a statement. ‘No!’ was the prevalent answer.

For the next ten minutes copies of the agreement were signed and shuttled between us. Champagne toasts and a round of handshakes ended the official ceremony.

President Martinez, Mr. Garcia, AG Inez and I spent thirty minutes answering questions for the media. Many were tough questions but we made it through without making too many people mad.

Well, except those trying to get me to answer my phone. It never stopped vibrating. An hour later we were back on the plane heading for Fort Dean.

As soon as the gear was up I was on MTAC. I sorted through the missed call list then sent a text to Troy ”MTAC in 10 minutes”.

They did as I figured they would when I opened the screen chat; it was full on Troy, the President, Secretary of State Dick James, Eric Roberson of the DHS, Frank Love CIA, Marty Coeburn FBI and Bob Smith NSA. I wondered how they were all going to talk at one time.

“Can you tell me just what the hell you are doing?” the President asked.

”Security for Mexpo’s pipelines. That’s what our contracts say,” I replied.

”What is the security zone President Martinez was talking about? That is an odd arrangement with autonomy, full control, courts, prisons, and working outside of Mexican law,” Dick said.

”That’s right, full autonomy on everything, it’s essentially an independent nation for ten years, Dick has some negotiating to do for border crossings,” I said with a laugh.

”But why?” Bob asked.

”I’m going after the cartel like the terrorists they are – the same as I do for terrorists, I go after everyone up the chain, not just the flunkies at the bottom. Mexico wants me to be aggressive, but I intend to be super-aggressive.

”I intend to interrogate my way to the top. As that happens, they are going to start running. AG Inez is going to work to keep them from disappearing into the Mexican cities. That only leaves north, we do not want those cartels in the States. As soon as they step over the border, the lawyers take over and my interrogations are over. We end up with a complete new set of cartel operations and gangs to deal with in our cities.”

”Get ready – the hell is going to fly. I intend to put an end to all pedestrian traffic through the zone, all bus traffic and every vehicle gets searched. Unless they have a valid US passport and can prove citizenship, they are going to be sent back to Mexico.”

“The gang members and cartel will be staying in prisons in the zone with no lawyers there, and until they – and they will! – give up their bosses.”

”Mexico and Mexpo are putting up one hundred million a year and that’s not going to cover it. I’m expecting some help from you. You are going to save billions over just the immigration changes and much more in the courts and prison costs,” I said.

”Another thing I’m going to need is access to your drug experts who can identify the criminals and the drugs trying to cross the border. I am going to shut down everything except at designated border crossings, even commercial,” I said.

”That is a lot for us to digest plus you are one hot potato right now! Congress is screaming for you to testify,” Troy said.

I heard the gear go down. We were landing at Fort Dean.

”Excuse me just a minute, I need to talk to Andy for a second.”

”Andy, the raid in France is a go on the twenty third, the numbers have been upped. We need three hundred men there. Keep that in mind. The Oklahoma terrorist attack looks like it is going to happen the same day. Ching Lee and Vicky are going to handle that by using men from the college security teams. Get Ching Lee a list of any you want to go to France so she can make the necessary changes,” I said.

”Are you still going to the island tomorrow?”Andy asked.

”Yes, I should be back by dark,” I said.

”VCATS on your way back. I will have updates on things by then,” Andy said.

‘‘Ten-four,” I replied as he descended the steps. Moments later we were moving again.

”OK gentlemen, where were we in this conversation?” I asked.

”I have to give a report to Congress on task force activities on the third as required by the over sight agreement. I will testify on that day and the following day. Every day is booked and those are the only two days I have open for that.”

I could make any day open but I wasn’t going to be making daily trips to sit in Congress to give them time grandstanding for the media.

”What’s up with France and Oklahoma?” Dick asked.

”I can’t talk about France, you will just have to wait for the news. Oklahoma is a terrorist attack and we’re on it. I will have more information when I see you on Monday. If you want to know more sooner, you will have to come to me. I will be in my office on Friday,” I said.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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